According to Vegas, Bama right on track

Ever been to Las Vegas? I remember my first impressions.

Yes, there’s the usual riff-raff you see in a city that size, attracting people of all shapes, sizes and moral fibers.

But I remember remarking about how immaculate it was. Block after block, building after building, no expense was spared in making it jaw dropping and utterly hard to describe.

How do they do it? How do they build state-of-the-art mini-cities under each roof?

Easy. By being right far more than they aren’t.

When you bet in your establishment of choice in Vegas, you are stepping into a realm that the house controls. Vegas was built by tons of people like you losing. But when it comes to odds-making, that wing of the great city was built on odds makers being right substantially more than they are wrong.

When a line is set, or when odds are put on an event happening in the future, more speculation is put into that decision (sadly) than our Federal Government puts into anything it does.

So, as we walk into a well-needed off week after making mincemeat of the Vols, it’s a good time to assess the season to this point. At Alabama, championships are always the objective…not moral victories or current rankings. So sitting at 7-1, and with four more games remaining on the schedule, where does Vegas place our odds of repeating as the BCS National Champs?

Better than anyone playing the game.

As of today, after the weekend’s action, Las Vegas puts Alabama’s odds at winning the BCS National Championship at 7-2. Didn’t the loss to USCe hurt us? Well, let this answer your question for you: our odds before the season were 9-2.

In order, here are the current odds:

7-2: Bama (currently: 7)
4-1: Oregon (currently: 2)
5-1: Boise State (currently: 3)
6-1: Ohio State (currently: 10)
6-1: Oklahoma (currently: 9)
8-1: TCU (currently: 4)
12-1: Nebraska (currently: 14)
15-1: Auburn (currently: 1)
20-1: LSU (currently: 12)
30-1: Michigan State (currently: 5)

Also, Missouri: 50-1 (currently 6th); Utah: 75-1 (currently: 8th)

So what do odds makers see that the casual fan…or more accurately, more than even the most ardent college football observer…doesn’t?

Vegas sees the big picture, beyond final scores. It sees the road traveled vs. the road ahead. It takes the opinions of the masses, willing to put their money where their mouths are, literally, and factors in every other factor you can imagine in putting a signature beside a prediction.

I’m certainly no Vegas odds maker, but I have to admit, at this point in the season, I have to agree with them. A one loss SEC Champion Alabama goes to Glendale, period. And looking around the SEC, there isn’t another team on the schedule or in Atlanta that can beat the Tide for 60 minutes.

With six weeks left in this college football season, there are plenty of highs and lows ahead. It’s just that the lows, according to Vegas, won’t come in Tuscaloosa.

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  1. 2

    You people have run this “moral victory” thing into the ground so hard its coming out the other end. The funny thing is no one at Auburn ever even uttered the phrase. You people made it up. The Auburn coaches and fans were proud of how the team played against a heavily favored team but that doesn’t mean anyone associated with the program was happy or satisfied. Far from it. I’m sure in some setting you could understand that but your crimson-colored glasses have evidently made objectivity as elusive as getting back to Atlanta will be for Alabama this year.

  2. 3

    Sure WDE, that’s why we’ve heard ad nauseaum for the last year that you led last year’s Iron Bowl for 58 minutes. Term that whatever you want pal…

    And I guess the odds makers in Vegas are wearing crimson-colored glasses too.

    Riiight…now eat your jello, WDE. Eat it all up.

  3. 5

    Dumbass Sclaubach at ESPN said Bama has to hope Mizzou and Mich St lose. What a tard. The Barnies jumped everybody by beating LSU. What does the moron think we are going to do when we beat LSU, Miss St, #1 Awbren and USCjr. Nobody else in the top 15 finishes the season against 4 ranked opponents, and nobody else in the top 15 has the opportunity to beat the #1 team during the final 6 weeks. I don’t care who stays undefeated now. Win out and we are at least #2. However, I see at least 1 loss for Oregon, Mizzou and Mich St. Barnie thinks this is their fantasy year, but what they are actually doing is helping US get to Glendale. Thanks guys. Barnie is going to be giving us pure hell this week. Laugh it up. We’ll have the last laugh. They like to compare score so much. Well here’s one. LSU – Tenn, Bama – Tenn, Auburn – LSU. I cán’t believe LSU let Newton and McCalebb run wild like that and still could have won the game. Our defense is better and faster than LSU’s and our offense is worth at least 14 more. RTR!

  4. 6

    Well, well, well……….What’s going on there ITK ? Everything good with you ? I’m starting to wonder, as this is the FIRST article I’ve ever read concerning Auburn ( in a roundabout way)that you haven’t had some quippy little remark , or a funny little cartoon attached to. Nothing funny to say ? Cat got your tongue ?

    It’s amazing how success shuts people up. Heck, you haven’t had much to say the last few weeks , have you ?

    You said Arkansas would beat us….They didn’t. Then LSU….They didn’t….Now who is it going to be ? Ole Miss ? , Chattanooga ? Goergia ? You’re running out of teams buddy. Oh wait, it’s Bama, right ? Keep telling yourself that…This team is going to rip Alabama a new rectum. And deep down inside , you know it. Post all the Vegas odds you want to. You KNOW Auburn can, and most likely WILL beat Alabama. “Black Friday” is gonna be black alright. Tuscaloosa is going to melt down faster the Chernobyl..

    BTW….A couple of weeks ago , you said something along the lines of “If Auburn beats Arkansas and LSU I will give credit where it’s due.” Also that Auburn would never know what it’s like to be atop the CFB world…..Well , we beat LSU and Arkansas…We are #1 in the BCS…Though the BCS NC is a long way off, we are currently #1….

    It’s comical….Your entire personality has changed. The entire way you write is completely different. You act like a dog that’s had his nuts cut…I guess, that in a way is “giving credit where it’s due”, isn’t it ?

  5. 7

    Ohhh….And little Brandi ( I know your watching ), let’s hear your bogus SOS arguement agian…..Go research it, and get back to me….Well, I know you won’t get back to me, so just go research it.

    Or you can just take my word for it….Auburns SOS is much higher than yours.

  6. 8

    Me met with the elders last night, the ones that have played on the next level…this Auburns turn. I see Crimsonlite trying to explain it away…sad. I despise Fig Newton (aka Laptop) and loathe the flags and tiger tails that have come back after a 2 year hiatus. Auburn is like the Florida Marlins, they hired /recruited a QB that is an ass whooper (like the Prophet), take no prisoners approach. Their season is the equivalent to Alabama’s of 2009. National plus Heisman minus the all americans. We are witnessing history today men…Auburn is number 1. Its no joke. All the jokes about Cheezit are null and void. Little brother has risen! So all these vegas lines and such don’t mean doo doo regarding the NATIONal..Prophet says Bama will not make it East, going West is a pipe dream. I can see clearly the rain is gone. Orion is set, the disposable heros have met the leper messiah with disdain and battery. Back to front…

  7. 9

    bottom line awbarn hasnt won a damn thing! ITS NOT WHERE YOU START ITS NOT WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW ITS WHERE YOU FINISH THAT COUNTS! u awbs apparantly want to skip the last4 games and atlanta and go straight to glendale have that one give to ya and hoist the crystal! why dont yall act like you have been here before?….. wait thats right its because u havent been!

