Mike Slive tries to act tough

It is basketball. Nobody cares.

So what better sport than basketball to act tough?

Slive released this statement: “The suspension from coaching duties has been imposed after a careful review of the facts established during the NCAA’s investigation and reported to the SEC office,” said Slive. “I am extremely disappointed in the nature of the violations involving Coach Pearl and the Tennessee men’s basketball program. The penalty applied to this circumstance is significant, which is consistent with the directive approved by the SEC membership in 2010 granting the Commissioner authority to act in such cases.”

Of course, the Commissioner has not acted in the case of dangerous hits committed by Auburn or the unethical conduct shown during the Cam Newton recruiting scandal.

Below is the AP report on Bruce Pearl’s suspension.


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  1. 4

    The SEC should have suspended Pearl for the entire conference schedule since it’s pretty clear Tennessee has no plans to fire him. Now that would send a message.

    Btw, Tennessee basketball: Nice knowin’ ya. The administration thinks they’re getting out of tough NCAA penalties for football since Kiffin is gone. Letting Pearl hang around… Anyway, nice knowin’ ya.

  2. 7
    4G AU

    he bald-faced lied and got spanked….and tell me how this has any relevancy with the finest institution in alabama–AUBURN—-the bama beatdown is just days away…….

  3. 8

    Wrong! Pearl’s new contract states that any further NCAA improprities and he will be terminated immediatly. That sounds to me like someone is doing their job. Besides he is still under an ongoing investigation by the NCAA. Supposedly if they turn up any new charges or slap him with pending charges, his contract would allowed him to be fired. Anyway, what’s with all the Slive bashing. The last two years everybody was singing his praises when he came down or Coach Bashing and fined Meyer, suspended officials for obvious bad calls against Arkansas and then helped Stallings and A&M run a perfect sting operation against the Big 12 and Pac 10 during their expansion bullshite. Now just because he doesn’t act exactly the way you want him to regarding our two most hated rivals, he’s a piece of shite? You people are pathetic. Your schizophrenic. I still think all computers should come with an un removable chunk of C4 imbedded in the mother board that goes of when stupidity is input. RTR!

  4. 10
    Bama Fan in NYC

    4G AU,

    Congrats on a forthcoming vacated win. You guys do currently field the best team money can buy! AUbarn = 0-12 in the regular season! And we Alabama fans SHOULD SUPPORT $cam Lootin’ because he single-handedly destroyed their program just by committing to them!

    And 4G Barn, If rodeos, trailer parks, cow pastures, dilapidated, mildew encrusted buildings, Sociology classless, ghettos, and no form of entertainment whatsoever outside of campus, make AUbarn – the first and only school to ever come close to losing their academic accreditation – the finest institution in the state of Alabama, then dear God the state isn’t going to hell, it’s already there!

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