Alabama employee interviewed over Camgate

The Tuscaloosa News reports, “Jody Wright, a member of the football support staff at the University of Alabama, has been interviewed by the NCAA regarding the recruitment of Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, a source has confirmed to The Tuscaloosa News. Wright was previously an assistant athletic director overseeing football operations at Mississippi State under coach Dan Mullen and would have been part of the MSU staff at the time of Newton’s recruitment, which has come under scrutiny in recent weeks.”

Without a doubt this is further proof that evil forces are at work trying to destroy Auburn’s special season and Cam Newton’s “good name.”


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    Just Sayin

    Number 1: NOT a special season due to cheating. No one believes Cam went to AU free when he really wanted MSU.

    Number 2: Cam Newton NEVER had a good name. Academic cheating, felony theft, soliciting money in a pay for play request. There are six(6) who are reporting (testifying) these things happened.

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    Denny Chimes

    LOL BPI, according to what I’m hearing, the other shoe’s about to drop for West Georgia. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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    Yes it is interesting, moron. They want to look for any correspondence to others involved for which Wright may have used UA computers for e-mail and or the internet. It would tickle the shit out of me if they could nail Awbies ass with info on a Bama computer. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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    Yep…can’t wait to get to work tomorrow to hear the Barner fans accusing Bama of starting all this crap about Cammy Newton. My response is gonna be “God I hope so.” RTR

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    One of my husband’s co-workers read the following story on the internet today:

    Does everyone remember Ben Leard? He is a former Auburn quarterback. Anyways, his two brothers posted on their facebook that Ben was at a team meeting at Auburn (don’t know the date) and Cam was in the meeting. So I’m thinking this has been very recent. Anyways, Ben told both of his brothers that Cam broke down and admitted in the meeting that he had taken the money. Now that both of his brothers have posted it on their FB, Ben is now saying he never told them that. Interesting story. Not sure where he found it on the internet but it was there. Ben stated that the NCAA and FBI has contacted him about the story.

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    Awwww man, this is a great website and a very very informative forum. Thanks for your intellect and insight – it is much appreciated.

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    Remember the Means case? In the weeks leading up to their arrival in Tuscaloosa the NZAA made stops EVERYWHERE but Bama.

    But by the time they arrived, noose in hand, they had already determined what had happened. Their presence was a mere technicality.

    I sense the same thing is going on here. And there’s a certain towel waver that just can’t close his stupid mouth.

    Time for a ‘vacation’, Auburn. Eleven, to be exact.

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    girl…….Yeah, right…Like that wouldn’t be all over the media my now..He announces it in a team meeting ?!!?!?!?!?

    For real, get back in the kitchen.


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    BPI* has been drinking way too much orange kool-aid in the blue dixie cup. Auburns dream season is about to run into a brick wall, and he can’t see it for the blindfold he has on.

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    Butt Plug is doing a nice job keeping up the Barnie bravadery fascade in the face of certain death. Let’s all clap for him. Naw, on second thought I’d rather that someone would give him the CLAPS! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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