  8. 11
    Alex Hamilton

    Been to Vegas 22 times. In August, I placed my bet on Bama. And I’ll be there in January. Everything is setting up for Bama to win the National Championship.

    And no need to wait for Black Friday for Auburn to crumble. The Dawgs are putting up 40 per game since A.J. Green was reinstated and they average giving up 19 per game. Enjoy that short time in the first slot. But just like a horse race, it’s usually the horse that turns it on at the stretch turn that wins the race. And come the first of December, several REAL horses will sling dirt on Aubie’s face. Bama by 15 points on Black Friday, 21 points in Atlanta vs. Carolina and a walks away with a second consecutive SEC & National Championship.

  9. 13


  10. 14

    Here’s what the facts are ITK (and I know it hurts): Despite your laughable and pathetic reliance upon bean counters in Nevada instead of performance on the field, Bama does not control it’s own destiny any more. You have to pray that FOUR other teams that Bama doesn’t play lose. Why? Because Bama could only manage to put up 36 yds rushing and got spanked by a team that Auburn rushed for over 330 yds on. Auburn?? No need to worry about others when you’re #1.

    You’re in total shock, aren’t you?? This guy is supposed to be Mr. 5-19. He’s supposed to be Cheesedip. This offense is trickery and dipsey-doo, it’s not physical and smash mouthed. There’s no way it could put up 447 yds of rushing against the top ranked defense in the SEC!! There’s no way this guy took over a dismal 5-7 team and has it ranked #1 8 games into his second season!! There’s no way this guy has a qb that’s already picked to win the Heisman by a landlside!! Why is AU on ESPN every time I turn the tv on instead of Bama???!!! This cannot be happening!!!! Quick, somebody get a bean counter from Las Vegas on the phone to tell us it’s all going to be ok!!!

  11. 15

    Really, those odds don’t surprise me. Essentially, Vegas is expecting Alabama to win the Iron Bowl. That doesn’t surprise me. Two fairly evenly matched teams playing at Alabama’s home. UA will probably be favored by 3.5 – 6.5.

  12. 17

    You know…..This sight is prime example of Bama fans across the entire state. They don’t know what to say. They are in a state of T-total shock, and they can’t think logically enough to even communicate how they really feel about it. The only one with enough stones to even show his face is Crimson, and he babbles on like a drunken whino on the street park bench….It is TRULY one of the funniest things I have ever witnessed.


    Chizik sux : Blown up in face.
    Malzahn sux : Blown up in face.
    Cam sux: Blown up in face.
    Dipsey doo offense: Blown up in face.
    Insignifacant : Blown up in face.
    Defense can’t get it done : Blown up in face.
    Chizik will never accomplish what Saban did in year two : Blown up in face.
    Our SOS is harder than yours : Blown up in face.
    Never be nationally relevent : Blown up in face.
    Auburn is dead now because we have Nick Saban : Blown up in face.

    Every arguement, EVERY ONE !!!!!! BLOWN UP IN FACE !!!!!!!!

    We could lose to Ole Miss Saturday…Football is football. But it’s sooooo funny to see the entire Bama nation crawl under the collective rock for a full month. Like roaches when the lights are turned on…

    But I promise , if Auburn loses , ITK , Brandi, and the rest will come crawling back out.

    But I don’t see it happening.

    Come Black Friday Come.

  13. 18

    So hilarious some of you barner’s are. Granted I do give credit for your wins – it’ll be a heart breaker for you guys driving out of Tuscaloosa – guaranteed. Yuk it up now and roll your corner – because the tears will flow (not from happiness) from the orange and blue.

    … And they use the measuring stick against ‘those’ teams.

  14. 19

    DAMAGE’s 2010 predictions:

    “It’ll be a heartbreaker for you guys after the Miss. State game”

    “It’ll be a heartbreaker for you guys after the Clemson game”

    “It’ll be a heartbreaker for you guys after the S.Carolina game”

    “It’ll be a heartbreaker for you guys after the Arkansas game”

    “It’ll be a heartbreaker for you guys after the LSU game”

    Damage, do you ever think it might be a good idea to just sit back and watch and leave the predictions in your pocket?

  15. 20

    Listen you retard — I gave you credit for the wins. I ACKNOWLEDGED AUBARN. Like I stated — yuk it up now like you are — I’m saying, enjoy it right now, it’s good to be an Aubarn Tiger right now — seriously, enjoy it.

    Here is a prediction that is accurate though : I can’t argue with stupidity.

  16. 21

    Gee Damage, that’s very big of you to give Auburn “credit” for the wins rather than trying to argue that AU actually lost those games in a parallel universe. What’s next, you gonna give water “credit” for being wet and fire “credit” for being hot??

  17. 22

    Actually Damage, in all seriousness, I respect you for coming in here and talking smack. 90% of your bretheren who usually run their mouth in here are nowhere to be found.

  18. 24

    Sorry Julia, business is extremely good these days so I’m in constant meetings it seems the last three weeks. I’ll put it this way; I paid off my wife’s car and shortened my mortgage by five years in just two deals the last couple of weeks…as much as I love to talk smack in here, lots bigger fish on my hook here lately.

    Okay, Julia (and BP in response to your retarded rant), here’s what you need to know:

    Chizik sux : He has overachieved but done well. Credit that.

    Malzahn sux : Caught lightning in a bottle with Cam the same way Meyer did with Tebow. But it’s over quickly when he goes pro.

    Cam sux: Never said he sucked; only said I wasn’t buying the hype till I saw it. I buy it now. The guy is incredible.

    Dipsey doo offense: It does suck without Cam. Caudle or anyone else you have and you’re 5-3 tops.

    Insignifacant : That’s not how you spell insignificant.

    Defense can’t get it done : Last Saturday your defense stopped the worst QB combo since John David Phillips/Warren Foust. And only Tennessee and Vandy have worse overall offenses. Let’s throw the brakes on your D’s coming out party, cowboy.

    Chizik will never accomplish what Saban did in year two : Saban went 12-2. Chiznik is 8-0. You can’t spell, but surely you’re not as deficient in math as you are spelling.

    Our SOS is harder than yours : You’re stupid. Swap your homes with your aways and you go 4-4 in the SEC, tops.

    Never be nationally relevent : relevance isn’t a ranking in October, dildo.

    Auburn is dead now because we have Nick Saban : Still to be seen. You’re losing 15 starters to graduation, and more than likely Fairley (because he doesn’t go to class…facty…and Cam because he will win the Heisman (or should) and will be dancing away in the moonlight. Lose in T-town (bank it) and this season was just another flash in the pan. But heck, ya’ll threw parades for 7-5 last year, so I guess you’ll get a tattoo for this one.

