BREAKING: NCAA looking at Auburn’s Cam Newton

This report just broke via twitter about Auburn’s quarterback Cam Newton.

“Source: NCAA looking at Cam Newton for possibly receiving extra benefits.” The tweet comes from Yahoo freelancer Bryan D. Fischer. He added this tweet, “The Cam Newton case is separate from the NCAA inquiry into UNC agent activity.”

The New York Times has entered the fray. According to this tweet from Pete Thamel, “BREAKING NEWS: We have on-record confirmation the NCAA is investigating the recruitment of Cameron Newton.”

The story is breaking and with such a high profile player involved should provide an interesting next few days.


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    Wow. That’s no good. But let’s allow the story and the investigation to develop a bit before we automatically assume the worst (or the best, depending on who you pull for).

  2. 2

    Dis aint nothing Bammers. Nothing but the Russians and Chicoms trying to bring down Cam so they can institure Marxism in College Football.

  3. 3

    Alabama lawyers are responsible for dredging this bs story up cause they know they will lose the IB. Anything to win. What cheaters. Lets see if Rogers and Bond have any ties to Alabama…

  4. 4

    That is right. Alabama and its fellow travelers at the NY Times and ESPN have decided to try and hurt Auburn in a bid to get Alabama back into the national championship game.

    Or, maybe. Just maybe, Miss State got upset because this really happened and they feel like someone somewhere in the SEC cheated them out of a legitimate shot in recruiting.

  5. 6

    What a load of crap. You are so demented in your “hate” that you can’t even see that MSU is your biggest enemy in this case.

    Kind of like Arkansas is your biggest enemy in other recruiting issues.

  6. 7

    Well we knew it was coming. The only question was when. There was just too much being talked about for something not to surface. Maybe they won’t find anything. Then again ———? It ‘aint never a good sign when Mr. NZAA start’s poking around. But ya’ll can rest assured his ass will still be intact for the IB. It’s only three weeks away and they are slow as hell with their investigations. So Aubie won’t have any excuses, and they won’t even have to worry about a forfeit later, cause we’re gonna stomp that ass for ’em. RTR!

  7. 8

    You people are idiots. Let the story develop before we start with the “it’s all Bammer’s fault!” and “I knew the barn was cheating!” BS.

  8. 9

    I think there are two interesting views on the case. First, does the NCAA treat southern schools like the SEC, and old SWC differently than Midwestern and Pacific teams? Second, how will the NCAA deal with some of the associated issues of religion in this case. I’m assuming there were allegations about the church since in the ESPN story the pastor said he sent church financial statements to the NCAA as well.

    BTW, for people wanting a clue about how far ESPN is digging look at this quote: “Holy Zion Center of Deliverance is not the only church Cecil Newton is involved in overseeing. Cameron Newton told last month that his dad is a bishop to five churches in Georgia.”

  9. 10

    Hope these tards don’t phuck up our strength of schedule. We need ’em. Hell, if it gets too hot they’ll have to keep him out and they’ll lose to Georgia. That sucks. Man over on the Aubie section of the posts are coming faster than you can read them. Got about 90 already.

  10. 11

    They won’t keep him out of any game.

    AU said Newton is eligible to play. AU was informed of this back in June or July when the SEC office was made aware of the information. AU made the decision to play Cam anyway. That won’t change just because this information is now public. Or because the NCAA is looking at it.

  11. 12

    Updated: November 4, 2010, 6:22 PM ET
    Cash sought for Cam Newton
    By Pat Forde, Chris Low and Mark Schlabach
    During the height of star quarterback Cam Newton’s recruitment out of junior college last year, a man saying he represented Newton allegedly was soliciting a six-figure payment to secure his signature on a national letter-of-intent, has learned.

    Former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond told a teammate of Bond’s at Mississippi State in the early 1980s contacted him soon after Newton’s official visit to Mississippi State during the Ole Miss game in December, and said he was representing Newton.

    “He said it would take some cash to get Cam,” Bond said. “I called our athletic director, Greg Byrne, and he took it from there. That was pretty much it.” Multiple sources told that Mississippi State called the SEC office with Bond’s information shortly after he brought it to the attention of the school.

    [+] Enlarge
    John Reed/US Presswire
    Auburn’s Cam Newton has led his team to a No. 2 BCS ranking.
    Sources told the former teammate is Kenny Rogers, who played at Mississippi State from 1982-85. Rogers operates a Chicago-based company called Elite Football Preparation, which holds camps in Chicago, Alabama and Mississippi. A Lexis search for that business lists Kenneth Rogers as the contact and his title as “agent.” A Birmingham News story from 2008 said Elite Football Preparation “matches high school athletes with college programs.”

    Bond said the former teammate told him other schools had already offered $200,000, but since Newton really liked Mississippi State and had a relationship with head coach Dan Mullen dating to when both were at Florida, Mississippi State could get him for $180,000.

    “I have no agenda other than protecting Mississippi State,” Bond said. “We’ve done what we were supposed to do from the very beginning. Mississippi State has done nothing wrong, and I’ve done nothing wrong. It’s been handed off to the NCAA, and it’s in their hands now. I don’t know what happened at Auburn. I don’t know why he went to Auburn. That’s not my concern. My concern is Mississippi State and making sure this doesn’t cause us any trouble.”

    Bond said an NCAA investigator came to Mississippi to meet with him in early September, as well as with Mississippi State officials.

    When interviewed by Thursday at the family’s home in Atlanta, Cecil Newton, Cam’s father, denied any wrongdoing.

    “If Rogers tried to solicit money from Mississippi State, he did it on his own, without our knowledge,” Cecil Newton said.

    Cecil Newton said he first met Rogers two years ago, when Cam Newton left Florida. He said he talked to Rogers on several occasions to find out more about Mississippi State, but never met Rogers until Cam Newton’s official visit to Starkville.

    Cecil Newton said the family received a letter from the NCAA “about a month ago” asking for financial statements. He said he submitted bank statements and records for the church where he is pastor, Holy Zion Center of Deliverance in Newnan, Ga., along with other records.

