Camgate: What were they thinking?

The recruiting scandal continues to engulf Cameron Newton and the Auburn Tigers. Here is the latest information courtesy of the Associated Press (read the entire story below, but here is a key excerpt first.) In this excerpt, you’ll find the Newton’s non-denial denial.

AP: “I can’t tell you what Cecil Newton was thinking,” Zeit said. “What I do know is he told Kenny Rogers that it would take $180,000 to sign his son, and he told him ‘This is how I want it done.'”

Cam Newton eventually signed with Auburn, and the Heisman Trophy candidate has the second-ranked Tigers in contention for the national championship.

The Newtons’ attorney, George Lawson, told WSB-TV of Atlanta Thursday that he is “one million percent” certain Cam Newton did not take any money. Lawson says if Cecil Newton discussed money, his son “knew nothing” about it.

“No money has been offered to Cam Newton. Cam Newton hasn’t asked for any money,” Lawson said in the report. “Cam Newton, Cecil Newton and Jackie Newton have participated in the ongoing NCAA investigation. They have been truthful and candid with the NCAA.”

The attorney added, “I don’t think there’s any question that Cam Newton knew nothing about any money discussions, if any money discussions were had.”


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  1. 1
    Alex Hamilton

    I would love nothing more than for Lawson to file suit against Florida or anyone else for that matter. I would love ton see what would come out in discovery.

    Forgive me Counselor Lawson, but all you did today was grandstand. Your thinly veiled threats are baseless as anyone with a law degree that didn’t come from a night school would see.

    I’d love to see how many times Counselor Lawson has filed a civil suit and tried a case on behalf of a Plaintiff. According to the Georgia State Bar website, Lawson’s practice areas are criminal defense and family law.

    Hmm. I wonder why Cecil Newton hired a lawyer with 34 years of CRIMINAL DEFENSE experience??????????

    Call me crazy. But if I am a high profile Plaintiff and I want to sue a University in this state I hire Steve Henniger. The guy is a jerk, but he has sued Alabama twice on behalf of Mike Price and Daniel A. Moore. And Henniger is an Auburn fan. I’m sure he’d take Cecil’s phone call.

    But this all just proves my point. The Newtons are clueless. Every time that they think they can run out and make a statement, more bad news comes out against them. Expect a new development tomorrow that will be the most serious yet.

    And after Auburn loses on Friday the Newtons will be clipped by Lowder to keep them quiet. $cam won’t win the Heisman because of all the smoke and then he will be declared injured for their bowl game, so the Barn won’t have to later forfeit that game.

    Of course, the other possibility is that Newton is declared ineligible next week after the IB game. That looks more like a long shot with each passing day. However, his eventual ineligibility is not in doubt. But for the deliberative and methodical nature of the NCAA, and because they have the FBI doing the work for them, this will take another month most likely.

    No matter what, next Friday will eventually be counted as a win for Alabama in the NCAA records.

  2. 2

    Oh of course we should always believe an attorney, lol. Attorneys could care less if they win your case or not, they get paid either way, and they will bash each other in court then go play golf together and have lunch.

    Attorneys are like vampires, they will suck you dry if you believe everything they say.

  3. 3

    If you don’t think the FBI is striking plea bargains you need help, and with every plea bargain comes more information and more names.

  4. 4
    Alex Hamilton

    Actually, tonight I had pizza. I only drink blood on Mondays and Wednesdays. Wednesdays are better for me than Thursdays. Since I’m not Baptist, I’m free most Wednesday nights.

  5. 5
    Alex Hamilton

    And one more time, I would not hold my breath waiting on Lawson to file any suit. He won’t dare file anything because his client is guilty as Hell.

    You know, Hell right? Its that place full of lawyers.

  6. 6
    Alex Hamilton

    I may not make it into Hell now that I think on it.

    By the time I die, it may be full of the Newton family, Pat Dye, McGreggor, Chett Williams, Lowder, and all of Tigers Unlimited.

    Trooper and Looper will still be alive with their towels in a cell with Nick Fairley.

