Recap: Games of interest to Alabama

With the bye Alabama fans were able to watch games around the country. Those interested in some of the Top Ten upsets can find all the details below in this 2,200-word recap of Saturday’s college football action. Probably of the most interest to the Alabama Crimson Tide were the events in the Big Ten and Big XII. Iowa thumped an undefeated Michigan State in Big Ten action, and Nebraska defeated Missouri in Big XII play. There was SEC action too. Read the recaps below.


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    great day for alabama!

    the only question is whether utah (like mizzou last week) will be leapfrogged over us because we didn’t play.

    state and mizzou suffered from what i call the uab effect. that’s where an inferior opponent lays it all on the line to defeat a superior opponent the loses the next two, three, four games for lack of gas in the tank.

    (think uab v. troy)

    call me a heretic i you may, but right now i’m the biggest aubie on the planet.

    that’s right, i was pulling for auburn last night.

    i’ll pull for auburn to beat georgia.

    and i want auburn undefeated and bcs #1 on nov. 26th.


    one, it brings us more bcs love if we knock off the #1 ranked team. if our goal is glendale, then #1 auburn nov. 26th is a must.

    two, the game at bds becomes the defacto sec championship. the entire nation will be watching.

    three, bds will be wired for sound. that crowd will be electric. there will be no better home field advantage for an alabama football team in history than that game.

    four, motivation. there is no better motivation in college sports to perform at an elite level than the need to knock number one off that pedestal.

    and last but, certainly, not least, five:

    i want it to be alabama and coach saban that pops that cherry. i want it to be marcell darius that wipes the smile off newton’s face. and i want it bad.

    so for today, war cam eagle!

    and for those of you who love the bcs and are cringing the thought, you have the bcs to thank for this.

    and now for our musical interlude:

    hints to the plot:

    fat fella with the hair colored yella – auburn.

    linda lou – the crystal

    the .44 – us.

  2. 2

    With that weak performance against Air Force, Utah wouldn’t pass us if we had played anybody. However, the BCS computers take into account quantity, not just quality, so they might pass us. Hell, AQ Big 12 Okie St is still out there undefeated too. Anyway Utah still has to play TCU so one of them is history eventually. And Okie St still has lots of tough games left including OU and maybe Nebraska. But as they were saying last night; if Bama beats LSU, Miss St, Auburn and wins the SECCG, they will play in Glendale. RTR!

  3. 3

    I was pulling for Awbie too, but it was tongue-in-cheek and I had to gargle with peroxide everytime I cheered them. I hate that their ranking is holdikng us hostage and blackmailing us. I hope Vegas makes them favorites in BDS. That would be their ass for sure. I’m bettin’ we beat the Corndogs worse in Death Valley than the Barners did at JHS. RTR!

  4. 4

    Whoops deh it is! We’re #5 in both human polls. And in USAToday – the one that counts, we’re right on TCU and Boise’s arses points wise. We’re already setup to jump them even before the SECCG. Maybe in 2 weeks if Miss St keeps winning, but after the IB for sure. RTR! (STFU Prophet. You lived in Bryant Hall my arse. Doing what? Janitorial work, sniffing jock straps and peeking in the showers? Bwaa Haww Haww!)

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