    The church has been in the news in Coweta County, Ga., often in the past year. According to stories in The Times-Herald newspaper Cecil Newton’s church was in danger of being demolished by order of the Newnan City Council in 2009 for failing to meet the city’s building code. One story said Cecil Newton told the council last September the building would be brought to code “inside of six months.” After numerous delays, extensions and compromises from the council, renovation work began last spring and The Times-Herald reported last week that the church is in compliance with Newnan’s building requirements.

    [+] Enlarge
    Mark Schlabach/
    The sign for the church where Cameron Newton’s father presides in Newnan, Ga.
    “If you’ve ever seen our church, you’d know we don’t have any money,” said Cam Newton’s mother, Jackie. “We have nothing.”

    Holy Zion Center of Deliverance is not the only church Cecil Newton is involved in overseeing. Cam Newton told last month that his dad is a bishop to five churches in Georgia.

    “I’m just trying to protect my son’s interests, because he’s fought very hard to get back where he is,” Cecil Newton said. “It’s a hell of a fight when people give up on you and think they’ll never see you or hear from you again.”

    NCAA officials declined comment on the allegation involving Newton on Wednesday.

    “We do not comment on current, pending or potential investigations,” said Stacey Osburn, the NCAA’s associate director for media and public relations.

    Julie Roe Lach, the NCAA’s new director of enforcement, said it is the association’s policy to neither confirm nor deny an investigation.

    SEC associate commissioner Greg Sankey, who oversees conference compliance, said the league received “specific information” regarding the Newton allegation in late July of this year.

    “When we get information, we share it with the institution when it is involved,” Sankey said.

    Without specifically addressing the initial call from Mississippi State, which came several months earlier, Sankey said what the SEC originally was told about the allegation was “limited information.”

    “We don’t deal in rumor and innuendo,” Sankey said. “We deal in facts.”

    He said the SEC is not an investigative body, adding that it can share information with NCAA enforcement as needed. He declined to say whether the Newton allegation was shared with the NCAA.

    Sankey also would not directly comment on whether the league office considers this an ongoing issue or a closed case.

    “We’re attentive to a variety of issues at any given time,” he said. “We pay attention to a lot.”

    “We are comfortable that representatives of Mississippi State University’s interests conducted themselves appropriately and in compliance with all NCAA by-laws,” Mississippi State said in a statement to “Mississippi State is committed to operating our athletics programs within the rules of the NCAA and Southeastern Conference, and we expect those affiliated with our program to continue to do the same.”

    Sources said Mississippi State refused to get involved with Rogers, whose association with Chicago-based agent Ian Greengross has come under scrutiny from the NFL Players Association and the NCAA.

    NFLPA spokesman Carl Francis told on Thursday the organization is “in the process of investigating [Greengross and Rogers] as we speak for violations of our rules and regulations.”

    A voice message left with Greengross by was not immediately returned. Attempts to reach Rogers, who also played for the Miami Dolphins during the 1987 strike, were unsuccessful. The voice mailbox at Elite Football Preparation was full Thursday.

    At the time of Rogers’ alleged solicitation, Mississippi State was perceived to have the inside track because of Newton’s relationship with Mullen, who was the offensive coordinator at Florida when Newton was a backup to Tim Tebow. He later left Florida and went to Blinn College, a two-year school in Brenham, Texas.

    After his official visit to Starkville, Newton took visits to Oklahoma on Dec. 11 and Auburn Dec. 18.

    On Dec. 31, 2009, Newton publicly committed to Auburn, where this season he has led the Tigers to a 9-0 record and No. 2 ranking in the BCS standings. Along the way, Newton’s dazzling running and passing have elevated him to Heisman Trophy favorite status.

    “We have been made aware of the allegation. Unfortunately, we cannot comment at this time,” Auburn assistant athletic director, media relations Kirk Sampson said. “However, Cam Newton is eligible to play football at Auburn.”

    Multiple media reports this fall have said Cam Newton preferred going to Mississippi State, but his father preferred Auburn. According to a story in Sports Illustrated last week, Cam Newton left the final decision to his father, who declared to the family last Dec. 23 that his son would attend Auburn.

    Pat Forde, Chris Low and Mark Schlabach are college football writers for

  12. 13

    The NCAA is investigating whether a representative of Cam Newton solicited money before the quarterback signed with Auburn, according to a story by ESPN.

    CAPTIONBy John Reed, US Presswire
    From the story:

    Former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond told that a teammate of Bond’s at Mississippi State in the early 1980s contacted him soon after Newton’s official visit to Mississippi State during the Ole Miss game in December, and said he was representing Newton.

    “He said it would take some cash to get Cam,” Bond said. “I called our athletic director, Greg Byrne, and he took it from there. That was pretty much it.”

    Multiple people told that Mississippi State called the SEC office with Bond’s information shortly after he brought it to the attention of the school.

    Bond released a statement through the Clarion-Ledger of Jackson, Miss.

    “During the 2009 football season, I was contacted by a former football teammate, who represented to me that he was speaking for the Newton camp. He told me that Cam Newton wanted to play at Mississippi State, but that a specified payment would have to be made. I reported the conversation to the Mississippi State Athletic Department. I was told by the Athletic Department that Mississippi State would not respond to the overture that was made to me, and that Mississippi State would continue to recruit Cam Newton as it does any other football recruit.”

    ESPN was told the former teammate is Kenny Rogers, who played at Mississippi State from 1982-85. Rogers operates a Chicago-based company called Elite Football Preparation, which holds camps in Chicago, Alabama and Mississippi. Rogers and his partner, agent Ian Greengross, have been scrutinized by the NFLPA and NCAA.

    NFLPA spokesman Carl Francis told on Thursday the organization is “in the process of investigating (Rogers and Greengross) as we speak for violations of our rules and regulations.”

    Cecil Newton, Cameron’s father, denied any wrongdoing to

    “If Rogers tried to solicit money from Mississippi State, he did it on his own, without our knowledge,” Cecil Newton said.

