Mike Slive: What a freaking joke

Mike Slive, you’re a disgrace. Your apparent thirst for BCS money has clouded your judgment.

Got a minute? Watch this…

Nick Fairley’s cheap shots vs. Georgia video
A closer look at Nick Fairley’s cheap shots. video
Nick Fairley rubs his facemask against Georgia QB Aaron Murray’s jaw video

#90 shouldn’t see the field again this season, and while you penalized a Mississippi State player for far less than what Fairley did versus Georgia, Fairley plays on. You, sir, are a freaking joke.

Am I scared of Nick Fairley? Yes, but not over the outcome of the game. Bama wins next Friday with or without Fairley and $cam.

But we’re talking about the health and well-being of defenseless student athletes injured beyond the scope of the game at the hands of a delinquent player in the hands of a renegade soon-to-be-humbled program.

The family of the next player injured unfairly by this piece of trash should sue your ass for letting him play despite all the complaints and warning signs.

That you or any fan condones this type of play speaks volumes about you.

Good day.


P.S. – Invest in some Crest Whitestrips. Mr. Ed called and wants his grill back.


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    Can you see the outrage from the auburn faithful if he was made to sit a game..The REC did it and this is all a conspiracy to keep auburn out of the NC game. He appears to play dirty but lets hope our young Oline can knock his smack back to the plain

  2. 4

    Roll Tide

    Let play Scam Newton & the mafia leg breaker Dick Fairy. I’d rather the Barn Turds have no excuses.


    Beat the SHIT out of Abarn Turd lickers.

  3. 5

    Butt Plug Idiot can’t come to the phone right now. In spite of his loudmouth bravadery, deep inside he knows the truth; and every time he thinks about playing Bama in BDS he gets nauseous and his arsehole puckers up like it ate a green Persimmon. He is currently at the doctors with a quart of Maalox having his computer chair’s seat cover surgically removed from his arse. RTR!

  4. 7

    I’m a huge Bama fan and one of the ChestPainters each game day.

    That being said, I’m inclined to love everything about the Cam Newton situation. However, I have met Charles Bloom personally and have done my homework on Slive and the picture you paint of him is ludicrous.

    I understand that by reading this blog (which I greatly enjoy) I am subject to non-objective journalism. However, don’t be so quick to forget how the SEC got to be where it is. Slive is a HUGE part of that.


  5. 8

    You might be right about what Slive has accomplished. But it was done with a specific goal in mind. That goal was to make lots of money to pad the pockets of everyone who gets a piece of the action. But at the heart of this money making machine are young amateur athletes. And when their well being and the integrity of this conference is being compromised to keep Auburn in the national championship picture all because of money; then it’s time to question the values of its leaders. RTR!

  6. 9

    “But it was done with a specific goal in mind. That goal was to make lots of money to pad the pockets of everyone who gets a piece of the action.”

    How can you actually know that? Can you falsify and prove that question in an intelligent manner? I don’t believe so.

    It’s one thing to draw conclusions about a person’s actions. It is something entirely different to make assumptions of malicious goals.

  7. 10

    BamaJustin, I can appreciate where you’re coming from. And I’m sure at the heart of Mr. Slive is a good man.

    But watch the video clips I supplied for you above and then come back on here and attempt to tell me that the player in question should be playing the next week, regardless of who the opponent is.

    Do so and it proves a lot about you, as it has about him.

  8. 11
    Alex Hamilton

    There’s no excuse for NOT suspending Fairley. If this were the NFL, he would be flagged, fined, and suspended. Unfortunately, the league office has decided to turn a blind eye because Fairley is the only D-lineman that Abarn has this year and them being in the title game gives the SEC a shot at two BCS teams.

    If it were me, and I got paid based on getting $38 million to the
    member institutions for turning a blind eye, I’d do the same thing. I hate Auburn, but I’d do the same thing. The member institutions know this. That’s why they aren’t complaining. Even UGA.

    And as a long tenured Former Federal Judge (people that are appointed for MERIT, not popularity contests as in Alabama State Court Judges), I doubt that Slive fears a lawsuit.

    But phuck Nick Fairley. He’s another thug on a team of thugs, liars, cheaters, and fagggots that dress like women or faries. You suck Abarn.

  9. 12

    It’s not the NFL dork…It’s college football. Only one of Fairleys plays crossed the line, and it was the one he was flagged for.

    Get over it already…

  10. 13
    Alex Hamilton

    Ooooohh, Dork?

    Hmm, did you have to put down the X Box remote to type that zinger?

    Let me tell you something Big Pussie Injun, keep running your godddamn mouth. You will be the one I point to and laugh at as your program tries recover from being gutted by sanctions if not the death penalty over the next ten years. I suppose that since you use the comebacks of a fourth grader, that we will soon enough find you curled on the floor with a snot stache after bawling your injun eyes ot over the destruction of aBarn football.

    And it couldn’t happen to a more deserving DOUCHEBAG!!!!!

  11. 14


    I see what you’re saying. And I understand the angle you’re taking. Don’t hear me wrong–I think that Fairley is a poor excuse for sportsman and should be benched for Bama-AU at the least. More appropriately, he should be suspended indefinitely.

    But, I guess my main though conveyance is that this can be expressed without the expense of Slive’s character.

    Glad we can level on this.

  12. 15

    But alex…You are a dork…Come on man the name Alex Hamilton has “dork” written all over it….

    Sorry it stung so bad….

    Crimson , get on one side of the fence ore the other dude…this spring when all the conference re-alignment was going on, you, ITK, Cap , and every one else on this board thought that Slive was the best thing since sliced bread…

    It’s only because he hasnt set down the two players that you KNOW are gonna spank that ass on the 26th…PERIOD.

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