REWIND: SEC suspends player for flagrant hit

While the world wonders what the SEC will do to dirty player Nick Fairley, this is what the SEC did to a Mississippi State player.

AP: After reviewing tape from the game, the SEC determined Hughes’ hit on UAB receiver Frantrell Forrest with 26 seconds left in the second quarter was “flagrant” and “unsportsmanlike.”


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    Keep talking trailer trash inbred. I just hope Fairley has the same attitude when he gets to BDS. We’ll kick his ASS with CLASS and make him thank us for it.

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    And if you DID know anything about football (and you don’t) , you would know that McElnerd will gets slung like a yard dart on the 26th….

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    Bont call BPI a trailer park trash inbred.
    That would be insulting trailer parrk trash inbreds everywhere. Call him what he is an Auburn fan.

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    This past week Nick Fairley put what I feel is a dangerous hit on Georgia’s quarterback hitting him square on the back while leading with his helmet; something the NFL has been quick to regulate this year. Many in the media have called for at least a one game suspension for this but yesterday the SEC associate commissioner Charles Bloom sent the wrong message deciding “we’re handling the matter internally with the institution.” In stating this they have told young Fairley the appropriate punishment for the crime of putting someone’s carrier at risk is what was called at the time 15 yards and an automatic first down. So the SEC has chosen apathy in order to protect their end of year payoff. They realize suspending Fairley from the next football game would mean suspending him from the Alabama game which, should Auburn lose, the SEC may be accused of having a hand in not only the outcome of that game, but also the championship matchup, and may even prevent two SEC schools from getting BCS Bowl invitations. This would ammount in a huge loss of income to the SEC. To me this stinks of the SEC doings what’s best for the SEC not what’s best for protecting the players who have made the SEC the top conference in college football. Oregon suspended LeGarrette Blount for eight games after one intentional hit on another player, how many cheap shots does Fairley have to land to get something similar?

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    Only when he has put a guy on the stretcher.Boy how nice it would be to see his knee buckle in iron bowl and and his future go down the drain.Carma is a bad mother for you. RTR

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