    Cecil Newton said the family received a letter from the NCAA “about a month ago” asking for financial statements. He said he submitted bank statements and records for the church where he is pastor, Holy Zion Center of Deliverance in Newnan, Ga.

    Mississippi State was one of the schools that Newton was considering before signing with Auburn last February. He visited both along with Oklahoma.

    Bulldogs coach Dan Mullen was Florida’s offensive coordinator when Newton was with the Gators in 2007 and 2008 before transferring to Blinn Junior College for the 2009 season.

    Newton has led No. 2 Auburn to a 9-0 record this year while running for 1,122 yards and 14 touchdowns and throwing for 1,573 yards and 15 scores.

    — Erick Smith
    Follow Erick on Twitter at @erick_smith

  13. 14

    A former MSU player allegedly gets a call from another former MSU player who allegedly represents the Newton Camp…..who then tells the athletic department. …That has got to be some of the worst reporting I’ve ever seen.

    First off, there is little to NO fact or evidence in that article, so don’t jump to conclusions just yet.
    Second, if the SEC and the media has known about this since JULY, why is he still eligible or why was it not big news then? Oh yeah, that’s right, he’s the best player in the country and the top Heisman candidate.

    I’m not pointing fingers at Bama or MSU, its just really sketchy and full of “he said, he said”.

  14. 15

    The NYT and others have been writing stories on Rev. Cheat for years. He’s been funnelling $ to au players for many years now. auburn’s dream season and Camputer’s Heisman are going up in smoke. au will also have to forfeit all games won to this point. Couldn’t happen to a worse fanbase. LOL!!!!!

  15. 16

    Malzahn sold Mustain and others for the OC job at Arkansas.
    Then the Pinnacle Preps dealings.
    Now Elite Football Preps for Cam Newton.

    Hmm. Just a coincidence I guess.

  16. 18

    By the way Auburn, hope you enjoyed that 28 point swing the refs gave you. CBS and ESPN sure haven’t come up with any video football of any ref signaling TD on that one botched “replay ruling” have they? What’s it been? Three weeks now?

    Go Hogs!!!!

    And go Bama! Put these punks back out in the cow field!

  17. 22

    I’d be interested in knowing what people think (beyond the posturing of some of these insecure visitors like warblogle)to the questions I asked earlier.

    Do people think Southern schools get treated differently and does anyone think the NCAA will look at religious institutions and how will it treat these institutions that are so important to the south?

  18. 23

    I don’t think Southern schools get treated any differently. I think that is an unfounded excuse extending from an inferiority complex that has been around since Reconstruction. I think if wrongdoing has been committed and a church or religious institution is involved then the institution should not be allowed to hide behind its religious status. But in this case I think your questions are moot. I certainly don’t have all of the facts but from everything I’ve read these are all baseless allegations.

  19. 24

    The allegations sound very similar to what happened in Memphis. The big question will be if other schools come forward with details indicating Newton was shopped for a similar price. That would corroborate MSU’s story.

  20. 26

    Ark State – forfeited
    Missy State -forfeited
    Clemson – forfeited
    South Carolina – forfeited
    Arkansas – forfeited
    Kentucky – forfeited
    LSU – forfeited
    Ole Miss – forfeited

    Abarn, you’re 0-9!

    I LOVE the smell of a mushroom cloud in the cool of the evening!

  21. 28

    What if the guy shopping didn’t have Newton’s consent?


    That is a good defense.

    And scum has been known to do things without knowledge of the people they are exploiting.

    I can buy it. To a point. However, what makes that assumption reasonable and the reverse assumption unreasonable? In fact, I’d argue it is more likely that a person pitching such a deal would know a party willing to pay the sum would actually verify the deal with the parent. To not do such a thing would be idiotic.

    Of course, it will be the NCAA’s burden to prove a link.

  22. 29

    There is no link, Cam Newton was an unknown commodity at the time of his recruitment other than a JUCO NC. Why is it coming to lite now that he is about to win the Heisman and hang about 30 on the Bammer nation? Prove it baby. Lawyers on the AU side have already been retained. No behind the doors investigation. We AU fans demand any evidence to be brought to the forefront. If the SEC office knew about this back in July and didn’t even consider it worthy at that time and turned in Bond and Rogers names at that time to the NCAA tells how bogus this story is.

    I say again that this benefits only Alabama. If there are ties of these freeloaders to the REC then there is your investigative story.

    If CAM doesn’t play in the iron bowl, then Bamas win will be a sham and no authority other than the BCS and mullet fans will believe it is a legitimate national championship. Keep hoping cause I think this is the only way you will win. I hope LSU beats the crap out of you this weekend. This smells like Alabama intervention and cheating to me.

  23. 30

    WDEinTTown, moron. Tell me how many times has the COI gotten involved in something like this when there was no proof, when it was baseless? Throughout all you phucking Barner allegations of Cadillacs in Foley and Chargers in Decatur and other shite, the Nazi’s didn’t bat an eye. Dude, they know when something has substance and when it doesn’t. If I were you guys I’d be running for cover and fast. RTR!

  24. 31

    Show me where I’ve ever made a claim about “Cadillacs in Foley” and “Chargers in Decatur.” I’m no more responsible for the idiots in Auburn’s fan base than Alabama’s fan base is responsible for you.

    Here is a some good coverage of the story:

    From the article:

    “If Rogers tried to solicit money from Mississippi State, he did it on his own, without our knowledge,” Cecil Newton said.

    Cecil Newton said the family received a letter from the NCAA “about a month ago” asking for financial statements. He said he submitted bank statements and records for the church where he is pastor, Holy Zion Center of Deliverance in Newnan, Ga., along with other records.

    “There is no evidence whatsoever of any contact at all between Kenny Rogers and Auburn’s staff,” the source said.

    “Cam Newton is eligible to play for Auburn and will continue to play for Auburn.”

  25. 32

    Umm, the SEC Office took this information and sent it to Auburn so it could investigate the matter. In any case, the SEC did just what they were supposed to do in this case.

