The Cam Newton scandal is out of control for Auburn. More damaging information came out late today from ESPN.

According to a report from ESPN, “Bell said he told the NCAA that Rogers sent him a text message outlining a payment schedule. Bell said the text included a request for $80,000 the day after Cam Newton signed his letter-of-intent with Mississippi State, $50,000 after 30 days after that and another $50,000 30 days later.”

And the ESPN report provides additional critical details: “Rogers’ attorney, Douglas Zeit, told on Wednesday: “As I understand it, that was the payment plan Cecil Newton was seeking.’ Zeit said he did not know whether Cecil Newton participated in three-way calls with Rogers and Bell, but added, “I believe [Newton] was insistent the calls be made” seeking payment. Zeit confirmed that his client met Tuesday with NCAA enforcement representative Jackie Thurnes in person to discuss the Newton case. He said NCAA enforcement rep Marcus Wilson also participated in the interview via telephone.”

Of course, the Auburn spin machine will tell you this has nothing to do with Auburn. And Mississippi State is in deep trouble. However, the damning revelations today from TMZ and additional details from Sports By Brooks were important developments too.

What will be the next Auburn spin?

First it was character assassination.

Then some wizard behind some curtain (most likely in Florida or Starkville or Tuscaloosa) was pushing this non-story.

Then it was all a Mississippi State issue.

Then it was Cam’s dad.

The world waits for the next piece of spin from the Auburn hacks.