Hope There Isn’t A Flyover Saturday

Strange things happen in Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Saturday was no different as Abarn was handed 14 unearned points by the inept SEC officiating crew charged with the task of calling the game.

Leading 17-14, Fumblin’ Fannin did what he does best, dropping the ball at the Razorback one yard line. The fumble settled at the five, where it was covered by Arkansas. Replay shows the side judge dropping the beanbag and signaling Arkansas ball.

But after review, from three different angles…including the blimp…you could clearly see the ball hit straight down at the one yard line and careen backwards, a clear result of the defender swiping the ball out of Fumblin’ Fannin’s arm, it was ruled a touchdown, expanding Abarn’s brittle lead from three to ten.

What made the scenario…curious…was that the “ruling” on the field was touchdown, though a widened, expanded shot by CBS showed no official signaling such. What you did see was an official throwing his beanbag, signaling fumble. Hmmm….

But it didn’t stop there.

Later in the game, Abarn again nursing a one-point lead, a Razorback runner fumbles. Or did he? Replay clearly shows the knee on the turf before the ball came out. The no-fumble play was so obvious, only one player reacted to the ball; the AU player who picked it up to showboat in front of the home crowd…an Abarn tradition.

Gary Danielson, who I was once critical of but have now grown to respect, circled the knee on the ground in red for those watching at home, showing the ball still in the runner’s hand.

Only this time, the officiating crew apparently wanted to make up for not calling Fannin’s dropsy by ruling this one a fumble, letting the touchdown stand.

What makes all this curious is early in the broadcast, Verne and Gary both commented on how the replay official for the game was “anonymous”. The distinction over the nameless replay official was mentioned as a quasi joke, but ultimately the last laugh would be on the Razorbacks as this unnamed person changed the course of the game for the struggling vistors.

Cosmetic points were added later when an inexperienced back-up quarterback did what inexperienced backup quarterbacks do, but the game was lost when the Razorback’s ship sailed through college football’s version of the Bermuda Triangle.

Don’t get me wrong. Abarn has a good team, and Cam Newton, if I had a Heisman vote, would get mine. He means more to his team than perhaps anyone in the country. He is as big as he is fast, and he is basically all Abarn has.

But in a nip and tuck game, a fourteen point gift, at home, is too great a deficit for most to overcome, even though Alabama did so successfully last season on the same field. But Arkansas isn’t championship caliber, and the piggies simply couldn’t beat the home-standing Tigers and the officiating crew too.

Too bad the game that’ll send the Tigers back to Tampa this bowl season will be played in Tuscaloosa, not the curious Jordan-Hare. That phone you hear ringing is Jay Jacobs to Mal Moore, trying to rekindle the “magic” he mustered last year in buying his 7-5 Tiggers a new year’s day bowl…it’s doubtful Moore can be bought though. The game won’t be played in Lee County this season.

But if you’re looking for must see TV, it’ll be this Saturday at 2:30pm as the Mad Hatter, the luckiest man in the game takes the Bengal Tigers into the most curious stadium in the game.

Hope there isn’t a flyover. They may never find the planes again.


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  1. 1

    Wow. Any thoughts on who really killed Kennedy? Sure those calls were questionable. Actually, Fannin’s touchdown was flat-out wrong. Arkansas should have had the ball on the 3 yard line. The fourth quarter fumble really could have gone either way. As every announcer and color analyst tells us every single Saturday, there must be incontrovertible evidence to overturn the call on the field. And you conveniently left out the calls that went Arkansas’ way and also resulted in touchdowns. A horrible pass interference call (and no call) and the most generous spot I’ve seen all season. The truth is, the officiating was horrible all around and both teams received points due to incorrect calls.

  2. 2

    ITK you’re right about both calls, but the bogus interference call on Washington in the end zone gave Ark extra points, too. AU nearly lost at Kentucky last weekend because of 3 personal foul calls that were ridiculous, and if you think winning on the road at Kentucky isn’t hard enough already without bad calls just ask Spurrier. The truth is that in the SEC, the home team will sometimes get some calls because the refs are human and the monstrous home crowds we have in the SEC will get in their heads. Remember the “was it an interception or was he out of bounds” call last year in the Bama-LSU game? Your house, questionable call, it goes your way. It happens. But you’re out of your freakin’ mind if you think AU wins that game only because of those calls. AU was unstoppable in the 4th qtr of that game, and Ark was folding like a cheap suit.