    Cam is going to play in the Iron Bowl and this story doesn’t change that. What it does have the chance of doing is costing an entire season if the NCAA finds evidence to substantiate the claims. It could also cost Auburn severe sanctions since the school knew about it before the season and has played the quarterback without satisfying the NCAA rules. Of course, it all might go away if there isn’t any additional evidence beyond the testimony presented thus far.

    And for the record, MSU people were bitching about this back in February.

  26. 33

    One last thing for AU fans to consider and this is some friendly advice from watching past NCAA actions….

    You apply extreme standards to statements made by Mississippi State. The witnesses are examined and cross-examined and then their stories are doubted.

    In contrast, everything Cecil Newton says is taken as gospel. It might be a good idea to view this story with a grain of salt too. That doesn’t mean you won’t find this story to be the most compelling, but it is just safer to admit Newton has a reason to lie that is greater than Mississippi State’s reason to lie or just make stuff up.

  27. 34

    BH go phuck yourself you primate bastard. Under the circumstances don’t you have something more important to do on your own boards? Or have you been blacklisted on all of them? RTR!

  28. 35

    Look at the bright side alabama, after auburn wins out, beats the gamecocks in atlanta, and is later stripped of the title for all this, you can ‘claim’ yet another sec and national championship.

  29. 36

    For the record…..I don’t think your finger pointing blame laying bama hating theory will hold water on this one. IT’s amazing that Alabama FAns for the first time I can remember are truly excited to have two top teams in the state. Matter of fact, right now our NC hopes maps through Auburn. Bama is not threatend by how well you have played and we need you to be where you are now for any NC possibility. See this is the way Football used to be in the state….Auburn fans need to get a grip on reality and start taking a little blame for all the crap you get yourself into…or else you will never learn. If you want to be who you think you are. You first need to act like a respectable school who has earned your day and grow up. If you would stop blaming bama for your tired story and start exerting those efforts in a positive way maybe just maybe you would finally see the only things that shadows your program is your ability to be a winner for the right reasons. Contrary to what happens….and the story is true…does it really matter who opened their mouth? You need to get behind your school and your team and direct this negative energy into positive support. Of course, that is if you believe in his innocence. I hate it and I am a bama fan….it made me sick to think about it happening to you guys and from what I am hearing many bama fans feel the same and you have more support from them than in past times. However, the poor pitiful me story is tired…it’s done. Grow up and fight for what you believe in and stop wallowing in your Bama theory. The first thing in being a winner is taking responsibility and your responsibility as fans is get behind your team and stop the whining.

  30. 37

    MSU>>>>Cam Newton
    Arkansas>>>>>Mikey Dyer

    How many more?
    Auburn is starting to make a lot of enemies in the SEC.
    It really couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

    BTW, when nick Saban finds out about htese things he suspends the player pretty much then and there. I guess they dont have that luzury down on the plains.

  31. 38

    Bwaa Haww Haww! You’re baseing you’re whole argument on “Mr Newton said”? Bwaa Haww Haww! He and his son may be tangled up in a shitstorm of his own making, his poor church was going to be condemned because there was no money for repairs and now it’s been restored among rumors of a $200,000 donation. Exactly the amount of the money in question here. And you’re claiming he’s innocent just because he says so? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  32. 39

    well, as i’ve said before, i WANT auburn #1.

    and i want cam newton in place. if they can beat us by 30 in our house, well come on to bryant-denny and do it.

    do i think the ncaa treats southern schools differently?? no.

    do i think the ncaa treats SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE SCHOOLS differently??? excluding tennessee, maybe.

    i, for one, will NEVER forget the treatment and tactics of the ncaa and the media in the albert means case.

    i will ALWAYS believe the $200,000 figure was bogus. (ironic we’re seeing that dollar figure pop up again, eh??)

    phillip fulmer’s involvement was UNPRECEDENTED in ncaa history. (not the first time precedence was broken in a ncaa case against alabama)

    therefore i will not revel in the news, prosecution or punishment doled out by the ncaa against any sec school (with the exception of tennessee)(and no, i haven’t forgotten the possible involvement of gusty yearout and auburn in the development of the gene jelks case)

  33. 40
    Alex Hamilton

    Bamahater you have to be the biggest crybaby I’ve ever seen. Rather than legitimately analyze “why” the New York Times and would print this story, you blame Alabama fans and boosters. What a Phucking Loser you are.

    Let me tell you something you Phucking Moron, Pat Forde don’t care about Alabama. Pat Forde don’t care about Auburn. Pat Forde cares about being the first journalist to break the story that the leading candidate fornthe Heisman Trophy in 2010 may be ineligible and may have received extra benefits to play at Auburn.

    Another point to consider. Your naivety is so adorable AU Nation. The fact of the matter is that it has been rumored for months that Newton received $250,000 dollars to commit to Auburn. That was why he didn’t go to MSU, or so the rumor goes. The only people that didn’t know of the rumor are the rube AU fans. Because while you were all singing “War Eagle” and reading Lars “I have a man crush on Cameron Newton” Anderson’s glowing articles in SI, the rest of the SEC fans were listening to the rumblings and grumblings from east Mississippi. Those grumblings reached a fever pitch in early September and were even posted here a few times. Of course, “Christy” and BPI all toed the party line and denounced the allegations as false.

    The bottom line is this. My source at MSU says, and astutely so, that Auburn played Newton earlier in the year because they were careful to not leave a paper trail of the money. It’s not that hard to funnel cash, if anyone wants me to elaborate in a later post, I will. But secondly, Auburn never dreamed that they would be 9-0 at this point. They thought that they might have, at best a 7-2 record. As such, they are now a victim of their own success. Much more is now at steak now that Auburn is highly ranked and has the leading candidate for the Heisman. In the northeast, the Heisman is football. And now, journalists that will not be intimidated to discuss the allegations are primed to be the first to expose corruption. Now, the NCAA has to investigate more. If yo think I’m wrong, honestly answer this question.