    Abarn is still irrelevant until they finish, and historically they’ve proven they have the finishing prowess of a Cialis prescription holder.

    I understand your euphoria, but there’s a team across the state that’s been where you want to go, and is neither impressed nor frightened about meeting the barn on our home field on Black Friday.

    It’ll be another moral win for you though. Call the t-shirt company.

  19. 25

    BP, did I just cut your nuts off or something? Why haven’t you responded? Funny how you were talking big till I came in here and sat you down.

    (See how that works? Neat, huh? You post before the other person does and so therefore you get to talk all big and stuff, making whatever asinine [Goodness, I just short-circuited your brain with that word, BP] claims you want to make.)

    Just come on into the house, November 26th. I’m sure playing in those 55,000 seat opposing stadiums and incredible opposing coaching staffs have gotten you well and ready for what’s waiting for you on Black Friday.

  20. 26

    BP, where are you??

    Did you see in my article that Vegas thinks seven teams ranked behind Abarn (one as high as #14) are more likely to win the ever elusive Crystal football over the Tiggers?

    Where are you, man? Why so quiet? Is reality slapping you around worse than I am right now?

  21. 27

    Julia? BP?

    Didn’t you read where our odds have actually INCREASED since the beginning of the season?

    Doesn’t that mean your also-ran team would be staying home from the big game? Like, for the 119th time in college football’s illustrious history?

    That’s Camtastic!!!

  22. 28

    No, ITK….I was busy coming up with the cure for cancer…Just something I do on the side. Sorry, but you see, I have bigger and better things to do than to respond to a peon such as yourself… Oh, yeah…I also invented the l.e.d lightbulb in my spare time….So, honostly , if you want to compare credentials , you have no chance.

    On to the debate….

    You have proved nothing….NOTHING.

    You have set no one down..

    Your condescending tone does not bother me. It only makes you look like the peckerhead you are.

    And you still look bitter, scared, and honostly……..stupid.

  23. 29

    You can’t spell “honostly” and I’M stupid.

    BP, it’s really hard to do this with a straight face.

    By talking to you all I’m doing is pointing out the village idiot for the rest of the room to enjoy.

  24. 30

    Hey ITK, did you see in articles published by USA Today, Sports Illustrated, The Sporting News, ESPN, The LA Times, The New York Times, CBS Sports, ABC Sports, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports, Rivals, the Tuscaloosa News, the Des Moines Register, the Punxatawney Spirit, the Detroit Free Press, the Austin American Statesman, the Denver Chronicle, etc, that Auburn is ranked #1 in the BCS and that Cam Newton is the runaway favorite for the Heisman Trophy??

    Now tell me again about that whole Vegas thinks bama has a 2 in 7 chance of playing in the BCS Title game again thingy??? Between trying to figure out how Nevada bean counters crunch figures and trying to remember who all bama is praying will lose it gets real confusing. Luckily, I’m not in your predicament. All I have to do is keep watching my team win.

    Come Black Friday, come…..

  25. 31

    BPI, isn’t amazing that ITK got so busy on the exact same day that South Carolina spanked bama and AU jumped ahead of bama in the polls?? Quite a coincedence, huh? It’ll be even more amazing how much free time he will instantly have on his hands if Auburn loses.

  26. 32

    I know he’s frustrated when he points out my spelling and grammar.

    Brandi also had a really good alibi ( go ahead ITK ) as well…HE has been out doing charity work with his band…And did not have time for this petty rivalry, that is now suddenly beneath him immediately after the SCAR game.

    Like I said earlier…I can’t express the amusement I’ve gotten from these guys lately…..You can’t make this crap up.

  27. 33

    Where you’re ranked today is extremely important.

    Oh wait, no it’s not.

    Black Friday will tell the tale. You will never recover from the fury I will lay on you that day, Julia.

    This will be the most satisfying Iron Bowls in my lifetime. Please give me your phone number so I can hear you cry in person.

  28. 34

    The AU theme for 2010, the Whitney Houston classic:

    “Didn’t we almost have it all…”

    Cam deserves the Heisman, hands down. But AU will watch Bama play for all the marbles, again.

    Just 32 days left…

    Come Black Friday, come…

  29. 35

    By the way, you misspelled coincidence, Julia. Have you been sleeping with BP? You’re apparently getting whatever he has.

  30. 36

    ITK…you are a nerd.

    And , not only a nerd..An incorrect nerd to boot…

    Where a team is ranked is EXTREMELY important..See Auburn 2004…

  31. 37

    Where a team is ranked today is not important??? Really?? Well, let’s examine that. At #7 today, here’s what Bama has to do:

    (1)hope that no less than 4 teams it doesn’t even play this year lose; and

    (2)actually pull for Lane Kiffin to win a game; and

    (2)focus on really important issues like Guido the bean counter declaring that bama has a 2 in 7 chance of playing in the BCS title game all the while trying to ignore trivial matters such as on the field performance.

    Of course, if Bama wins out, which they probably will, they’ll go to Glendale. I just hope road trips to Starkville, Lexington and Oxford get us ready for what’s coming our way in 32 days.

  32. 38

    ITK’s favorite song : The homo-cult-classic duo of George Michael and Elton John’s “The Sun Going Down On Me ” …

    The similarities are many….

    ITK is gay…at least I hope he is for my sake.
    And the sun is going down on Alabama…at least I hope it is.

    Here’s crossin’ my fingers!

  33. 40

    By the way Julia, all Alabama has to do is win out and not worry about anybody else. We are that good.

    And regardless of how many pages of your Thesaurus you thumb through right now to find “just the right word!”, nothing will change the fact that Abarn will lose on November 26th.

    I know this is crazy, but I’m going to go with the oddsmakers. After years of trying, I think they’ve FINALLY got that game forecasting thing down pat out there.

    And Julia? Deep down, you are scared s***less about the prospect of coming into Bryant-Denny Stadium undefeated and leaving 11-1.

    “What a day, that will be, when Julia’s sad face we shall see…”

  34. 41

    d%$! breath? Wow; haven’t had that since that time BPI spent the night. You wouldn’t be getting just a little cranky there, are you ITK?? Looks like this stuff might be gettin’ to ya. I know me and BPI would like to (wink, wink).

    errrr, no ITK. Bama will not make the BCS title game by simply winning out. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s what Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports and the lone voice in the country who feels this way had to say about it:

    “Bama, though, has gone from controlling its own destiny in 2009 to having embarked on its Rehabilitation Tour 2010. The highest-ranked one-loss team left must win and hope from here on in.”

    Call me crazy, but I’m going with a nationally recognized respected journalist over ITK. (and BTW, Dodd spoke very highly of The University of Alabama in the article.) Let me know what the final score is on the Oregon-USC game. I’ll be in bed with BPI when the game’s over.

  35. 42

    Neat-o! I KNEW there was an analyst somewhere out there who thinks a one loss SEC team wouldn’t make it in over the smaller contenders around the country. I just couldn’t find him.