  3. 4

    No you don’t win by 8 dummy. Because with those 14 Arky is well ahead and a true freshman isn’t throwing the ball in desperation with just a few minutes left on the clock. The refs cheated and you beat a better team. In the whole nation only Barnies think different. RTR!

  4. 5

    Just read the “Delusional Auburn Fan” article from last week. Every point made by the “delusional bama-centric” author was wrong. Auburn has now beat 3 teams that are currently in the top 25 and Bama has beat none.

  5. 6

    This is what they do hoopie….Whine. And in general make excuses. It’s funny that it only took 1 loss to make them revert to their old ways.

    Crimson. Grow up man. Anyone that watched that game knows Auburn got hosed in the first half with drive stalling non penalties as well. You sound like a whiney 6 year old girl. Get over it. We owned the fourth quarter period.

    Good grief it’s quiet in here. It’s good to see Crimson and ITK had the stones to crawl out from under the rock you all have been hiding under.

  6. 7

    Like I said only the 500 fans in the Awbren fan base believe that. The other 369,999,500 people in the US know better. On another note much more important than anything Barnie: Ya’ll should visit the UcheaT rivals sites. It must be a sad day in Volunqueer lore when 90% of the threads on the football sites are filled with bitchin’ at Kentucky over basketball. Bwaa Haww Haww!!!!!!! RTR!

  7. 8

    I watched the game again last night….And yes, Fannin was gift wrapped a touchdown. But, they had a fourth and long in the second quarter when our D.B. (Savage I think) was called on a bogus interference call that lead to a touchdown.
    There were several other horiible calls that went both ways as well.

    And as far as that goes, I really don’t care if you people think we robbed Arkansas. Heck, as mad as it makes you all, I’m glad you think that. I hope Pat Dye was the man in the replay booth that gave the touchdown to Faninn. It drives yall crazy that we are ahead of you in the BCS over halfway through the season. Not only that , but every week you try to spin our success with a different angle. You try to spin Cams ability in a negative way as well. Cam Newton is the frontrunner for the Heisman Trophy now. Auburn is undefeated now. After this weekends win we will be in the top 2 of the BCS. Face reality Bammers, you’re not all that ……and it kills you.

  8. 9

    BPI, this is totally pathetic. Even after an inflammatory article like this (an ITK specialty), the bammers won’t come back and run their mouths. It’s as quiet as a morgue in here.

    You can’t believe it, can you bammers? You were as giddy as a 10 year old girl backstage at a Justin Beiber concert when AU hired a guy you could call “cheeze whiz” and “Mr 5-19”. You just knew that au was going to mire in an abyss of mediocrity similar to your own 10 year plight before Sabear was hired. Now you ask yourself in utter astonishment, “What the @#!$??”. How did this guy put together one of the best coaching staffs in the country??? How did this guy manage to match if not better bama in recruiting after only one year??? How could could this guy possibly have a qb that is leading the Heisman race by a mile and is playing like one of the greatest there has ever been in college fb??? How is this guy ranked ahead of us in the BCS only halfway through his second season?? For God sakes, this guy was 5-19 and we call him cheeze whiz!!! This can’t be happening!!!

  9. 11

    Where is brandii??? Is it really this simple to shut him up???? BPI and I were back here right after we got waxed 36-0 in the IB to take our medicine. You’re nothing but a bunch of freakin’ pansies.

    BPI, I promise you this…If LSU manages to beat AU this weekend they will all come crawling out from under their rocks the second the clock runs out Saturday afternoon.

  10. 12

    Bank on it….But we will be here like the men we are to take on all comers……It is really funny when you think about it. Two Auburn fans on an Alabama blog that’s as desolate as a ghosttown. You absolutely KNOW that they are lurking….But too ashamed or afraid to say anything….What CAN they say ?????? It’s one of the funniest things I’ve personally ever witnessed.

  11. 13

    The only thing that’s awesome, BP, is you’re horniness over Abarn’s inflated schedule.

    Boise may be the only team in all of America with an easier route to 7-0.

    Lots of football left to be played, friend. Oh, and did you see this?


    The rest of the world saw last Saturday’s sham for what it was.

    And the rest of the world will see Camputer neutered in BDS. He’s a great player, as I said above. But somehow I think the best coach in college football today will have a little something dialed in for your one-dimensional wonder.

