Success via the running game

Why has the SEC dominated college football the last few years? The running game.

“Look at the last three national championship teams from the SEC. They all had a physical running game,” Ridley said. “They all had one downhill runner. (LSU) had Jacob Hester, Florida had (quarterback Tim) Tebow, who was like a running back. There was Ingram at Alabama. Now, Auburn has Cam.”

And even Steve Spurrier is getting into the act.

According to the AP, “South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier has long leaned on short, drop back passes, but this year he’s stuffing the line a little bit more and sending Lattimore up the middle.” (read more on the SEC’s ground attack below)


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    blah… blah… blah…
    Less talk about has been coaches and thier puny running games. More talk about the real sensations of the day.
    Cam Newton,
    Micheal Dyer
    Ontario McCanada
    Guz Malzann
    Those are the real stories right now and no body cares about those other forgotten has-beens. ITS AUBURN TIME!!!

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