Abarn’s ride over

Just six days are all Abarn could manage at the top of the heap, as the computers recognized smoke and mirrors when they saw it.

Abarn fell to #2 with Oregon jumping them to take, and keep, the top spot until the BCS National Championship game.

When BCS #6 Alabama defeats #10 LSU next weekend while Abarn faces off against 1-AA Chattanooga, expect the plummet to continue.

But wasn’t it a fun ride for the tiggers?

Won’t you join me Bama nation in laughing?


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    Yall laugh all you want to.
    I already got my bus tickets to Arizona. First bammer then SEC east and then we beat oregon.
    I am thinking it will be a low scoring affair. Something like 72-66.

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    Whatever Cuz. Keep Tokin”.
    I am just glad that I don’t have to hear or read that false arrogance about an Football Team that is a one player wonder.
    Camputer is starting to remind me of Jamarcus Russell.

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    Yeah, laugh it up. The last time I checked, the top two teams go to Glendale. We’re in. What’s funny was watching yall get TAKEN down by two touchdowns by a team that we (and Kentucky) beat. Now that’s funny. It will also be funny watching yall fall out of the conversation when LSU and/or Ms St beats you. But nothing will be funnier than watching AU put up about 500 yards of offense against yall while shutting down fast and furious. Fast and Furious – now that’s funny in and of its self.

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    Yep. with nobody but Chattanooga and Georgia to play before they lose a game, Awbie will never even sniff #1 again unless somebody upsets Oregon. The cow humpers managed to screw us after all. Now we don’t get to beat #1. Dammit! RTR!

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    Yeah what was funny was watchin the Barnies struggle to beat the offenseless Corndogs by 7 at JHS after Tennessee beat em in Death Valley and we beat Tennessee by 31 in GNS. Bwaa Haww Haww! And just how does that great Awbie defense go about shutting down Fast and Furious and Julio and Maze and Dial and Hanks and McElroy when they haven’t shut down anybody all year including Arky St, genius? You moron’s fantasies are so fantastic that Disney should make a movie out of them. Hell, it would rival ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ and Avatar! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  7. 9

    Who cares? As long as Auburn keeps winning we are in. The funny thing is if I say “well, at least Auburn is ranked higher than Alabama” you people will rightly reply “the season isn’t over.” Well, then why are you so giddy about Auburn going down to number two? The season isn’t over. Auburn can still reclaim the number one spot and Auburn can definitely make it to the title game. You guys act like this is all setting up perfectly for Alabama. Victory in the Iron Bowl is not a foregone conclusion for you as it was last year. And for your sake, I hope your head coach isn’t as ready to book hotel rooms in Glendale as some of you people are.

  8. 11

    dbau93, the top two teams DO go to Glendale. But it’s hard to stay #2 when you get jumped for playing a 1-AA and losing at Bryant-Denny, where we’ve given up one touchdown all season.

    Yep, I hear Tampa is pretty in bowl season. Enjoy it.

  9. 12

    I’m just sitting here watching the wheel’s go ’round and ’round…

    I see tears of sadness in the future … that’s all I’m saying. For the thousands who will infect T-Town with the ugly colors — that drive home will suck.

  10. 13

    For all you punk asses who are talking sh|t about how Aubrey handled Ole Piss better than Alabama — might want to remember that the Crimson Tide knocked ’em in the mouth for you REAL good.

    We play teams with bye weeks. You play Chattanooga.

  11. 14
    Coach Curry

    “We play teams with bye weeks. You play Chattanooga.

    UT-C was 6-5 last season.

    What was Georgia State’s record in 2009?

  12. 15

    Sorry Curry. I’ll not answer for Damage, but did you really just try and cite the record of a 1-AA team as an argument of some sort?

    I’m embarrassed to be talking to you right now.

    For the record, Georgia State is 5-4. Chattanooga is 5-3, the same as GS after the Moc’s game with Auburn.

    I can’t believe I just entered that argument with you.