    Thanks for the info!

  36. 43

    So auburn has been escaping all year long. They have about 2 quality wins and the rest are against the most mediocre of teams in the nation.
    OOOh yeah. Big Arky win, while while giving away a bucket load of points.
    And oh yeas huge blowout victory against LSU. Actually if anyone with a pulse was coaching LSU they would have stomped auburn.
    But by all means please keep winning until the IB. with your help Bama will make it back to the BCS game.

  37. 45

    Las Vegas was built on taking advantage of hicks and rubes who were gullible enough to believe anything.
    Think Lee County and you will know the sort.

  38. 46

    TMC, what have you people bee saying since last November? It’s the final score that matters. Don’t tell me that you’re changing it now to reflect your f-ed up biases. And when you have players like Cam Newton, Nick Fairley, Mike Dyer, Josh Bynes, and Auburn’s entire offensive line, it isn’t luck.

  39. 47
    S Robinson

    A lot of people think that you are terrible at predicting football, just because you pick Auburn to lose every week, and are therefore wrong every week.

    Most analysts start by looking at facts, and from those try to determine what will happen. You start with the conclusion that you intend to state, and look only for facts that support that conclusion.

    It leads to being wrong most of the time (or all in this case). If you want to transition from being a fan to being a professional, you’re going to have to learn to be objective.

    If anything, your article is going to help Vegas take some easy and safe money from Bama fans.

  40. 48

    Geez ITK, what’s the big idea? I never come on here at night, but now am totally consumed with this website. This is Camtastic!

  41. 49

    Julio, we’re glad you’re here, whatever time you come. We’re glad your addiction to all things Alabama continues.

    S Robinson, I’m completely certain that Las Vegas bases much if not all of what they do on I thought I was alone in that theory, but am pleasantly surprised to learn that I’m not. Thank you my friend.

    WDE, I’ll tell you straight up right now, Abarn doesn’t and Cam’t beat Alabama in Bryant-Denny. Isn’t going to happen.

  42. 50
    S. Robinson

    I wasn’t saying that you affected the odds set by Las Vegas. I was saying that your article might convince some Bama fans to take a very bad bet. However, you are very welcome.

  43. 51

    Julia if you would just shutup for a minute then you wouldn’t sound so constantly stupid. Nobody else needs to lose even though several will. The three important ones already lost. Nebraska, Choklahoma and Ohio St. We couldn’t have jumped them. Win out and we remove Awbren and jump Boise, TCU, Missouri and Mich St. Our 4 ranked teams out of the last 5 games will see to that. Hell, we’re right on Missouri and Mich St’s ass already. Even if neither of them lose, Mich St only has ranked Iowa left and no championship game. Missouri has only ranked Nebraska left to play and if they win out they will not beat Choklahoma again in the Big 12 championship. Then there’s Oregon who we don’t need to jump. They can move to #1, no big deal. However, they also only play one more ranked team – Arizona. But their road is dangerous with Arizona, Cal, Washington, Oregon St. and USCsr left on their schedule. Point is, we win, we go and Boise and TCU play again in the Fiesta Bowl. And that’s why Vegas has us favored – because of that scenario and because we will be heavy favorites in all of our remaining games if we keep winning. Their ‘bean counters’ aren’t stupid. And they aren’t counting beans (mucho dinero $). Now back to the dumbarse Barnies. These people are beyond help. They get ranked #1 for the first time in 50 years barely halfway through the season and they act like they already won the Crystal Football. Dumbasses, take a look at what’s happened to the last three #1 ranked teams over the past 2.5 weeks! And all three of them have better defense’s than Awbren. Also Awbren has yet to play their toughest opponent of the year, who is one whole hell of a lot better than Texas, Wisconsin and Missouri who beat those three teams. You idiots have no idea what you’re getting into. We had one bad game, but we are still the team that was being called invincible just three weeks ago. While you are playing way over your heads and winning against all odds with the worst defense any unbeaten team in history has ever had. And even you dumbnutts know that defense wins championships. I feel sorry for you. You dweebs have let a little early season magic turn you into the biggest bunch of dreamers since Jules Vern. Know why I feel sorry for you? Because you’re scared to death! Three weeks ago you were watching your team nearly lose to Miss St, Clemson and USCjr and you were praying to God for a miracle. Now, by some phucking miracle you are ranked #1. It suddenly got real! Now you have something to lose. Something that will completely rip your hearts out if you lose it and compound it 100 times worse when Bama does the ripping. And that scare’s the ever loving shite out of every one of you. You can come on here spouting all the bravado you want – but secretly in your heart you’re scared shitless. You are cursing luck that you still have to play Bama. You wish to God that you didn’t. All that false bravado can’t erase the fact that deep inside you know damn well you have to play the best most talented team in the country in their own back yard. And it is a team who will know that by winning beating your arse they will be virtually guaranteed a trip to Glendale. Dis us all you want, tards, but you know the truth. And you know it will take more than just a superhuman effort on your part similar to last year. It will take lots of mistakes on Bama’s part and very friendly officials too. So don’t be stupid and count your eaglettes before they’re hatched. Oh by the way, I don’t expect you to follow Ohio St and Choklahoma’s suit and lose to Ole Miss this week. Enjoy a few weeks at #1 and feel what we’ve been feeling for a 100 years. Stay at #1 till the 3rd week of November – Please! Oh, and thank you very much for helping us get to Glendale. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  44. 52

    Crimsonite, incredible analysis buddy. There’s no way Julia got past the word “if”, but you pretty much laid it down.

    Now here’s where Julia hides behind his fantasy online persona and insults you or accuses me of changing his post. Pathetic.

    But you’re dead on, Crimsonite. She and those of her ilk will never have the guts to admit it, but it scares them to death at the thought of carrying #1 into Bryant-Denny and leaving with nothing…not even a chance to play for the conference title.

    It would hurt us if they lose between now and then, but if we enter with one loss and they’re undefeated…the beating we give them for #3 in a row will propel us to Glendale with even a modest showing in Atlanta. Life is good right now, Crimson. The pressure is off and the aubies sweat while desperately trying not to look it.

  45. 53

    Yeah, I know what they’ll say. I could almost write their post’s for them. They’re fanatical just like us. The only difference is lack of tradition and stupidity. It gets so tiring talking to a box of rocks. RTR!

  46. 59

    BP, did you basically just say “I know you are but what am I?”

    And do please keep up your ridiculous accusations. We’re all amused.

  47. 60

    BPI, ITK’s very bitter right now. He’s resorting to vulgar and obscene insults when responding to points we make that sting him, which he’s never done. He started changing my posts after bama got spanked by SCarolina and got jumped by Auburn in the polls, which he’s also never done (you know, about the exact same time he suddenly got really busy at work.) It’s very clear that he can dish it out but he’s not man enough to take it.

