Alabama football: Greg McElroy

Many Alabama fans are being tough on the Crimson Tide’s quarterback Greg McElroy. However, it sounds like McElroy is tougher on himself.

“There are some times when the stats don’t tell the whole story,” McElroy said Monday. “I’ve played OK, but I’m a perfectionist. That’s just the way I’ve been. I just demand a lot of myself and I know I can play better than the way I’ve played the last couple of weeks. In order to be successful in the long run, you have to kind of look at the glass as half-empty as opposed to half-full.” You can read more about McElroy in the story below.

There is also this comment from Saban: “Every player on offense can’t have a couple of plays where they don’t do it exactly like it’s supposed to be done,” Tide coach Nick Saban said. “On many occasions, (perception is) it’s always the quarterback’s fault, but the quarterback position is hard to play when the people around you aren’t doing exactly what they’re supposed to do. Everybody on our offensive team would say they need to get better, probably including the quarterback. We know we can be better. We’ve got to go practice with the expectations that we can be better.”

So, what is the problem with Alabama’s offense? Share your thoughts after reading the entire story: