Six disappointing football teams

The AP’s Ralph Russo examines the six most disappointing teams in college football. Is Alabama on the list? Did Auburn make the list with all its dirty play? Below is the article and you can find out for yourself.


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    I agree with the Texas season. What about Georgia & Oklahoma? Most definite is the Clemson season but I assure you that they will have a close one with the chickens on rivalry Saturday.

    I for one am not disappointed in our season. Sure I would of loved to have bought tickets to Atlanta – but what we have accomplished in the last 3 years is phenomenal. In this day & age of competition – it makes you respect what Florida did.

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    Yall know you should nominate Alabama for “biggest disappointment”…Third or fourth in the West ? Yes, ya’ll stink.

    Come to think of it, third or fourth in the west is about right for ya’ll….Nevermind.

  3. 3

    Funny thing is asshole, is that you’re gonna end up with more losses than us even before they strip your asses. RTR!

  4. 4

    Disrgarding 2004 when is the last time Auburn had a 2 loss season?
    Shut up.
    You are making yourself look more ignorant by the post.

  5. 8

    How does one player’s (Fairley) “dirty play” turn into “all Auburn’s Dirty Play”? UGA had 6 15 yard personal fouls in the game, and tried to chop block Fairley before the helmet and knee incident.

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