    Don’t worry, he’ll change this post very shortly also and replace it with some vulgar homoerotic reference that he is disturbingly obsessed with. The funny thing is he doesn’t even realize that he’s screaming to the rafters that our posts are pi$$ing him off when he changes them.

  48. 61

    Oh that’s right. My fault. I forgot To write my post using descriptive English for pre-schoolers. Only BP and his soul mate Julietta could turn my words on me. You’re right ITK, BP can’t even spell ‘honestly’, but he did a nice job with ‘condescending’. What’s up wid dat? Just for the record though it would be the Barnies lack of tradition and their indisputable stupidity which seperates our fanatics from them. By the way, speaking of idiots. I wonder whatever happened to Omnipresent? Didn’t he have some kind of serious health problem or something? Hope he just disappeard because of our Crystal trophy and not because he went to live with Casper. RTR!

  49. 62

    Crimson…In a screwed up kind of way, I repsect your opinion…though it’s wrong most of the time…I still respect it. You put it out there and let the chips fall where thay may…

    ITK on the other hand…I used to respect.. Changing a post because it’s your last resort is wrong…I friggin changed my sig name for a full year and never bitched one time about it. Never quit debating, never backed down.

    For those interested it was post #38…

    What a dooshbag.

  50. 63

    BPI, here’s the difference. We’re men. We were here bright and early Monday morning after the 36-0 disaster, still debating and taking our medicine. We were here bright and early after the heartbreaker in the Iron Bowl last year, still debating and taking our medicine. ITK is a pansy. He picks up his toys and goes home the second AU has some success at the same time bama slips a little and starts changing posts rather than debating. Despite my sometimes heated feud with ITK, I’ve always respected him for his ability to debate. He obviously loses that ability when things aren’t going his way.

    Read this quick BPI, because he’ll change it within the hour. What a pansy.

  51. 64

    Chris, I’m no pansy. I’m just having fun with ya. I still don’t know what you’re talking about changing posts, but then again when delusion takes over logic makes a quick exit.

    Still, I’m glad you’re here, as are our advertisers. Which pays for the lunch I’m about to eat. Gracias!

    Oh, and you still will never witness Auburn doing what Alabama did last January. Gotta eat…

  52. 65

    BP, I’m putting it on my calendar RIGHT NOW to care about losing your respect.

    The debates in here have become so trivial and stupid it really isn’t worth anyone’s time. That’s not attributed to Abarn’s “success”.

    Let me define your success like this:

    Often times my kids will decide they want to race in the back yard. One will say “On your mark, get set, GO!” when the other one isn’t ready, and will begin the race at that moment when in fairness the other didn’t get a fair shot. Still, in that solitary, single moment, they come in first.

    Well, coming in first at the end of October has never won anyone a Crystal football, but I realize, as do the rest of us, that’s all Abarn can really hold on to, historically.

    So, I yield the floor to you for your shining moment, at least until you fail in month of November as you have so many times before.

    I don’t hate Abarn. I just laugh at them, because you will never, ever be the best.


    Come on into the house November 26th. If you think I’ve been obnoxious to this point, you ain’t seen nothing like what you’ll see November 27th.

  53. 66

    I’m a huge Bama fan and realistically, I hate to say this, but Auburn does deseve their #1 ranking. They just put 400+ yards on a very good rush defense in LSU. I think we (as Bama fans) are underestimating how good Cam Newton truly is. He’s a load to bring down.

    Hopefully, both Bama and awbun will win out until they get to Tuscaloosa. This will be awbun’s first true test on the road. They’re playing 8 friggin home games and not one tough road game. Don’t really understand how that happened, but it did.

    So, here we are, awbun is #1. Question is can they handle the pressure of being on top this week. We’ll soon see. RTR !!!

  54. 67

    Honestly, after reading some of these awbun fan posts, I’m just amazed that ya’ll actually think you’ve had a tougher schedule than Alabama? What?

    Bama so far (away from home) has played @Arkansas, @SC, @Tenn and has @LSU coming up.

    awbun (at home) has beaten Clemson, Arkansas and SC and LSU. Road games so far @UK and @Miss St. You beat UK 37-34 !!! Are you kidding me? 8 home games? How did that happen? What a joke.

    awbun’s only tough road game is Nov 26 at Alabama. awbun is #1 but, serisouly, do ya’ll think they’ve truly been tested all season long?

  55. 69

    KTD, I’m certainly not underestimating Cam Newton.

    I heard he skipped class today (again) to perform an open heart surgery on a baby calf. It seems he wants it for the petting zoo he’s opening up right next to the daycare he wants to open.

    All kidding aside, Cam’s a phenomenal talent, but Abarn’s schedule has been a cakewalk to get them to 8-0. I still contend they won’t be ready when they come on into the house on Black Friday.

  56. 70

    I’ll tell you what there ITK…You just say the word and I will not come back.

    Or, just change aonther of my posts, and then I won’t come back.

    Either way is fine with me.
    It’s just comical that all your bitterness and sudden anger with all things Auburn come in a year that we are ranked #1 and your predicted BCS championship is no longer a reality.

    You act like a lot of this back and forth bile spewage is not by your own design. We all know it is. You write a lot of anti-AU columns, you get a lot of responses.

    You are a big ol’ vagina ITK…A puss. You can’t take it . But you can dang sure dish it out.

    So, in short……..Blow it out your butt.

  57. 71

    BP, let’s put the brakes on for a second. You, like me and Julio, easily get caught up in the whirlwind of our passion for college football. If you’re like me, I predict you’ve said and done things in the past you’ve regretted as a result of your passion.

    But one day we’re both going to pass from this life into the next, where college football doesn’t mean a hill of beans.

    So, with that said, let’s call a temporary truce on the anger. True, I can dish it out, but I can also take it when the time comes that I’m defeated.

    Right now I’m not. In truth, if Alabama, the defending National Champion goes through November and beats LSU, MSU and Abarn, all ranked in the top 25, then takes another ranked opponent down in Atlanta, we’ll be in Glendale. Period.

    I know you’re mad, but that’s just facts.

    Now, Abarn can do the same thing, and if they do so, deserve to be there.

    I’m just contending that they won’t. Not saying they’re not a good team, but there are a lot of variables that come into play when you’re wearing the target on your back week in and out, and Abarn hasn’t proven (yet) that they can take it.

    Alabama, it’s coaching staff and the members of this team that were there in ’09 have proven they can, and until Abarn wins out and Bama crumbles down the stretch, I will continue believing what the odds makers in Las Vegas believe…

    That Alabama, still, though they are currently #7 and Abarn is #1, is the odds on favorite to get to Glendale and compete for another Crystal football.

    That’s not me being a jerk. That’s just black-and-white facts on paper.

    I don’t hate you dude, and I know you’re emotional right now, but I wouldn’t want you to go away. I need someone to rag on November 27th.

    But as you’ve desperately campaigned for since I’ve known you, if Abarn does what I believe Alabama is still going to do, they will get my props.

