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    crimson hammah

    cam dad tried to shake down miss st and tn ..and lane kiffen kicked cam dads azz out of the office as well ms coaches….per ms asst last summer

    head so far up the azz could prove fatal

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    my personal opinion…..it didn’t happen.

    but the thing auburn must be mindful of, what else will the ncaa find in investigating the newton situation?

    i would remind everyone the antonio langham/gene stallings violation was uncovered in an investigation of gene jelks receiving impermissible benefits.

    i don’t think it’s a stretch to say chizik pushed the envelope in landing that top five recruiting class.

    better have all those “i’s” dotted and “t’s” crossed.

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    Thanks Crimson Hammah…chat rooms are chat rooms, and this isn’t by any means gospel, but it sure is interesting.

    I’ll save you the click.

    Here’s what someone on the Auburn al.com message board posted this mornign.

    I have never been one to throw stones or report on things that aren’t true.
    by TigerGi, 11/06/10 12:44 PM

    Roughly 6 weeks ago the NCAA met with a very close and personal friend of mine ( I wont mention the name) who once played for an SEC team in regard to the recruitment of Cam Newton. As the investigation has now taken center stage, all I can do is verify that money was indeed offered to Newton from no less than 3 SEC schools, and it’s alleged by the NCAA that Newton and or his family took $180,000 to attend Auburn. I know the NCAA personally interviewed my friend for nearly 3 hours one month ago in regard to this investigation. His words were this from an NCAA investigator. ” This is not going to end well for Auburn University”.>>>> I will talk more about the details of this investigation in chat on Thursday night at 8 pm.>>>> People have been asking about the Chronological order of this NCAA investigation. Below is what I know to be fact. >>>> 6 weeks ago The NCAA interviewed MSU associates at a Jackson MS Hotel about the recruitment of Cam Newton. Newton was set to attend MSU and was released of his scholarship by Florida coach Urban Meyer. Dan Mullen was going to take Newton at MSU and there was an understanding that Newton would indeed play for the Bulldogs. About 3 weeks before signing day, Newton was approached by associates of the University of Tennessee and offered 150 K to play football for the Vols. Auburn entered the discussion and according to Newton’s father had been offered the sum of 180K to attend Auburn. This was communicated to Miss State Heach Coach Dan Mullen and several associates close to the Miss State program. Mullen was outraged by the development’s as was Head Coach Urban Meyer at Florida and it was Meyer and Mullen who eventually turned Auburn in to the NCAA . It was apparent that to them, Newton’s signing with Auburn was indeed questionable. This story was told to the NCAA 6 weeks ago in Jackson MS. As far as any Auburn officials or coaches that are involved that I will not say. I will say the name of Trooper Taylor has NOT been mentioned any of the information that I know as of right now. There is much more to this story as you can imagine. This is not going to turn out well for Cam Newton or Auburn. And once again. CAM Newton was NOT out pimping his services but it appears that his father ( based on my information) was.>>

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    It doesn’t matter what Bond said or how long it’s been sinc he talked to Rogers. Is it not a fact that Rogers was kicked out of the MSU and Tennessee offices for soliciting money for Camilla or not? And now everybody is saying that Rogers was not authorized to represent Camilla. Now just how stupid does that sound? A professional agent would go to at least two schools and solicit $200,000 for an athlete he doesn’t represent? How would he expect to be paid. If he didn’t represent him, then it would be stupid to make the contact and hope Camilla would accept it if it was offered. Why? 1. Because for all he would have known there was another agent representing Camilla and that agent could have already made or would later make the same offer. Nothing would guarantee they would switch to Rogers. 2. Because without Camilla’s permission, rogers could have caused serious problems with the authorities if Camilla, MSU or Kiffin had turned him in. 3. Without Camilla’s permission to make an offer like that which at that time was absolutely rediculous since in no way did people think Camilla was worth that kind of money; then why in hell would Rogers go out on his own offering so much money without permission or even representation when it could have got his ass in trouble if it pissed off Camilla and he turned the guy in to the authorities? Com’on people. This whole case stinks, and I think there is a lot more to come. Not just because it’s Awbren, but just because that’s how this shite always works out. RTR!

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    J.D. Cahill

    Look Shane, People just don’t realize how much they’ve had to stick up for Cam Newton, Every since he has arrived at Auburn they have constantly had to take up for him, you shouldn’t have to protect this guy so much, It’s just to much. When are the fans going to wake up and see this. Never has a player had to be taken up for like Cam has. Shane, let me ask you this one thing. If you were a player and you knew this stuff was going on, I’m referring to allegations of at least inappropriete contact with an agent. Wouldn’t this have been on your mind the entire time you were playing. Wouldn’t your game be off. Shouldn’t his game be off, Shane. What the hell is wrong with this guy, I would at least be concerned about how this was going to effect other players season, and wouldn’t you be thinking about the blow back that was going to hit your school. I really don’t believe Cam gives a damn, perhaps a narcissistic personality disorder. Hell I don’t know. You tell me, Shane. I really don’t like to say bad things about players, but WTF….It’s too much…If a coach gets caught breaking the rules, Hell he gets to go somewhere else, but in his wake he leaves a program on NCAA sanctions and in shambles. Hey, they shouldn’t be able to just pick up and move on, their needs to be a way the NCAA can sanction the coach, or perhaps place a sanction on the school if he is hired in a five year period. And when Chizuk leaves Auburn and jumps to a better job. I would like to see the NCAA bust one good one off in his ass….have a good day, Shane…

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    Since the allegation that caused this firestorm was Rogers soliciting money from Bond, of course it matters if they haven’t actually talked in 28 years. No, I don’t think it is a fact that Rogers was kicked out of MSU & TN offices for soliciting money. What is the evidence supporting that? As you note, someone posting something anonymously on al.com is not evidence of anything. ITK- I enjoy this site. I’m only here as a football fan.

