cAUght: Kenny Rogers sings on Dallas radio

I’m stunned by what I heard played on Finebaum’s radio show today about Camgate. Finebaum played an excerpt of an interview from ESPN Dallas radio.

Cecil Hurt provided a good summary on twitter. He wrote, “Kenny Rogers on ESPN Radio Dallas: Cecil Newton told him it would take between $100-180K to sign Cam.”

I’ll defer to none other than Kevin Scarbinsky to make the key point from the radio interview. reports, “NCAA spokesperson Stacey Osburn told The Birmingham News by email that ‘the solicitation of cash or benefits by a prospective student-athlete or another individual on his or her behalf is not allowed under NCAA rules.'”

The clouds continue to darken for Auburn. One again we turn to Hurt, “So if Kenny Rogers was used by the Newtons to make financial overtures to MSU, is that not the employment of an agent?”

Good question. It is obvious that Newton should be considered ineligible as an amateur athlete.