  13. 20

    That’s all you got? You inbred bama losers couldn’t even beat south carolina. Ahahahahaha. Maybe yall can remember the good times of putting your national championship on display in walmart

  14. 21

    You AU in-breds think that Alabama made the decision to display the NC tropy at WalMart. That decision was made by the NC committee; of course why would you know that since the Cow College has never had one? (1957 belonged to Alabama PolyTech)

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    Does it really matter that AU dropped to #2.lOwer time I checked the top 2 teams i’n the BCS go on to play i’n Glendale for the NC. And if all the talking heads are rright(I’m sure u can find way to debunk this) if we win out we go. The same is also true for bama. That’s what has me so excited about the iron bowl this year. The game is finally going tone worth more than bragging rights. Amd Pluto, cam reminds you of Jamarcus russel? He reminds you of a 1st rd draft pick who beat Hama a few times. While I think cam is much better than russel, that statement just show your iq level. If Baka beats AU i’n the iron bowl and win the sec championship( cN they beat south Carolina) they deserve to play i’n NC game just as AU does. You can have it both ways.

  16. 23

    Dozier, you’re headed to Tampa buddy. Accept it, get your Busch Gardens tickets now, and settle in for whoever you face from the Big 10.

    We will beat Abarn by 10+ in Bryant-Denny.


  17. 24

    bamagirl10, the only way you can get through to bamasucks or any Abarn fan is if you promise them a roll of toilet paper. Rolling that dead tree is the only original tradition they have.

  18. 25

    It’s all a mute point until the Iron Bowl anyhow…You know this. If we win out we go…If you win out , you might go. But please keep snipe huntin’ ITK.

  19. 26

    No might to it. If ya’ll hold up your end of the stick and beat Jaw-Jaw, maybe, just maybe you’ll get your asses back to #1 and give us an even better shot at Glendale. Bwaa Haww Haww! I’ll tell you the honest truth, I’m more worried about LSWho than about Awbie. LSWho is big strong and fast like us and will give our style of offense a hard time. As for Awbie – LSwho, Clemson and that other Cow College held them to an average of 22.5 points. Even our worst offensive performance since UcheaT last year still netted us 21 in an away game. At BDS no way in hell Awbie scores more on us than they did on those three. And no way in hell Awbies defense (and I use that term loosely), holds us to less points than Arky, Gayturds, Ole Piss or Penn St did. RTR!

  20. 27

    Utah jumped you this week in the BCS poll…How is that not a big deal ? Your dang right “might”….What did mighty Utah do to deserve leapfrogging Bama ? Barely squeeking by Air Force…..Well , what about the other tough teams they played on their schedule ? Oh yeah , the only other halfway decent team was Pitt, who they also barely squeeked by….

    So save the “Bama can’t be left out” crap, because as far as I can see, your team getting leapforgged by Utah is a much bigger deal than us getting leapfrogged by Oregon…Also keep in mind that Aubuurn is still #1 in the computer poll, and then #2 in the Harris and coaches polls..We are barely #2…But it really doesn’t matter, becasue if we win then we go…I can’t say the same about your team. If Utah beats TCU or vice versa, then that team stays ahead of Alabama.

    The SEC championship will not springboard whomever wins it to the BCS like in past years as the East is so weak.

  21. 28

    BP, as I pawned you in the other post, us beating #10, #22 and #2 down the stretch doesn’t just leapfrog us past the Utes, it slingshots us.

    Now go back to your dark room fantasies. Doh! Is that your mom coming??

  22. 29

    Dumbnutts, of course they moved past us. At this point in the season the computers aren’t going to put a team with a loss ahead of an undefeated team especially when that team didn’t play. You do realize that the number of games played makes a difference don’t you? But we did move up as opposed to moving down like somebody we know, and are only behind Utah 15 points on a scale of 1500. Duh! Now moron, would you like to look at some facts, or do you just want to stick with Barner logic? To wit: The two humanpolls are always in close harmony to each other – unlike the 6 dumbass seemingly random computer ratings. So this should worry you more than just a little bit. You are ranked #1 in not just one, but all 6 computers which is unusual. You are ranked #2 in both human polls. And yet the two human polls pulled you down to #2 overall. Now we are ranked #15 by the computers and #5 by both human polls, and yet we only moved down overall one spot to #6. Begin to get the picture dumbnuts. The computers are of relatively little importance when the two human polls agree between themselves. Now if we win out and beat 4 ranked teams including maybe #1 or least #2 and redeem our 1 loss against USCjr; you better damn well believe the human polls will put us ahead of as you say non AQ teams who have played nobody. Additionally the phucking computers will move us way the hell up the column too and give us credit for the extra SECCG against what at that time will have to be a 9, 10, or 11th ranked USCjr. So even if we don’t get as high as we deserve with the computers because of the 1 loss – the relative weakness of the computer against the two human polls will not keep us back. Now if you can’t understand all of that – I have an aunt who teaches remedial English and she would love to have you in her class! RTR!

