cAUght: Kenny Rogers sings on Dallas radio

I’m stunned by what I heard played on Finebaum’s radio show today about Camgate. Finebaum played an excerpt of an interview from ESPN Dallas radio.

Cecil Hurt provided a good summary on twitter. He wrote, “Kenny Rogers on ESPN Radio Dallas: Cecil Newton told him it would take between $100-180K to sign Cam.”

I’ll defer to none other than Kevin Scarbinsky to make the key point from the radio interview. reports, “NCAA spokesperson Stacey Osburn told The Birmingham News by email that ‘the solicitation of cash or benefits by a prospective student-athlete or another individual on his or her behalf is not allowed under NCAA rules.'”

The clouds continue to darken for Auburn. One again we turn to Hurt, “So if Kenny Rogers was used by the Newtons to make financial overtures to MSU, is that not the employment of an agent?”

Good question. It is obvious that Newton should be considered ineligible as an amateur athlete.


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    I don’t know if we can believe this guy but this does not look good. Your headline, though, insinuates that Auburn has done something wrong. Nothing to that affect has been stated. But given how this story has played out I think responsible people (which obviously excludes most of the people reading this) should reserve judgment until something that can be proven comes up.

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    Brandy….He is the guy that is going to make all those turd fans in Bryant -Denny real sad on the 26th….

    That is , if he can play.

  3. 8

    Well, at least Auburn got their moneys worth in publicity with this Cam guy. BP, no I won’t be sad at all. Life is good… keep sweating it out. Bama will be back and Auburn will drift back to their normal place, that is if they don’t have to forfeit any games…haha

  4. 9

    What proof!!
    Where is your proof!!!
    You cant prove anything!!!
    So a dozen people say Cam is a cheater….SO WHAT!!!
    He has doen everything Auburn has asked him to do!!! Just ask Coach Chisik!!!
    There is nothing to see here so Capstone, you can take all these yankee carpetbaggers and go away!
    Yall are trying to make Auburn look bad!!!

  5. 10
    One Point

    Famous AU slogans:

    Auburn: Attitude

    Auburn: Audacity

    Auburn: All In

    Auburn: You Can’t Prove anything

    Auburn: I Wish to Invoke my 5th Amendment Rights Against Self Incrimination

  6. 11

    You can be sure now that the FBI is involved this amateur detective work by AU is over. The question is how long will AU ride the Cam publicity train?

  7. 12

    Problem is what does the Barn do? Play him after you’ve got evidence of his dad whoring him out or sit him down? I believe in order to keep the NCAA out of the cow college that they’d better sit him. It could get really ugly if they continue to play him. 2 MSU coaches and this Rogers dude can verify the info so that’s the end of Cam’s eligibility at that point. Cam’s dad is a real idiot. Shame on him. But the Barn had better sit him.

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    So, if it’s the university’s responsibility to suspend a player if he is deemed ineligible then what will it take for AU to suspend Newton? If what took place at Miss. State is accurate, what has to happen from here? Is testimony good enough or is proof needed? AU may have done nothing wrong but it looks like the damage had already been done.

  9. 14


    cam AUction

    the AUdacity of it all

    how do you AUdible out of this one?

    tax AUdit, coming soon

    time for neil cAUdle

    cAUse and effect

  10. 18

    Isn’t Auburn in Alabama? Oh wait, I’m sorry they are in West Georgia.

    Seriously, why all the stories about Cam Newton? Well, it is the biggest story in sports. We covered Lane Kiffin’s stupidity when he was at Tennessee and we’ll continue to cover Auburn’s stupidity as long as this story unfolds.

  11. 19

    The only guy who took anything from an “agent” this year is Dareus. Bond will release phone calls with ROGERS to the FBI, not Cecil Newton. Rogers is bankrupt and by one report has overdrafted 11000 bucks. I think he needs more money than Newton.

    Additionally, Rogers has changed his story twice, how much credibility does he have. Without a phone conversation or video or Cecil Newton, it will be Newtons word against Rogers, who do you think the NCAA will believe? A former flunky NFL agent who is bankrupt and will do anything for money or Cecil Newton a pastor with no other strange recruitment issues all stated by Bob Stoops, Lane Kiffin, etc.

    AU according to Bond already has done nothing in regards to “pay for play”. The only doubts are with this rogue agent, Rogers. Keep up your spin, however that ass is still gonna get whipped.

  12. 20

    Dumb@ss Bamahate,
    Did you not read the stories or comprehend them???? 2, that’s TWO MSU coaches were talking to Reverend Newton, with Rogers listening in also. That’s 3 witnesses to a conversation where Rev prostituted his own son for money. Did you not read the story today where an NCAA representative said that an athlete or anyone representing him that solicits money for his services is INELIGIBLE!!! Doesn’t matter if any money changed hands. He was ineligible at the point of that conversation forward. 3 witnesses and if they can verify each others information all of your precious wins will be vacated. These are credible witnesses unlike the ones used to bring Bama down in the Means case. You’re pretty gullible if you believe anything else. RTR

  13. 22

    Retard, Bushssuck cause I am a pillow biter,
    Bloom at the SEC office has no reports from any MSU coach regarding complaints of Newton pay for play. In the paper today, can you read or comprehend?

    Why did Rogers change his story today? He had a negative 11000 overdrafted bank account reported earlier this week and now changes his story. Who paid for this new insight into remembering what happened. There was a lot he couldnt remember when it came to MSU, his Alma mater. Wonder why? This guy is a fraud who has just been paid off. I still smell a Crimson tampon on this one.

  14. 23

    The hilarity in this is Abarn fans trying to look comfortable as the house burns down around them.

    No fire here. Nothing to see. Move along.

    Guess they believed the glove didn’t fit OJ either. You must acquit!

    Well, sorry Abarn fans. Your school’s in deep sh*t!

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