Auburn embarrasses itself, SEC


That is the only word to describe Auburn football, and it should embarrass Auburn fans.

Regard for NCAA rules? None. Just look at how Auburn played an obviously ineligible player in Cam Newton. Auburn displayed its reckless disregard for compliance when it put the quarterback on the field.

Regard for playing honorably? None. Just look at how Auburn players conduct themselves on the field. Piece of crap, they name is Nick Fairley. Sports By Brooks provided two damning illustrations of this shitty play. The helmet is a weapon for this guy.

Who cares if you maim or kill? Not Auburn coach Gene Chizik.

And Sports By Brooks put it best, “Chizik has yet to do anything that indicates Fairley’s incessant dirty play isn’t exactly who Auburn is.”

Chop Block U has expanded its dirty play to include every form of cheap shot.

This is Auburn football—win at all cost. It is a mentality that should embarrass its own fans; it has brought shame to the SEC.

Auburn should be hit harder than USC. The Newton scandal—Camgate—warrants the severest form of sanctions available.

Fairley deserves to be suspended for his disgusting behavior.

The NCAA will do the right thing and hammer Auburn. Will the inept SEC Office do the right thing?