Bama moves up as Auburn gets gayer

Last Saturday college football nature took its course as No. 5 Michigan State and No. 6 Missouri were throttled on the road by Iowa and Nebraska, respectively. Though it didn’t take the field, the Alabama Crimson Tide moved back into the top 5 in both major polls, and will likely hold the same spot when the BCS standings are released later today.

Meanwhile, Auburn continued on its bizarre path of gayness as players leaped into the crowd following their win at 3-5 Ole Miss.

Scenes like this are more commonplace, regardless of who Abarn defeats

This is a scene that’s becoming more and more commonplace with Abarn. Whether it’s Arky State, Kentucky or La.Monroe, one thing is for certain:

They’z some Abarn playuz comin’ up in doze standz!!

After all, it’s the only fitting way to celebrate a win over the 107th overall defense in all the land. That fact makes Cam’s stats look all that more impressive.

Can you imagine for a second what Alabama head coach Nick Saban’s reaction would be if his players leaped into the stands to celebrate their win over 2-5 (at the time) Tennessee? I distinctively remember the man reminding us all that nothing had been accomplished, until we shelved Crystal last January.

The season will play out and the air will come out of the Abarn balloon, at least that’s what ESPN’s Jeff Dooley is selling.

But for the moment, in the top five and with three out of four games remaining against ranked opponents, the final one potentially against the one holding the top spot, the Alabama Crimson Tide’s return to Atlanta and the title game appears eminent.

At least that’s what Vegas still thinks (7-2 odds still after the weekend).

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