    And then a flock of pigs will fly over my house. 🙂

  58. 72

    Is posting my first name some kind of veiled threat? Maybe I should go ahead and leave before you get your feelings hurt so much that you post my home address and ss#. I’m with BPI. You want to be a puss and do sissy little crap like posting people’s personal info or changing their posts when you get flustered, there are plenty of other blogs I can go to and stir up the pot. Just say the word and you’ll never hear from me again.

  59. 73

    Fact is , you crossed the line….And then pretend to be the voice of reason ???? Believe it when I say, I am not emotional…I’m just not going to take that kind of crap from anyone. Especially not on a message board.

    I wholeheartedly agree that there are far more important things than a football game. I do this for entertainement, and when it ceases to be entertaining ( and its been real close to that lately ) I will not come around…

    Here are the facts. Auburn is #1 in the BCS ( the only poll that matters ) and Alabama is 7th, yet you somehow spin that into an advantage for Alabama.
    The next thing you know you will be saying that the loss to USC was a “good” thing.

    This years version of Bama is not last years.

    Your team has GLARING weaknesses on the offensive and defensvive fronts….Our team does not ( though our secondary stinks) . And that will be what makes the difference in the Iron Bowl. Heck, If UT didn’t run out of horses in depth, McElnerds Jersey would have looked like he played for Tulane instead of Alabama.

    Bottom line is this …You are the moderator of this board…Freekin act like it.

  60. 74

    Im not sure where you get the idea auburn has a weak schedule. Right now AU’s SOS is 29th while Ua’s is 41. Going by that AU has a harder schedule than bama. Maybe AU’s goes done a little bit and bama’s goes up but not enough to make the argument that bama’s schedule is way tougher than AU’s. Don’t let something as silly as facts get i’n the way of your argument though. Also, I truly hope none of you are scared of another football team considering the fact that none of you step on the field. You could be worried or sweating another team, but Honestly it seems like ITK is sweating(worried) AU more than anyone since all he does is dog AU. If you weren’t worried you wouldn’t even waste your time talking about an inferior team. The fact that you constantly downplay what they’ve done shows that you are very concerned. That’s simple psychology 101

  61. 75

    I had to look back to see what you were talking about. Total mistake. I was talking with someone by that name on facebook at the same time.

    So your real name is Chris? Interesting.

    But I’m a pansy, remember? What possible threat could I pose if it weren’t a mistake?

    This is a free blog and you’re welcome to come and go as you please. But judging your intensity, veracity and combativeness lately, I think it’d be healthy for you to step away from the debate for a while. This blog would survive without you until you’re able to come back.

    Like I told BP, there are bigger things in life than college football. Sometimes we need to take a step back and get a good view of the forest. That goes for me too, but dude you’re consumed with a debate that has no winner. Pop a top and chill.

    Believe me, I’d love to never hear from you again. But we both know that would never happen. Especially if Black Friday turns orange and blue.

    But then again, we both know that isn’t going to happen either. 🙂

  62. 76

    Dozier, you’re right. I am absolutely terrified of playing Abarn in our house on November 26th.

    BP, call it what you will, but you get extremely personal in here. Don’t throw stones and not expect some back.

    To say Abarn doesn’t have glaring weaknesses is ridiculous. Your secondary is that glaring weakness. Did you see what Julio (the real one) did to UT’s secondary with a broken hand? And I almost hope AU continues its streak of QB cheap shots so that McCarron can light you up for 300 yards like Arky’s backup did.

    You’re toast, dude. Saban, the architect of the only scheme to ever completely shut down Tebow, has likely already schemed for the game, and knows exactly how to slow down Camputer.

    And waking up 11-1 the next day will never hurt as bad as it will for you on Nov. 27.

    But there are plenty of other bowl games to look forward to.

  63. 77

    Those rankings hav been adjusted. To start the year AU SOS was 22nd and bama’s was 12th. But after being adjusted AU’s SOS is 29th and UA’s is 41st. I actually think both of their schedules are tougher than that but those are the #’s we have to go by. So the argument that AU has a weak SOS is exactly that, weak. AU may lose 3 more games this season and they may win 4. None of us know what will happen but as an AU fan I’m extremely happy where we are and proud of what we’ve accomplished so far. The season is far from over but it sure is nice knowing that we control our own fate. And I for one am glad that the iron bowl is getting back to a point where the winner represents the west in the sec championship. It makes that game even more exciting(if that’s possible) than it already is and that’s good for both programs. I can’t wait to be sitting i’n Bryant Denny for iron bowl regardless of outcome. If we lose so be it but it shows that chizik was the right hire and has this program headed in the right direction. And also shows that the future is bright for the team down on the plains.

  64. 78

    Dozier I’m with you on one account; Chiznik has exceeded everyone’s expectations, and it all starts and stops with the recruitment of Camputer.

    Now I know there is mass speculation that his commitment is directly tied to a sizable donation exceeding $200,000 to his church in Atlanta, of which no one can account for where the funds went today.

    But regardless of how much he was paid, the dude is a freak. They don’t come along like him very often.

    As for if things are bright, that’s debatable. Losing 15 starters plus Fairley and in all likelihood Camputer, that’s going to be hard to recover from.

    The question is can AU take the graduation/attrition hit Bama did from ’09 and do what Bama has done so far in ’10?

    One thing about the rankings, I stand somewhere in the middle on the before/after the season SOS thing. Beating a team contributes to their downfall, and when you lose to the bell cow on your schedule (which Alabama is for all 12 teams it plays this and most seasons), the letdown often snowballs.

    Still, it’s an interesting debate.

  65. 79

    ITK I didn’t say that but it seems that you are a little worried since you spend a good amount of your time downplaying what AU’s done. Also, would you care to explain how AU has a weak SOS since it is rAnked higher than bama’s. And please find a better argument than AU has more home games because you didn’t use that excuse when Bama had a majority of their tough sec games at home last year. Bit I guess we should be punished for having more home games during the even years while bama has them during the odd.

  66. 81

    Brother, no one’s saying AU should be punished for playing at home. But face the music: It’s harder to win on the road than it is at home. It just is.

    But our road games were blowouts. You’re beating Kentucky on a last second field goal. AU has overachieved this year and are on an incredible run, but they’re a house of cards ready to fall at any time.

    *14 freebies catapulted you over Arky
    *A dropped game winner got you by Clemson
    *A dropped clutch late catch won over MSU
    *A FG as time expired beat Kentucky
    *LSU’s 3rd worst offense in the SEC almost was enough

    AU reminds me of us in 2005. Flying high, barely getting by, then we hit a wall. I don’t mean to upset you, but I’m welcome to my opinion, and this one, according to Vegas, is spot on.

    That’s not to say your achievements for this year aren’t Camtastic. They just won’t earn you any crystal.

