Will Alabama-Tennessee be like last year?

“It stuck with me all the way until I played LSU,” receiver Gerald Jones said of last year’s Bama game. “By far one of the worst losses that I’ve had in my football career. And then when that happened at LSU, I don’t think it gets any worse than that. It was tough, especially watching them win the national championship, but they deserved it.” Read more about the traditional rivalry game below:


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    Touchdowns not field goals

    Alabama’s offense needs to score touchdowns in the redzone, not field goals. What’s going on with offense?!! Their seems to be a huge whole in communication.

  2. 2

    if we don’t win this game by at least four touchdowns, we’re gonna wind up in some bullshi t bowl.

    again, this is why i hate the bcs. it’s style over substance. we’ve lost a game and our sos is shi t. we’ve got to get style points out of an offense that’s gone flat.


  3. 3

    It’s a long season, finebammer. Settle down, bro. Remember, Nick freaking Saban is the head coach.

    I’ve tried to worry about the loss and the offense, but I keep remembering that point and just can’t bring myself to do it.

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    We don’t need style points. We simply need to beat LSU, Auburn and to cleanse our phuckup by beating USCjr in the SECCG. Either Oregon or Okie is gonna lose one and we should jump Boise. However, it would be more certain if they both lost and gave us 2 positions to move into just in case some bleeding phucking hearts try playing games to keep poor little undefeated Boise ahead of us. RTR!

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    Only the truth VOL… We win out and teams lose we are in..Really do not know who to pull for in abarn..lswho game.But being the BAMA MAN I AM i think lswho should win and we take care of business and just run out.Either way we WILL be in ATLANTA 12 05 10 YOU CAN BOOK THAT.

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