LSU needs improved QB play to beat Alabama

LSU was ready for the bye week. According to the AP, “The off week is coming at a good time,” senior left tackle Joseph Barksdale said. “Every break comes at a good time for your body. I need the off week first to get the loss out of my head. — I hate losing. The whole week has been bad for me because I hate losing.”

But LSU needs to do more than rest. It needs better quarterback play to defeat Alabama. And the team knows it.

“Neither quarterback has stepped up and taken a leadership role with his performance,” Ridley, who is LSU’s leading rusher, said of Jordan Jefferson and Jarrett Lee. “Both are playing hard. It’s hard to be perfect. It’s frustrating, but what can you do.” (read more about the state of LSU in the story below)


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    Ya’ll realize that during our bye week there is a very real chance that we will move up to #4. I give Mich St a 40% chance to win, Missouri 30% and Oregon 50/50. 4Th going into the Auburn game and we’ll be playing for a spot in Glendale. If the barn phucks up against Ole Piss we could be 3rd on Monday. Whether we’re 4th or 3rd won’t matter because after we win the SECCG we will jump either TCU or Boise or both. I will definitly be at Buffalo Wild Wings today watching all 4 of the AQ teams in front of us play. Keep your fingers crossed. Could be a damn good day! RTR!

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    Yeah — the Oregon/USC game will be on my radar BIG time. You got a USC team with NOTHING to lose and would LOVE to knock off the no. 1 AP team in southern California. No doubt this game will have major BCS implications.

    TCU has somewhat of a “tougher” schedule. Look for that ‘possibly’ — and I stress possibly.

    Highly doubt Ole Piss will pull a shocker but Houston Nutt has known to pull one out of his ass to save his job every year. You have to admit Aubarn will be playing SOMEWHAT of a defense on Saturday (hmm…that’ll be only the 2nd time this year!)

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    Everybody keep your fingers crossed. Nebraska and Iowa are in the process of handing us a shot at Glendale!!!!!!!!! RTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Anything else you tards want to say about the Vegas oddsmakers? It would be easier if Oregon loses tonight, but even if they don’t we are now in if we win out. The ‘bean counters’ just might know what they’re talking about. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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    Listen Crimsonlite…we have no shot at the NC. You are the total Tard here…quit being an idiot and exposing your ignorance. I have lived in Bryant hall, I got big red off the other boards. I know everything about football and Jox FM. You are a tiity sucker. I’m an authority on the game and I hate polytechnic, but you look like a moron when you are looking at another NC. Season ended in south cacaklackie bra…over. alabama (not we) you have never attended college there are going to get dominated by that qb down the road. I loathe the guy. Would love to see his papers and what Pat and the boyz did to get him. There’s no way to stop that mofo. Bama D is so much weaker than last year. Step up bra…say it. He scores 4 to 5 TDs on alabama…I’m a fkn man and a prophet. I told you Franchione was on the plane, I told you CNS was ours, I told you ian fitzsimmons was leaving. I’m telling u this…I just bought in 2 weeks ago… but the streak ends in Bryant Denney. Statue needs to be up to win. What is that windows xp over a 56k modem speed. I see packet collisions and a serious need for an upgrade.

  6. 10

    You’re about the dumbest son-of-a-bitch I’ve ever encountered. I don’t give a good goddamn who the hell you’ve been hanging around asshole. I’ll tell you right now the stupid cocksuckers at JOX don’t even have a clue what time the sun’s coming up in the morning. Boy, if that’ s the best reference’s you have you better go back to reading tea leaves. I’m not sitting here tossing phucking snake bones you ignorant dipshit. The cold hard fact is that as of today Alabama will go to Glendale if they win out. And if you’re so goddamn impressed with Pig Newton then just run on over to the seediest villiage of the plains and suck his dick. All you stupid bastards sucking on Barnies arse have a damn short memory of what an SEC defense combined with a good offense can do to chickenshit spread offenses. Oklahoma in ’08 had twice the offense Awbie does and had a descent defense too. Florida held ’em to 14 phucking points. If you’re so goddamn sure Bama sucks then bet your phucking house on Awbie dumbass. RTR!

  7. 11
    crimson hammah

    crimson hammah prophecies:
    2008 – 12-0
    2009 – 26-2(do the math)
    2010 – bcs title – without guarantee of a perfect season….

    who is the Prophet?

    Glory to Jesus Christ

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    Funny how there is mutiny on the Bounty going on around here. Could it be that the crystal will be retired from the Wal Mart circuit and the Heisman will be taken that all the Mullet nation has fear in their eyes. Defense is great but look at Vince Young and USC, what happened there?

    We will own you shortly in JH west and tattoo will be cussing out all of his players. That will be a great nite for Chiznik, classy guy who actually cares about his players as people not objects to rule.

    Peace out and go by Crimsonites house after this post to make sure he hasn’t blown a gasket.

    Blow Tide, losers.

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    Don’t know what your point is Hate. Texas was not the offensive juggernaught against USC in ’05. that would be USC who was purported to have the greatest offensive machine of all time with 2 Heisman winners in the backfield. Texas had a good offense, but their defense was the best in the country. Once again defense won the day stopping Reggie Bush on 3rd and 4th downs. If not for the Texas defense all of Young’s heroics would have been for nothing ’cause Texas would have never gotten the ball back before the end of the game, and today Vince Young would only be an afterthought.

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    Well I don’t know how much Cheeze Butt cares about his players relative to Sabear; but it’s real obvious that Jay Jacobs, Pat Dye and Lowder care a whole hell of a lot. At least enough to among other things donate $200,000 to the Newton’s local church. It will all come out eventually. Be happy that Bama is going to eliminate your asses from the BCSNCG. ‘Cause otherwise you would just eventually have to forfiet. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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    What is precious is how much Alabama is in the head of the LSU players, and more importantly, the staff.

    Jefferson and Lee are what they are. You can’t just add water and come up with a vertical threat QB in two weeks.

    We will confuse their passing game. We will stop the run. We will control the clock. We will pass free up the run. We will win the game by 10+.

    Then we will focus on a one game season, MSU. After that point, we get ready for the Thanksgiving feast.

    Come Black Friday, come!

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