  23. 30

    So, you two are saying that Bama is in a better position to make a run at the BCS than Auburn is ?

    I’m waiting for a coherent answer Crimson ( I know that’s hard for you).

    ITK….I’m not saying that if you don’t win out you wont go…I’ve said in many other posts that I thought exactly that.

    But I believe that you have your chickens counted before they’ve hatched. LSU is a trap game for you guys if ever there was one. I truly do not see Bama scoring over 24 points. LSU will keep it close .

  24. 32

    LSU a trap game? Are you totally out of your phucking mind BP, or do you just make up these things as you go along? Abarn and UcheaT are tied for #1 on our shite list and LSWho is #2. Not only that but our next two games for Christ’s sake are Miss St and Georgia State. Now those are potential trap games. And how do we overlook a one loss enemy who could knock us out of all chances for a national championship and SEC championship and reduce us to looking forward only to kicking your asses like you dumbnuts always masturbate thinking only of whipping us? I know it’s hard for you to fathom BP, but try to listen so I don’t have to say ti twice. Sure you are undefeated and ranked #2,or #1-1/2, whatever. But you have to come to our house and beat us as the dog for you to have any chance to go to Glendale. We on the other hand will be the favorites to win in our house and if we do then off we go. Since we will be favored and you know damn well it would be a monumental task for you to beat us in BDS even if you were favored, then any idiot knows that makes us more likely to go than you. Now you give me a LOGICAL rebuttal if you can. NOT! RTR!

  25. 33
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Goodness! The big bad barn tards are coming out of the woodwork these past few weeks!

    Dear God I pray Gus Malzahn leaves your program THIS YEAR so you all can leave with him. The meltdown that will ensue, once Cheez-it is exposed for the fraud that he is, will be priceless!

    I never knew this many incestuous AUtards even existed until recently! They’re popping up all over Alabama sites.

    I thought Aubarn Men and Women are supposed to support their backwoods program through the thick and the thin?!?!?!?!

    Seriously, the guy who created that prestigious Cow College Creed would be ashamed of some of you Wire Road rats.

  26. 34

    You noticed that too NYC? Most of these Barn Rats were still shittin’ green when Bear was at Bama. They grew up during our scrapes with the NCAA and Barnies Golden Era with Fat Dye and Smurf and Tubby. They never knew what it was like to be Bama’s red headed stepchild. The stupid phuckers actually thought they were our betters. The past 2-1/2 years has been an ice cold shower for ’em. And they didn’t take it too well at all. They’ve been hiding out like a bunch of cockroaches when Orkin comes a callin’. Now they got lucky and hired themselves a criminal QB who accidently turns out to be Superboy, and they come a boilin’ out of their holes in a swarm. Dumbasses forgot that Orkin is still here. It’ll be a mas grave on Black Friday. How fitting. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  27. 35

    BP, LSU is a trap game??

    On the road in Baton Rouge, coming off a bye week, against our biggest competitor in the West year in and year out, in the place that still mourns the loss of Nick Saban, and you call LSU a trap game?

    Come on, man.

    We’ll get 24 on LSU, but I guarantee you they won’t get 17. It will be close for a while, but their offense is atrocious…a testament to how bad your defense is for letting them find the end zone twice.

  28. 36

    I say trap game because it seems to be a foregone conclusion by 99% ( including you ) of your fanbase that Saban will have his third string in by halftime.

    I seriously thin that they are going to score on you guys…Your defense just isn’t that great against physical teams.

  29. 37

    Can you show me where I said that? Didn’t think so.

    I think we will win, pulling away in the fourth. And I expect them to score, but not touchdowns.

  30. 38

    In the Keyster and bloody crimsonturd,
    Keep dreaming. Peterson is not hurt this year like last and will shut down Julio. Fast and furious will have amlot of work to do in getting past an LSU defense who will play a vanilla offense with a poltician liberal QB.

    Worry about your next two games first, then talk to AU when you are 9-1, which I doubt you will be. AU will own you at JH west like normal. You’ d better hope there is no NFL lockout or we will own you again next year.

    First the Heisman, then squash Tatoo and his defense, and then rescue the crystal from all the redneck Mullets at Wal Mart. How you like them apples?

  31. 39

    Sounds good if you can do it moron. But realistically it sounds more like one of my wet dreams fantasies about Lady Ga Ga! RTR!

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