  67. 82

    Bit it is kinda weak to accuse AU of buying a player instead of giving credit where credits due. I have not heard anything about the $200,000 donation and I’m pretty sure I would have if it had any validity. But I can make the same accusation. Watch, mark Ingram would have gone to mich st if Nama hadn’t made a $200,00 donation to hos church. See how that works, all you have to do is insert a name. You said it was an interesting debate which I agree with so how about we debate it instead of making baseless accusations. You really Hurt your credibility when you do that. Not sure how important that is to you but I’d hope it’d be one ofthe most important things you consider when writing an article. Without your credibility you don’t have much. I do find it hard to believe that any team pays a player $200,000though. I also find it hard to believe that Bama paid means $200,000. But if AU did, and if you know I’m sure NCAA knows, I doubt the NCAA just let’s that go. But i have a feeling that it’s just not true and was made up by a fan of an opposing team who is jealous of AU’s success.

  68. 83

    Dozier, the difference between your story and the one I referenced is, you just made yours up.

    The “church contribution” story has been out there ever since Camputer switched from following Dan Mullen (who originally recruited him) to Abarn.

    The NCAA isn’t an army, and sometimes it takes years (a.k.a. Reggie Bush) for them to uncover what’s really taken place in a situation. More times than not, however, they do.

  69. 84

    Sure ITK, you weren’t aware of my first name from my direct email correspondence with cappy. Riiiiggghhhhttt. Is that what you’re trying to convince everyone of?? It’s priceless that you get so hot and bothered that you resort to vulgar obscenities, changing posts that fluster you, go so classless as threatening to disclose people’s personal info, and then try to act like you’re the voice of reason. For a guy who played college football, you sure do act like a punk.

    You are right about one thing: Your road games have been blowouts. That South Carolina game was down right humiliating.

  70. 85

    ITK…Rarely , do I ever get personal…You are mistaken. I rarely ever call names. Rarely ever even talk about anything other than football, and football fans.

    You , on the other hand do…Especially lately. Coincidence, I think not.

    UT is probably the worst team in the SEC..Remind me what Julio did against the better teams (Arky, SCAR ) Not much.

    Auburn is not Tennessee.

    Our glaring weekness is improving. As is the rest of the team. Yes, I was the one that pointed out our secondary’s lack of play, well , me and the rest of the country.

    But you did not respond to your teams weakness. The interior line of the offense and defense….McElnerds jersey was freeking GREEN Sat. night. Green…

    It took Saban an entire half to finally figure out what to do agianst an AWFUl team..

  71. 86

    Miss st was auburns chief competitor i’n the recruitment of cam. Call me crazy but Ifind it hard to believe we had to pay cam$200,000 to keep him from going to miss st.

  72. 87

    Julia, now you’re trying to implicate Cappy? I can assure you, that never happened. Can’t wait to hear your 9/11 conspiracy theories now.

    Look, I told you what happened, and had you not doo-doo’d in your pants over it I would’ve never known what your name was.

    This is how delusional you are. If “Chris” is personal info that I’ve divulged about you, I expect it’ll just take a wanting internet criminal a lifetime to narrow you down among the millions in the world who share that generic first name with you.

    As for the “blowouts” thing, I was talking with Dozier comparing our road games in ’09 with AU’s this year. Thanks for walking into that one half-cocked. (Oops; was that a vulgar obscenity too?)

    BP, “weekness” isn’t a word…back to the basics with you. But measuring your sorry secondary against the worst QB’s in the SEC last Saturday is pretty weak…excuse me, “week”…in and of itself. I keep checking the list of candidates for the Johnny Unitas award, but keep missing the names Jarrett Lee and Jordan Jefferson.

    Dozier…okay, you’re crazy.

    Finally, back to you Julia. It hurts me deeply that you called me a punk. All I’m doing is slapping three Aubies around at once, like Bruce Lee in a ninja movie. If that makes me a punk…well, judging my your moral indignation, outrage and, well, fear…I’ll wear that distinction from you like a badge of honor.

    Shouldn’t you be outside waiting for Abarn’s momentary “We’re Number One” parade to pass by?

  73. 88

    oh look BPI, ITK just awarded himself another victory over us. Now he’s even imagining himself as a Bruce Lee ninja. How precious. You go ITK, you kung-fu fighter!

    I didn’t realize that you thought divulging the first name of one of your readers was such a minor thing. That being the case, what’s your name?

  74. 91

    ITK, when did how many pts you win a game by start to matter. I was always taught a wins a win and all that mattered was the final score. Your right, we have been lucky this year and have had some things go our way. Kind of like the blocked fg against ut, and the interception against lsu last year. But show me a team that’s gone undefeatedthat hasn’t had a few breaks go their way. Also, if AU’s schedule is so weak why did the win this wknd catapult us to #1 i’n the bcs. That’s directly tied into SOS. I know your hatred for AU blinds you and the fact that they’re enjoying some success eats you alive but your starting to act a little ridiculous. But maybe your doing this on purpose to get more traffic to your site. Either way it’s pretty funny to see you lose it.

  75. 92

    One last thing about SOS. If AU’s schedule is weak what does that say about bama’s. Who does bama play that makes ya’lls schedule tougher. We all know it’s not Penn st, Florida( 3 straight losses, worst team i’n years) UT(Terrible), duke(one of bama’s extremely challenging road games), south Carolina(whoops, you lost that one, doesn’t count then), and San Jose st. And to say you stand i’n the middle Of before/after SOS Thing makes no sense. Your basically sAying you trust a SOS ranking b4 a team plays their games and shows what they’re made of instead of after they’ve played the games and everyone can see how good they are. You don’t by chance feel this way bc it helps your argument. No, not you?

  76. 93

    Dozier, we’ve beaten three ranked teams at the time we played them and lost to a fourth. AU has only played three ranked teams at the time they met, but all at home. The difference is, AU hasn’t played anybody of value away from home.

    If you can’t understand the difference in difficulty between playing big games at home and playing them on the road, I really can’t communicate with you anymore.

    Head on over the and find something to do.

  77. 94
    Alex Hamilton

    So the aubs are shocked at the $200k rumor? That’s hilarious.

    Why “rent the mule” when you can sell the mule, to paraphrase Newton, Sr. The thing is that the Barn has really honed the cheating skills to a new level. Everyone knows that Newton was a lock for MSU and then all of the sudden the abrupt committment to AU.

    The thing is that eventually someone will get greedy at the church, as did Lang and a Pastor, er, Milton Kirk will blow the whistle on all of it.

    Auburn has been buying players for years. They just know how to do it rather well. Congrats.

  78. 95
    Alex Hamilton

    And I thought that ITK’s first name was “God”, sorta like God Shamgod.

    Cause I got a buddy that lives near Julia’ Mom and he swears she screams “oh God” when ITK goes over there.

    Of course, you can’t believe rumors, that’s against the Auburn Creed.

  79. 96

    Get it streight.
    Auburn’s stregnth of schedule looks like Boise State.
    Everything was designed to get Carl Chism and co. into a bowl game. Thats all. Hopefully it will be another one of those creampuff competition bowls like auburn ALMOST lost last year.
    Trooper Taylor looks like an aging thug wannabe. he does. He looks plain silly standing on the Auburn sideline. (As do most of the poeple over there). But Trooper looks like a real dumbass. Do something about it. the man is an embarrassment to the SEC.

