Update on agents and college football

Here is the latest on what the NCAA and NFL are doing to combat the agent problem in college football. According to the story you can read below, “Smith told The Associated Press that the opening round of talks focused almost entirely on categories that need to be discussed. One of those was post-NCAA enforcement, or penalties that could be imposed after the player turns pro, though Smith emphasized formal proposals have been made and none are expected for at least three months.”

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    Walt Williams

    I am not an Agent.
    I just help young men choose the right college to suit their needs for a small fee to cover my expenses.
    I do this “hobby” for purely unselfish purposes.
    I am a F**king philanthropist. Okay?
    I dont need to explain myself to no one. I am an educated man. Really. No REALLY!
    As in the case of Michael Dyer, no money was exchanged (except the money to pay my expenses.)Furthermore Michael Dyer did not recieve any payment in my presence for his commitment to The University of Auburn.
    I also want to clear up some other slanderous rumors.
    1. I was not in Starkeville the day that Cam Newton suddenly changed his mind and decided to play for the University of Auburn. You can ask Cam’s Dad, I was at his house that entire day.
    2. The university of Auburn and Pat Dye did not pay me anything (except my expense money) for the services of Cam Newton.

    I am furthermore happy that I have assisted these fine young men into such a fine tradition rich university as The University of Auburn.
    And while I dont know any of the War Ea….Tiger coaches personally I do share a freindship with Pat Dye and several of the boosters. But it is not a business relationship. And this relationship has not profited me in any way. But they have generously agreed to pay my expense money.
    Now that we have that cleared up.
    I want to wish you all good luck in the future. And I am not an agent but if you need any assistance from me, I am more than glad to help you free of charge. (although it would be helpful if you could pay some of my expenses.

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