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    I just hope they don’t go overboard with it like they have with facemasks. There is no incidental facemask penalty anymore and that’s just stupid. Many times when leaping to tackle from behind a hand passes over the facemask and the tackler releases as soon as he feels it. But it’s still a 15 yard penalty. Against UcheaT Barron dove for the lower legs of the ballcarrier who had begun to fall. By the time they collided the guy was head to head level. It was a horrible collision helmet to helmet. But it wasn’t intentional or dirty. If this was the Big 12, Barron could be suspended for the LSU game, and that’s just stupid. Football is a collision sport with 300lb monsters running into each other from opposite directions at 25mph. If they keep up with these damn rules they may as well assign a phucking OSHA agent to stand on the sideline at every game. RTR!

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    I totally agree, Crimsonite. Playing defense gets harder every year. I hate that we don’t have incidental facemask anymore, and I absolutely abhor the horse collar rule.

    You have super athletes sprinting around the field at 4.3 speed, and you’re going to tell players to be able to carefully access in a blur where to hit and what to grab. Anything below the head should be game on.

    And while most helmet to helmet hits can be avoided, some can’t. Don’t penalize a team because a hit can’t be carefully placed when an opposing player dips, falls or does something unexpectedly and the helmet headed for one place ends up in another.

    Replay should be used for EVERY part of the game.

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    stop using the helmet as a weapon. it’s that simple.

    my high school coaches taught me to NEVER spear another player with my helmet down.

    the reason???

    they didn’t want to see me parapalegic. they didn’t want to have to tell my parents i’d be confined to a wheelchair the rest of my life.

    “if u cant take the fukin hits dont play the fukin game!”

    yeah, tell that to tyrone prothro, big boy.

    question: would you cheer if an auburn player’s head literally got knocked off on the field after a h2h hit??? if an auburn player literally died on the field???

    i remember the disgust i felt after hearing the florida contingent cheer the sick prothro injury at the game in ’05.

    some folks really believe muhammed ali has parkinsons. i’ve seen punch-drunk before. ali came back too many times. took too many hits. he and many others paid the price.

    is that what we want to see in our beloved game of football???

    do you really want to see the blood???

    “If I could stick my pen in my heart, And spill it all over the stage;
    Would it satisfy ya, would it slide on by ya, Would you think the boy is strange? Ain’t he strange?”

    i know, it’s only…………….

    (but i like it!)

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    prothro didnt get hit genius! u and ur coach are pussies make the hit make the tackle at all costs football is a CONTACT SPORT! shit happens more dumbasses die crossin the street a year that have from contact related hits in football in 20 years lol yall are fukin up football with all this bullshit!fuk all yall mother fukers that say it needs to be regulated

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    Everyone should play the game the way an Auburn man plays it.
    Auburn men never lead with thier helmet. They never jump up afterward and celebrate and they certainly never lead with the helmet toward an opposing players knee. Need proof?


    That was some fancy pants editing if you asked me… Probably a bammur.

    And everybody can plainly see this one is a hoax too.


    No siree.
    Didnt happen.
    But if it did happen it would be because bammur cheats and they are the luckiest team around and the refs always give Bammur the game if it is close.
    Thats all yall need to know.

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    The new helmet design — they are literally battering rams. They sit upon the neck and shoulder muscles in a way that doesn’t jar when you make a helmet contact tackle. They hurt.

    As far as the horse-collar tackle — you can blame T.O. for that when he was with the Eagles. When he was injured late season, then he came back and lost the super bowl against the Patriots — that’s when that was all implemented.

    Take heed on what’s happening in the pro’s because it trickles to the NZAA.

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    (cont.) — and BTW — the officiating is so horrendous this year in the SEC — some get called, most don’t on illegal hits. I’m sticking by my Vega$ theory on penalties which DO affect the outcome of games. That’s for another day.

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