    Say that Alshawn Jeffrey, is exposed tomorrow for receiving $50k to go to S.Carolina. Now, what if South Carolina beats Auburn, and then beat Alabama, and then beat Kentucky, and Alshawn Jeffrey had six TD’s in the games, he would be the Heisman frontrunner. Truth be told, he dominated against Bama and UT.

    Now ask yourself this. If S.Carolina has two losses, does anyone really care that he got paid? Or, do people really kick up a stink if S. Carolina is undefeated? That’s the issue. Auburn never dreamed that they would be undefeated and now, they are praying that nobody talks. They can hire 100 lawyers Bamahate. It won’t matter. If the right people talk Auburn will be exposed and the entire dream season will shatter.

    How else do you go from 5-19 to 9-0? AU is a phucking cheater. That’s how.

    Woe Eagul.

  34. 42

    Just so long as they wait to dish out the shite until after the final BCS regular season rankings put us in Glendale, I don’t give a shite what happens to Barnie after that. Wouldn’t it be ironic though that 50 years ago Barnies national championship was shared and soiled by probation; and now, unlike in 2004, all they have to do is win 4 more games and they’ll play for the national title and then maybe have to forfeit it because of probation. How ironic! RTR!

  35. 43

    This Curious mind of mine wants to know…Mr. Newton says they have retained a lawyer to fight this….considering their financial status… will they be responsible for paying for an attorney or is this something Auburn can provide for Cam or how does that work? Seems if he is innocent then ( i guess even if he is not) providing an attorney is a benefit…so how will that be justified either way . I guess the nature of the case it will sell itself for the recognition and go pro bono.But really is that possible.Remember Julio Jones and Rolando had to pay a guy back for fishing on the Tenn River a couple years ago. The two took an Athens man fishing and because the man provided the boat, the gas in the boat, and lunch or something as stupid and minute…they had to compensate the man back those monies when all they were doing was taking a man fishing that could not take himself.
    Just curious because we know the family really is not in the position to fight it. Cam being a high profile player really is not viable as a free case (because according to what i understand if it is not something that is provided to everyone for what ever reason it cannot be done out of his status.

    How could the school do it when it’s not expenses incurred as part of a collegiate expected cost or covered under scholorship or in the athletic agreement. Just curious.

  36. 44

    I’m not basing “my whole argument” on what Cam’s father says. I’m basing it on the fact that all his financial records (personal and church-related) have been willfully submitted to the NCAA. I’m basing it on the fact that the only link between Cam and this story is the word of an “agent” that is already under investigation. But let’s look at you and your ilk. What do you base your opinion on? You base it on the fact that you want to believe Auburn and Cam cheated. The only evidence you require is that the story exists. Once it is a headline, he and Auburn are convicted in your eyes. End of story. Jesus Christ himself could tell you that The whole story was untrue and you still wouldn’t believe it.

  37. 45

    I’m assuming Alex, that you’re a scum sucking lawyer? Just kidding – I think. HaHa. Then you can appreciate the potential shitstorm this mess could stir up. This is the first time anyone has has the balls, the audacity or the resourcefulness to involve the Church in alleged underhanded dealings of buying a college football recruit. It is ingenious. Funnel the money through a non-profit organization so that it is not a direct transaction. Now the NCAA and all the lawyers will have to battle religion and a very gray area of regulations. Would it be a violation if a University, its employees, board of trustee’s, boosters or any other associated parties were to donate a large sum of money to a non-profit organization when that organization has direct ties to an athelete which said university is recruiting and ultimately furnished an athletic schollarship. Oohh the stinkypoo that could arise out of this. The NCAA against the Church and the Federal Government. Only at Awbren! What do you think? RTR!

  38. 46

    Dude, I’m not accusing anybody. But this shite started almost a year ago and it’s not just hanging around – it’s going forward full steam ahead. That means the NCAA is extremely uncomfortable with what they’ve found. Now as for me, I’m human and all my life I’ve been involved with things ranging from Governors down to drug traffickers; from royalty to scumbags. I know how people think and how people are. Whether he did it or not who knows. But just because he’s a Pastor absolutely does not eliminate that not only is he capable, but also that he would lie to cover it up. And obviously you have no idea just how easy it is to falsify financial records, especially when you expect a problem, plan ahead, and have practically no one to answer to but yourself and the IRS. Believe me, it’s a piece of cake. I’m not accusing anybody, but I know the dark side of people too well, and too much has been rumored in this fiasco for me to believe all the defending parties hands are Lilly White. If you do then you are naive.

  39. 47
    crimson hammah

    the truth per a reporter that spoke directly with a miss st asst all set to go to au when camdad gets call from au with a substantial financial offer, he then precedes to miss st coaches offices where he ask ms to make an offer – the miss st coach kicks camdad out of office.
    then camdad goes to lane kiffen’s uninvited unannounced and no appt. and wants an offer from lane kiffen – kiffen kicks camdad out of the office.then they sign with au.the miss st coach followed u
    p and knows how au funneled the money to the cam’s

  40. 48
    crimson hammah

    of course cam will play – the whole team is dirty minus a few walkons ….been telling u all yr of the miss state camscam…the au boosters of south ga are paying everybody…the one month of being higher ranked than bama is worth a 4 yr probation to these never beens …the neverbeens could tolerate neverbeen status if it weren’t for 13….it’s the bammmers Paul

  41. 50

    first of all, this is clearly gonna turn into a shitstorm, whether he is innocent or guilty. one would be crazy if they did NOT hire a lawyer immediately. it is not a sign of guilt that one exercises their constitutional rights. and if i were licensed to practice law in alabama, i would represent cam newton pro bono, as simply being in the news everyday will bring in plenty of business without even trying, so a good lawyer will do it pro bono. this certainly would meet ethical guidelines if the lawyer behaves properly. so whether the lawyer is an auburn guy or not, i think doing it pro bono woud not bring about problems, for the right to have a lawyer is one has whether criminal or for this situation. i am not licensed in the state of alabama, so anything i say is NOT legal advice in any way shape or form.

  42. 51
    crimson hammah

    don’t think ncaa is forfeiting games – more vacating wins but losses stand…au is 0-0-0 trying to stay 0-0-0 – losses to bama ga and bowl game would be an 0-3-0 season

  43. 52

    Well … according to Gene Chiznik — Camputer is “eligible” and that’s the bottom line. They WILL play him — what does Jay Jacobs have to lose? They all know the sh|t’s about to hit the fan down on the plains and why not “try to make a run anyway” and “just see what happens” over the federal investigation the NZAA will employ.

    Middle fingers ablazing Aubarn. I can’t WAIT until all of this unfolds. A laughing stock is made of the beta program. Lots of jobs in high profile positions IN JEOPARDY … i’m loving every minute, err, second of it.

    Have a good one in the pro’s like Reggie Bush Camputer.

  44. 53

    What’s even crazier is Cecil Newton not handing over bank statements which can clearly be accessed by the federal investigators the NZAA employ. LMAO’ing all the way. Middle fingers up motherfucker$!

  45. 54

    wardamnpavement, that’s funny.

    BTW, has Auburn been able to show any video of a ref signaling touchdown…three weeks later? Nah. And the other “Auburn touchdown” was after our running back’s knee was clearly down.

    Those “14 points for Auburn” also took the ball away from us twice.

    A “sour grapes” comment like that from you could only come from someone who probably never played past 10th grade.

    I always root for the best SEC team to win the national championship when it’s all said and done. But since Auburn is not, and is ranked highly only because of massive cheating on and off the field, I hope you idiots fry.

  46. 56

    You ever have one of those days when out of the blue everything just uncontrollably goes wrong? Like your guardian angel just said “phuck you, I’m taking the day off”? Well Awbie is having one of those weeks. Sunday, in spite bitch-slapping Ole Miss they drop in the BCS rankings. Tuesday, it is revealed that Camilla and others on team Sugar Plum Fairy, both ‘pitch and catch’. Thursday, it is announced the NZAA is investigating Camilla’s recruitment – a la Albert Means style. Notice the 2 day pattern? Oh My God! Saturday? Naw, no way. Not UTC, Tennessee Lite, Chattanoogy? Naw, couldn’t happen. Could it? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  47. 57

    Keep on crossing your fingers turd. I swear it’s like Christmas morning to the Bammer nation.

    Like I said…. The best 200k we ever spent. A muuuuuuch better deal tha Albert Means…I mean, the leading Heisman candidate in his first year ! Not to mention undefeated ! Means never saw the feild, and got you put on probation!

    I am confident that our coaches and A.D. would sit him down if they were not 100% sure he was eligable. But keep hopin’.

  48. 58
    Denny Chimes

    Auburn has nothing to lose by playing Cam now that this is out. They will be forfeiting their games anyway if the NCAA nails them to the wall. May is well try to win a tainted championship.

    But go on hoping and believing there’s no legs to this. I didn’t think so with Albert Means either. Ditto with USC fans and Reggie Bush.

  49. 59

    I didn’t say there were no legs to it.

    There may well be.

    But, I know that Gene Chizik has absolutely no problem with Cam being eligible..So that kind of leads me to the train of thought that he knows much more than Mark Schleback, Chris Lowe, and Pat Forde. But then again , maybe he doesn’t….I tend to believe the former.

    The main problem I have with it is the way the media broke the story when they did. Why now ? This has been common knowlage for most of the CFB message boards for weeks, and with coaches and media for months.

    Mike Blakely’s commitment to UF last week certainly had something to do with it, as Urban Meyer was the one who pushed for the investigation.

    Time will tell. But, know this ….It will be months before he bootom to this is reached, in that time , Auburn is going to whip Bama’s behind, win the SEC and possibly win aBCS championship game.

  50. 60

    And all we will hear for years is “Cam took money” wether he di or didn’t….Come to think of it, that would satisfy me as much as if he were squeaky clean….

  51. 62

    The smear from Auburn fans and propaganda websites (Rivals) trying to attack Urban Meyer for this is damnable. It once again shows how easy it is to distract from the real problem by demonizing someone else.

  52. 63

    I am not an attorney either… and I did not think about the notion of a court appointed attorney. But MR. Newton said an attorney was already secured for Cam. So, we know it’s not court appointed at this time. I agree if I were in that profession the publicity would be like hitting the jackpot in vegas. However, there are not many lawyers that hold a great deal of history with SEC or NCAA sanctioned charges. Being a lawyer that represents Cam will be in a precarious position. It brings to mind the attorney who was almost beat to death in the Phat Phil the PI /detective/head coach saga.

    The thing is 180 k may be difficult to find on the surface. I guarantee the surface is clean. AT first look. First of all I suggest to look for small deposits into the church account of cash or checks written to the church by members in small amounts. You will need about 5 years in statements back. The avg daily balance is what you want to look at due to float time. There will be some rise from the norm. If cash was deposited it will be in amounts less than 10k to avoid the banks federal regulations on CTR’s. Banks keep a suspicious money report that records and kicks out any unusual deposits in and out in order to hedge off kiting. But money laundering (which in a small way would be how this works…he gives members or people the cash in exchange for a hard copy check and runs it through the business church account or his) . According to how trained the person is who analyzes these statements and compiles a history a pattern will emerge and someone trained could pick it out in a couple of hours. But the statements will not show a clear cut amount in and out.
    For a church to be on the condemned list rising to being one in which is thriving and under construction in today’economic conditions would be highly unlikely. There are so many ways to bury that amount of money because 180k is not really that much to manipulate. But from the poverty level it will show trends that differ from the past.

  53. 64

    Good stuff about tracking money. Aren’t these churches non-profits and their yearly tax records should be public record. Right?

    One other thing to keep in mind, apparently Newton supervises four or five churches and not just the one that was set for demolition.

  54. 65

    He did not have to show any records that he didn’t want to show. Most churches are NPO’s , but not a lot of your smaller ones.

    As far as them being public records, Alex would probably know.