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    Wow. There is nothing “interesting” about this at all. It’s unsubstantiated BS. Actually, that alone makes it a candidate for an ESPN.com article. This is the equivalent of the BS written about Alabama players driving Chargers and Escalades. You’re quick to debunk that but you’ll repost any negative publicity that’s related to Auburn. Nice.

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    crimson hammah

    cam dad was kicked out these coaches offices per miss st asst – funny how i posted this info last summer and last week and when it finally comes out – the same figures in the summer story are in the recent stories,…miss st tenn camdad…and ms the whistleblower…name one incident where there was smoke no fire…julio fishing trip …jerrell harris …al means …reg bush…dye payola…

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    Where is this MS St. Asst’s statement published? If nowhere, why has it been deemed not newsworthy? WDE gave you a couple of examples of smoke without fire-which is a really overused cliche unless we think that every rumor on earth is true.

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    I think I can sum up the thought process on this blog:

    Person 1: Auburn has been accused of…
    Capstone Reader: Happened. Definitely, totally happened.

    Person !: Alabama has been accused of…
    Capstone Reader: NO ****ING WAY DID THAT HAPPEN!!!!!!

    And yes, there are Auburn fans that do the exact same thing.

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    Not if you guys don’t step it up. If Alabama loses to LSU and Auburn beats Georgia, I’ll be watching football in Atlanta come December, regardless of what happens in the Iron Bowl.

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    Hey losers,
    Keep talking about Cam Newton and AU, cause you are gettin beat right now by another team we already beat.

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    well, let’s here some more cam fucking newton shit now.

    should have beaten this team today. we go out and flop around in the first half and here we are.

    our defense gives up big plays at the worst possible time and i’m telling you guys, auburn is gonna kill us.

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    Like I said, overlooked LSU. You will definitely get your ass whipped at JH West. 7-2 losers, I’m loving it. Like McDonalds.

  15. 27

    Here’s to you, cheers!!! Where all those smartass, cocky assholes at now like Alexandra Ass Pimpleton, In the Keyster, and Crapstone Propaganda, huh??!!!

    Like I said your Heisman first, your manhood at JH West and save the crystal from the Mullet Wal Mart tour.

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    Indiana Vol is right. No championship for the cheaters in Knoxville or the cheaters in Auburn. The NCAA is coming.

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    crimson hammah

    the miss st asst article was on a website over the summer and probably still available …google it…i’ve already read it ….the media is focused on the rogers scoop…the real info is above..

    this will not end well auburn university – mike leland – ncaa investigator 09/2010

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    yaaaaaaaawn………Now that You have no chance of doing anything significant this year…I fully expect you to beat this into the ground…Good luck.

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    Well, we may not be able to do anything significant on the national level, but we can damn sure still win the State Championship from the #1 football state in the nation. The 10 point difference between Bama, LSU and Aubie is not much, especially when Black Friday is in our house. It will be easier on you guys if we beat you anyway. I saw 3 teams Saturday that are better than Aubie. What if Oregon gets upset? Aubie do you want to be the first team ever to get bitch slapped by Boise State or TCU in the BCSNCG? Even I would hate to see that, not to mention the dignity of the whole SEC would be a laughingstock for years to come. As for Bama, I’m sick of this team playing not to lose instead of to win. You can do that when you have the #1 defense in the nation. But this defense gave up 21 second half points to the worst offense in the SEC, and our offensive line to put it mildly just phucking sucks. The nations 2 best RB’s have not had a game winning performance since Arkansas, and untimely QB sacks have just killed us in both losses. McElroy’s fumble was not his fault. Warmack may as well have been taking a lunch break on that play as his man was in the backfield almost as soon as the ball was. The officials did miss a horrible pass interference call when #17 mugged Julio on 3rd down as we were driving. But the game shouldn’t have hinged on that play. It was simply an uninspired performance that should have been put out of reach in the first half. I’m completely disappointed in the attitudes of too many of this teams players who have brought down the whole team. Two more performances like that one and we’ll be playing in Or-phucking-lando at Christmas. I will say that I was thrilled with Julio who made Peterson look like a bumbling fool though. RTR!

  20. 34

    Your team already showed the world how to lose to the likes of Utah three years ago.

    You don’t have the #1 defense in the nation.

    Quit making excuses.

  21. 35

    The only excuses that will be made will be by your faggot asses after we bend you over and phuck you on Black Friday. I hope you catch Florida in the SECCG so they can whip your ass if we miss. Don’t want you going to Glendale and embarassing the SEC against Oregon or a non AQ team.

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