    Bank it. But by all means; do keep running your mouth. It’s humorous!

  12. 14

    No, what’s humorous is you counting on Akansas supposed reaming by the refs in a 22 point win as your back up plan, or your ace in the hole for somehow proving Auburn isn’t legit.

    I personally like the idea that you hate it so much. It’s quite funny. Like I said, I seriously hope that Pat Dye was the “secret man in the booth”…If not him , I guess I wouldn’t mind if Babby Lowder where the “Mystry Man”.

    Your “soft schedule” arguement is full of holes ITK…And deeep down inside, you really know this. Bama had nearly the same exact schedule as Auburn last year. Does that mean you have to give the crystal football back ? We now know your “marquis win” agaisnt Florida was a frikkin joke. Your other “marquis win” was against who ? Oh yeah….Arkansas. And let’s not forget your other win against South Carolina….Oh, never mind ….They whoooooped that butt.

    I remember the Miss St. doubters…They are a top 25 team now. Kentucky beat the team that beat you. I wouldn’t doubt if they were ranked by years end.

    But please put all your eggs in the Arkasas referee conspiricy theory ITK…It makes you look even more bitter than I could have ever hoped for.

    Your team is playing like crap too BTW. But keep telling yourself about “Black Friday”….And so forth.

    Aburn is going to whoop Bamas butt at BDS and you know this can happen.

    Are you going to man up if Auburn beats LSU like you said you would ? Or are you going to fabricate another imaginary reason to put your head in the sand.

    I don’t really expect a response.

  13. 15

    ITK, errrr, did you even bother to journey back in time 12 months ago and examine the schedule bammer played?? It ought to look astonishingly familiar to AU’s schedule this year. Forgetting the 3 chump games, here goes:

    Va Tech – Neutral
    Ark – home (same as AU)
    Kentucky – home (same as AU)
    Ole Miss – Oxford (same as AU)
    S.Carolina – home (same as AU)
    Tenn – home (rather than Lane Kiffin AU gets UGA but both home games)
    LSU – home (same as AU)
    Miss St – Starkville (same as AU)
    AU – JHare (and AU gets BDS this year)

    So, other than the fact that bammer played an ACC team at a neutral site rather than at home, (yeah, the fans at the Ga Dome were distributed real evenly…NOT), the schedule is ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL. Do you now see how colossally stupid your argument is??

  14. 17

    I certainly hope you motherphuckers are #2 when you come to BDS. That will mean either Oklahoma or Oregon or both have lost and then when we bitch slap you we will be on our way to Glendale dumbasses! So please bring your refs to JHS with you this weekend, but don’t make LSU look too bad, we need them up there in the rankings too. If Pig Newton makes it out of the LSU game alive, we’ll finish the job. RTR!

  15. 18

    You are kidding yourself Crimson….if we run the table throught the Georgia game, we will be #1 or #2 regardless of an Oregon or Chokelahoma loss..

    Another conspiracy theory goob showing his true colors..

  16. 19

    And by the way……Where did Brandi go ? She disappeared really quick after that SCAE loss….Not to mention her constant babllings about SOS….Yall realize that you have played two currently ranked teams , right ? Goodbye PSU arguement. Told yall they sucked. Yes, our SOS is harder. Yes, we play them at home…..But I thought our home atmosphere was non-existant, remember ? Wew can’t give tickets away’ so’ we have no advantage in even having a home game , right ?

    You people ar so full of crap, it comes out your ears.

  17. 20

    ^^^^^^ stalker.

    Hey props to Auburn. The season aint over yet though. Beat your chest proudly, roll them trees. But Bama aint done yet. Auburn still doesnt have a defense. You know what they say about championships. Still have to play Bama at home, maybe, just maybe y’all can be undefeated. Still have to get past the luckiest team in the conference, but the Auburn luck is running strong to this year. But I aint hiding, girl. Just been really busy. We played at a charity event over the weekend raising money to buy kids christmas presents, so I missed most of the football. I am be back, dont worry. I know you missed me.

  18. 21

    Ah….I knew you were looking….If your raising money for kids Christmas presents, hats off to you man. That’s a good thing to do….Mabe you’re not the total tool I had you pegged for.

  19. 22

    LSU down just like your girl politician wanna be quarterback McElflame. We win own you like normal at JH west biotches..

    Go back under your rock… Heisman and No 1 smoke that

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