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    My question is whatever happened to the rumor or purported new NCAA ruling that would have prohibited Bama from using Rammer Jammer without a 15 Yard team penalty? I thought that was in place for this year? But I have never heard or seen any other reference to it since the article that was posted here on Capstone.

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    who cares? let them ring their damn cow bells if a bunch of fans ring their cow bells and it makes u lose a game im pretty sure your ass aint got any damned business coaching football in the SEC. As for the rammer jammer cheer ive only ever heard it chanted AFTER bama has won a game. now how do you propose they are gonna get flagged in a game that is already OVER?

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    i’d like to know who the einstein with the sec was that thought if they allowed state fans in with the cowbells and told them not to ring them while the opposition was on offense and actually thought that would fix anything!

    any sec fan with half a football brain knows you make noise to assist your team. that means when the bad guys are on offense.

    if you allow them to bring cowbells in the stadium and didn’t think it would eventually come to this, well, maybe the sec should send you in a search for one of obama’s “shovel ready” jobs.

    (cowbell not included)

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    Tradition is what it is.
    they shouldnt ban the Cowbells and Colonel Reb should still be at Ole Miss.
    Political correctness is such a BS sandwich.

    Cowbells? RammerJammers? What about that spray painted buzzard they release at the Jordan-Hare-Dye jungle? You know he has taken his fair share of poops on the tobacco chewing, Overall wearing locals of Lee County during games.
    I once overheard a moonshine retarded redneck claim “He would never wash his baseball cap again” after the supposed “Eagle” pooped on it.
    Stop the madness. If Auburn can fly a bird that ugly around (Knowing full well it could turn on someone, Read that OSHA) Lets keep the cowbells. And while we are at it Get rid of the Bear at Ole Miss. That is just ….wrong.

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    TheoreticallY if we did Rammer Jammer after the game the penalty woluld be enforced on the kickoff of the next game. As for the bells, who the hell is complaining anyway? Every team has silent counts folr loud stadiums. It makes audibles more difficult but it also works equally against the home team defense trying to call their formations and adjustments. Beauracratic bullshit is not restricted to the US Goverment.

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