  7. 8

    ESPN and USAToday reported that the NCAA has decided to expedite this investigation because of the impending impact it could have on this football season. However, they also said it is not a given that an athlete will be held accountable for the sins of his family. The penalties would be adjusted to fit the situation. I read that as a possibility that Barnie may not have to forfeit any games before Georgia which is when the NCAA suggested that they sit Camilla. That would be fine with me. That would make them 10-3 on the season and we’ll end up 11-2 with Nickey’s 3rd straight 10+ win season in a row. Also if Cammie knew nothing about the extortion, I wonder how they will explain his remark to the MSU recruiter about the money being too much? Rut Ro! RTR!

  8. 9

    ROLO ineligable after assault..Bama cheating thugs must turn in bogus N.C. ignorant sluts played a man charged with assault. he ineligable. bama swept under rug only now coming out when light turned on bama like roaches crawling for cabinets.

    Get ready for death penalty.

  9. 10

    BP*- What are you smoking, brother? #1 – that post made no sense at all. #2 – what would you know about National Championships and who gets them – the Barn only cheats into contention. #3 – that lawsuit will be dismissed before it ever gets brought up. It’s an old rivalry with a guy in Decatur that couldn’t leave well enough alone when Ro got to Tuscaloosa. If you honestly believe that this will see the light of day, you probably think Cecil Newton didn’t get any $$$ for Cam’s signature.

  10. 11

    BP* is throwing stones, because he knows if Cam and his dad are guilty, and if Auburn paid anything, Auburn very well could get the death penalty. That is a very real possibility. I hope that they kill Auburn for the largest scandal in college football history. They are a disgrace to this state and they have put a stain on college football.

  11. 12
    One Point

    BPI, you embarrass yourself. There were apparently NO criminal charges here . . .unlike a certain three-felony charge in Glorida against a certain AU QB. If anyone has been ineligible for anything, it would be someone actually arrested and brought up on criminal chatges. I don’t think you wanna go there . . .

    He wasn’t and isn’t ineligible and won’t be declared as such by a civil lawsuit 2 years later. Sorry to introduce you to reality.

  12. 13

    Does not matteer what bama nation says ..You have blinders on like dog that been beat too much…ROLO ineligable.Turn in crystal football. Thug U (origainal) at t-town. not Auburn.

    hammah not respond cause hammah knows truth.

  13. 14
    One Point

    I don’t know about “ineligable” but Rolo wasn’t and isn’t “ineligible” . . .

    And I don’t think I have ever seen “blinders on a dog” . . .

  14. 15

    dog blinders are saban in t-town..ask A.J about beat too much..McCarron ready to overthrow saban monarchy. illuminati involved along with “others” REC are all freemason occultists.

  15. 16

    Either Butt Plug Illiterate is losing it completely and is totally incoherent, or someone is impersonating him and doing a damn good job of it too. Be forewarned, if worse comes to worse in the Newton situation; you’ll see a hell of a lot more irrational bullshite like that out the small part of the Awbren Fambuhly that manages to survive. Looks like seeing Bama able to come out fired up and executing to perfection against Ga State while Barnie was on their mind, must scare the ever lovin’ shite out of him. Roll Phucking Tide Roll!

  16. 17

    Crimson…….Georgia State is an absolute joke of a football team..A team that Alabama NEVER should have scheduled, and should be ashamed for doing so. If Alabama beat Georgia State 400 – 0 (and you should have), it would not strike fear into any Auburn fan I know…Read Kevin Scarbynskis lastest article that was inspired by watching Alabama play Georgia State.

    Auburn is going to beat you at Bryant Denny next Friday….Deep down inside you know it…You all know it.

  17. 20
    Pat Dye


    The crap has hit the fan….auction your Auburn duds on ebay while you can…in a few months they’ll be worthless.

  18. 22

    Phuckface, Ga. State is a better football team than Chatanooga. In fact thay were averaging about 40 points a game in the same division as Chatanooga. They would stomp Noogas arse. They have good enough talent that the QB who you were always questioning why he didn’t play at Bama – Starr Jackson – is only third string. So go phuck your boar hog in the arse – prick! RTR!

  19. 23
    crimson hammah


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