  80. 99

    ITK to quote YOU “It’s not where you start but where you finish”. Florida and Penn St. are no longer ranked, and therefore, do not count as a “ranked team” in a SOS ranking. Nice try , but a fail non the less.

    Dozier….These people do not understand facts and stuff…To quote the inbred toothless bammer on Finebaum yesterday when Paul asked him to give some “facts” as to why he thought Bama would go to Glendale…..His “fact” was “Cause we’re Bama”….That is what you’re dealing with.

    And Alex….You are a lowlife foul mouth bum.

  81. 100

    Wow alex. Now you’re going with the “sex with mothers” route. There really isn’t a gutter or cesspool that your shame will prevent from diving straight into is there?? Coach Bryant would be so proud of such a fine representative of the capstone.

    See, the funny thing is that you actually think something like that bothers me and it doesn’t. You may know my first name, but you don’t know me or my family. Here’s what I bet I know about you, though. You’re a small town solo lawyer. You have a reputation for being kinda seedy and heavy drinking. All the other lawyers in town think you’re a joke, and they know they can easily get you to lose your temper in court and blow whatever case you’re working on. You’ve been reprimanded by the bar a couple of times after former clients filed complaints against you. You’ve never been successful at working up a case yourself, because you really don’t have the ability or inclination to do so. Instead, you run cases down and send them to competent lawyers and take a referral fee. You get a big referral fee in occassionally, and immediately run and blow it on a trip to Vegas or a drinking binge. You’re broke again a few months later, so you go back and run more cases and do it all over again.

    Roll tide, you classless punk.

  82. 101

    By the way ITK, here’s a snippet from an article written by another guy who says Bama has to hope others lose in order to get to Glendale. Some idiot named Tony Barnhart, and he’s quoting some clueless guy named Jerry Palm (like this Palm guy is supposed to be some kind of expert on the BCS rankings or something. Whatever, right?):

    “5. Okay, so a 12-1 Alabama can jump over an undefeated Boise or TCU. Could a 12-1 Alabama jump over an undefeated Michigan State or an undefeated Missouri into the BCS championship game?

    Okay, now you’re getting greedy. The answer is probably not. According to Jerry Palm of, a one-loss team from one of the six original BCS conferences has never jumped over an undefeated team from another BCS conference to play in the championship game. The SEC folks may argue that their one-loss team is more deserving, given the fact that their conference has won four straight national championships. But an undefeated Big Ten champion or an undefeated Big 12 champion is going to get an edge over a one-loss SEC champion when it comes down to the final human polls.”

  83. 102

    Alex, you’re bringing the heat today, my friend. Good stuff. Can you imagine moving to Prattville, going to your mailbox for the first time and seeing Christy standing there? Talk about a bad day. He seems to know a lot about you, doesn’t he Alex. If only you had his cell… Maybe ya’ll could talk and work it out.

    BP, it is how you finish, and we’re in October. Settle down, Beavis.

    Julia, please do some more research. It humors me that you can’t enjoy your brief…and I do mean brief…moment in the sun because you’re scrambling to try and justify to me that you belong there.

    Alabama may not win the BCS…dropping a game makes the road much tougher. But that small upstart town called Las Vegas seems to think it’s going to happen. I’ll bring you back a t-shirt from Glendale.

  84. 103

    i’M fully aware that it’s how you finish…I’ve said that on more than one occasion, and frankly, I’m not saying we will go undefeated. I think we can, but , we still have 2 tough games ahead.. And I’m not even counting Ole Miss as one of those teams…Georgia and Bama are two TOUGH closing games.

    It wil be interesting to see how the scoreboard looks at Oxford on Saturday…Something tells me it will be a much bigger margin than 24-10.

    All I was saying is stop using the rankings of the teams you played at the time you played them….Florida is not the #6 team in the nation ( or whatever they were at the time ) They aint even ranked any more…Penn State ……I shouldn’t even have to explaing how bad they suck now.

    You have a 1-1 winning percentage against ranked teams as of right now….And one was the 4 point win over Arkansas, a team we beat by 21…The other was a 14 point loss to SCAR , a team we beat by 8….

    Yeah….It’s not how tou start , but how you finish.

  85. 104

    Gee ITK, I thought you would have been offended that alex said you were fornicating with people’s 75 year old mothers. You’re a cowardly, lowlife piece of excrement. Watch out Auburn fans. This “ITK” guy will put your personal info on the internet if you say something he doesn’t like.

    This will be my last post on this blog, under the moniker “julio” or any other screen name. If it makes you feel good ITK (and I call you that because you are too gutless to provide your real name) to know that you ran somebody off by disclosing their personal info, well then go throw a parade. I’m sure it will be a real exciting place in here without me. You bama fans have fun patting each other on the back. I have a feeling that might get a little boring. If anybody wants to argue with julio, I’ll be stirring the pot over at Roll Bama Roll.

  86. 106

    Personally julio I was more upset at the insane personal attack you put on Alex. You are the reason for the bitter climate on this board, and your absence will immediately make it a better place.

    Aubies are welcome here, and despite the utter nonsense you’re spewing about putting your “personal information” on here, there was nothing that was ever disclosed in any way, shape or form that would identify you. Check the phone book for how many people in your city there are named Chris, pal. And as I said, it was a mistake.

    Finally, since I know you’re a liar and aren’t really gone, let me remind you that this is a free site, but supported by advertising. Let me get wind that you’re spouting inflated, false information about this site and you will be contacted. I’m sure Alex would be willing to offer some legal counsel in that arena.

    In the event that this is our last exchange (wishful thinking), let me offer one last Roll Tide, and condolences for sending your Tiggers on a different direction on Black Friday… not Atlanta. 11-1 will never hurt so bad.

  87. 107

    BP, you offer a completely different angle. I give you a hard time about your spelling, because you can’t do it, but you’re at least level-headed, and from what I can tell, aren’t filled with the rage and hate that make julio a joy for his family at the Thanksgiving table every year. Leave if you will, but you I would miss.

  88. 108

    I’m not getting into this bullshit. But I will say that there are much worse trolls here than Julietta. Indiana Vol, Bama Hate, Omnipresent when he was here and a lot more who come and go but thank God don’t hang too long all come to mind. I think all of you are getting way too serious. Of course if this was a Rivals site it wouldn’t get that far. The Mod would just blacklist them all and delete their posts. And BP, Julio has done just fine against every team this year. He did better against UcheaT not because they are worse, but because Saban implemented changes in the offense. One very important change was for McElroy to look downfield first and get rid of the ball faster. Julio was the benefactor of this new philosophy in as much as he is always open at first. He gets covered when the DB has time to recover. Of course GMAC still has to throw an accurate pass for it to work. Considering that he is now #1 in completion percentage, I think that is a moot point. RTR!

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