Report: Big East to expand football membership

It looks like conference realignment will continue. According to the report below, “The Big East conference has unanimously agreed to expand the number of football-playing schools to 10. The Big East made the announcement after Tuesday’s board of directors meeting in Philadelphia. Commissioner John Marinatto says potential expansion candidates will start to be evaluated. The 16-member Big East has eight teams playing football. The conference informed Villanova in September that it wants to add them to the conference.” Such a development would require the addition of one extra team likely outside the present conference footprint.

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    Doesn’t look like the Big East is even a little bit interested in raising their BCS stock if thet’re offering football membership to a basketball school. Don’t care what Nova got lucky and did last year – they are normally the antithesis of a football school. Guess they don’t have enough money to bribe Notre Dame which already is a member if only in basketball.

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