Andre Smith status update

Wondering how former Alabama Crimson Tide star Andre Smith is doing in the NFL?

“He’s just making progress each and every week in the way he plays,” Lewis said before practice, according to the AP. “That’s what we’re evaluating — how he plays, how he gets it done on Sundays — and I think he’s making a lot of progress.”

And also: Quarterback Carson Palmer agreed that Smith has improved since the start of the season. “You have to remember he’s still young,” Palmer said. “He really didn’t play last year, so this is essentially his rookie year. Just a couple weeks ago, he started for the first time. Just like any young guy, it’s a process and it takes time.”

Below you can read the rest on Andre Smith and the Cincinnati Bengals.

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    I wished all the free lollipops good luck in past.

    I’m kinda mad he left —

    But you can’t blame taking on a pro career.

    Money and status will get you a degree later on in life — ask Joe Namath —

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