    Unless this becomes a lawsuit, I don’t see how anyone could prove anyhting. Wether there was anyhting wrong or not.

  55. 67

    Amateur athletes being represented by agents is only a violation at USC, Bama, North Carolina, Okie State, etc. The Barners get a free pass.

  56. 68

    Well, Newton and his family must cooperate with the NCAA investigation or they face being declared ineligible. Enforcement really is a cooperative activity that involves the NCAA, the conference, the school and student-athletes.

  57. 69

    well whether it operates for profit or as a npo it still has to conduct business in the same way as any other for profit business. The smaller church issue you speak of is when they make the mistake of not getting a EIN and use the founders social security number as it’s business EIN. Whether small or large you still have signatory requirments and designated appointments for those. IN other words the church vote or small church founders or who ever is responsible being able to give those rights. Sometimes NPO’s are looked over more close than regular accounts. But the one universal rule whether or not it’s an NPO or Profit account or even a DBA account….you are required to document the same, keep personal monies and business monies in seperate accounts and the only way to withdraw money from any creates a paper copy and you cannot deposit a check made out to The Church of Cam Newton into a personal cam newton account without it first being endorsed by the church, sent through the account, and then you would still have to give him a check. Everything is trackable today. It may even come down to pulling every deposit that sticks out by way of subpoena and request confirmation from the giving party statement and tax returns. But….Rest assured they are smarter than that…remember who used to be the biggest single booster /contributor…a one Mr. Bobby Lowder who has been a trustee since 1983. Mr. Lowder was also during that time the CEO of Colonial Bank. A now defunct bank due to inappropriate banking practices. So, needless to say anything is possible. But if it did happened…it’s buried in the financial and audit records.

  58. 70

    It has benn reported that Auburn University has researched thousands of phone records in the parties involved, and there was no connection with Auburn University.

    As I said earlier, this has not taken ANYONE at Auburn by suprise…They have checked inot it as much as they can, and have found nothing..

    Keep in mind that this was the same coach who benched Craig Stephens for 4 full games depite being dreadfully thin at linebacker.

    That early n the season Cam had not shown what he could do, and I firmly believe that if there was a shred of evidence to prove Newtons involvement, he would not have seen the field.

    But , that is my opinion. And, I could be wrong.

    At worst, Newton is declared ineligable, and wins would be forfeited, with no sanctions against AU by the NCAA. Cam continues to play the rest of the year, and beats the snot out of Alabama.

    At best, nothing comes from it ….And we still beat the snot out of Alabama.

    Either way…….We beat the snot out of Alabama.

  59. 71

    Dear confused, bewildered, angry Bama fans, it’s a game! You don’t play, you probably couldn’t have played and you have spent most of your lives second guessing every coach, including Coach Saban! Your vitriol towards Auburn is as sad as the fact that you so hate a team and school that you know nothing about! I have no allegiance as far as attending either, but I have spent many hours at both schools as a visiting instructor and both offer quality educations and future benefits for their students.

    Maybe a little more support for each other considering you share the same home state would be more beneficial for each institution! Sadly, I must repeat myself, it’s a game!

  60. 72
    Denny Chimes

    “I have no allegiance as far as attending either”-Jerry

    Your allegiance is obvious. You have been in full spin mode from the moment you made your first post. Anyone can see that. Every major media outlet has this story now and it is on every sports site. But spin away and do your damage control. But I must ask, why are you wasting your time trying to convince us?

  61. 73

    Yes, I have an allegiance to Auburn, but I have worked with and actually painted several Alabama football greats, as well as Bear Bryant and was treated as a gentleman and friend in each case!

    I guess that makes my criticism, one of the fans not the students/players and faculty as least not most of them.

    I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, just trying to make people realize that the “Nasty attitude/language” is totally unnecessary and does nothing to future an intelligent dialogue!

  62. 75

    “Dear confused, bewildered, angry Bama fans, it’s a game! You don’t play, you probably couldn’t have played and you have spent most of your lives second guessing every coach, including Coach Saban! Your vitriol towards Auburn is as sad as the fact that you so hate a team and school that you know nothing about! I have no allegiance as far as attending either, but I have spent many hours at both schools as a visiting instructor and both offer quality educations and future benefits for their students.”

    If you will read again all the comments. You will find the angry majority falls in Blue and Orange. Of course, I would be angry as well ….since they have had a football team and program so long with not a lot to show for it. (NC wise). The Bama fans are not angry, just arrogant. Notice….Angry was Bama when they were not winning because in Tuscaloosa that is what we do…have always done, and expect. It’s more than a game for both sides and that passion sometimes gets snarly.Coach Saban even made the statement he had never been in a place as driven as the whole program at Bama. Anywhere else a two loss season is good. At Bama we find players who love the game….and have the commitment and determination to play and win the game. Bama may have second guessed all the coaches before Saban …even at times the Bear….but see the standard is set at excellence ….that starts with the fans, the coaches, the players, and the University as a Whole…and anything short of that is usually because we did not live up to our ability. Alabama has always been able to do more with less because of the foundation …and that foundation is heart. Even though we have spent our lives second guessing things don’t make us bad….quite the contrary it’s what has (with the exception of the 10 year infraction history)landed us the legacy and tradition we now relic. After all This is Alabama football and we all know what that means.
    If your allegiance is that of a neutral basis (painting pics of greats does not make one faithful to an organization”….it’s heart, passion, and love for the school, the players , and most of all the wonderful game. If you were as neutral as the picture you paint it would read Alabama and Auburn fans instead of calling us out as angry. WE are not angry…a little off color sometimes and quite arrogant. Sometimes arrogance is as big of a demise as anger is…but arrogance comes from actually having cause and rising to the levels of excellence…where as anger is about falling short and looking for blame.

  63. 76

    Enough said, we can and will continually agree to disagree! The world will continue to turn, anger will hide behind arrogance and civil dialogue will always be replaced with a view that “winning is the only thing”!

    Also, never claimed neutrality, just wished for a dialogue absent of anger/arrogance, especially since both programs have had their share of stupid moments and have and will always face the music!

  64. 77

    Well we know for a FACT that Aubarn knew about this before Campiter came to Aubarn – I guess they figured this wouldn’t blow up later but one thing is a fact – Auburn has been very careful not to have any paperwork connected to the university. CYA. They will unveil the filth – patience.

  65. 78

    As is the case with Mark Ingram (in my opinion, a Godly young man), only God can know the heart of Cam Newton and none of us expressing our opinions has a totally spotless background.

    I guess their is some truth about “ye without sin, cast the first stone”!

  66. 79

    Well to be totally honest with you this is a bad situation for the state, the two programs, the players and most of all the people who love and support both cam and Auburn. But what eventually happens is that we turn past the situation and dive forth on in to the long lived rivalry. WE forget there is a lot at stake whether innocent or guilty. The kids are just that …they are held responsible for their actions but is that really fair? You throw a kid out of high school into the college life with nothing going on and that is tough…but you through one out there that is part of something big and the immediate stardom is overwhelming. There is not enough credit given to the overwhelming experiences these kids go through. You have predators on every corner and within every walk of life trying to get you to slip up or attack. Media, the pro scouts, boosters, and many many more…Most of these kids are not familiar enough with what constitutes a infraction (example of the text books), can we really control our families who seek out the greed of money and extort these young kids. I feel sorry for them if this is not true or if they were tricked…however, i do not feel sorry if they helped manipulate the money for cam and then the cover up. But sad as it is…..if the resolve is a conviction of infraction…no one will remember the remarkable athlete and player cam is….it will always be shadowed with what happened. A boy who has no doubt devoted his whole life to football, determined to make a difference, determined to put the effort and commitment into his life to get where he is. The discipline that speaks is loud but on the other hand if the story is true we throw him to the dogs.
    There has got to be a way to stop this exploitation of players least until they adjust and come to the understanding of what is right and wrong. There is a transition period from high school to college and then again from college to pro. But the lack of knowledge, maturity, and experience in that small window of time is often the most exploited and those that do it should pay as big a price as the ones that fell into it.
    I am not saying that it alleviates the responsibility of the player …and I do not think a good defense argument is lack of knowledge….but I think the programs could do a better job at providing mentors for these situations..

  67. 80

    I totally agree that we could and should mentor these young men, as well as those entering professional sports. They are all overwhelmed with fame, money, women and very shallow adoration, comes with a price and is often fleeting!

    Much of the slimey individuals that chase these young men and women remind me of those that lobby our government officials, made from the same mold.

    The end result is that very talented young people are often robbed of their futures by greedy agents out to fatten their own wallets!

    If Rogers is found guilty, I think the NCAA should make an example of him.

  68. 82
    Alex Hamilton


    Most people do call us scum suckers. We respond to those people as those “in a lower tax bracket.”

    Not sure why all of you are making assumptions about Cecil Newton getting a court appointed lawyer,, that would only be the case if there was a criminal case filed against him and he didn’t have the means to hire a lawyer.

    Of course, Cam said his parents could’ve bought him a $1000 dollar computer, so maybe they have $10k to hire a firm to represent them in this mess. If Cecil has a lawyer, the lawyer was either retained by Cecil or bought by an Auburn booster.

    Here’s my thought; you don’t put on a condom unless you’re going to do the act. As such, Cecil Newton would not be hiring an attorney unless he was startled and worried that he would be facing an investigation. He wants to make sure his responses are proper to those investigations.

    Hypothetically, I know I’d hate to be asking the IRS to be viewed as a non-profit organization as a church, only to have accepted monies as an illegal donation. The NCAA doesn’t have subpoena power, but the IRS can throw your ass in jail for filing a fraudulent tax return, particularly when you operate as a non-profit to avoid income taxes. Of course, that’s just a hypothesis……

    I’m sure the Newton’s won’t be suing the NYT or ESPN/Disney because if they are dirty at all, that will come out in the defense of a libel suit.

    Newton should run like hell from any lawsuit because a court can order him to disclose all of his financial records, not just those he picks and chooses to hand over.

    The NCAA doesn’t have records that will incriminate Cecil Newton. They have the records that Cecil Newton WANTS the NCAA to have. The NCAA doesn’t have subpoena power.

    If Cecil Newton wants to stonewall the NCAA, he can. And that’s the sole reason that Cam Newton is viewed as “ELLIGIBLE” by Abarn. That’s why they are playing him right now, they don’t think that anyone has any evidence on them or their payment to Cecil, if said payments occurred, hypothetically.

    But what do I know? I’m just a scum sucker. At least I’m not a douchebag that can’t spell. Have a great weekend BPI.

  69. 83

    Are you nuts BP? I didn’t say anything about Phat Phil. Glad you’re taking this so calmly though. Maybe it will help you absorb the pain of the beatdown Barnies gonna get in T-Town. And Jerry, this is a Barner hating Bama football team board and our rival just ate the big one. We are not interested in listening to the voice of reason nor in being reasonable or sociable. So please just go away. RTR!

  70. 85

    Not on this thread …But you know you have on others……..

    And Crimson..Thanks for admitting the obvious…

    Revel and bask in the sunshine cuz….Cause it will not last long…We are gonna whip yalls rear.

  71. 86

    Yeah … what’s a “win” against us Butt Plug if you’re going to have to forfeit it later.

    Don’t worry about having to forfeit a win anything on Black Friday. You can sleep on that one.

  72. 87

    Hey Alex Butt Pimple,
    Read this and weep. I love how you made up all that shit about the church and what not. Maybe you should work for the Bamapol. Cams brother is a pro athlete and has some money. Too bad you had your pillow biter friends going, especially crimson Hannah. I guess you guys tag team, emm I mean work together on all this propaganda here. Nice try though.

    I’m out like your fat mother in dodge ball

  73. 88
    Pat Gutierrez

    I am a devoted Cincinnati Bengals fan.Hopefully Cam Newton can be chosen in the fourth spot so that the Bengals might get someone else in order to replace Palmer, considering the fact that he is going to retire.

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