SEC West flexes its muscle

AP: Blame, or thank, Nick Saban. He built LSU into a national champion and is doing the same at Alabama. His team’s play has forced the other schools in the West to play catch up. They’re doing it behind smart hires and out-of-the-box thinking previously the domain of the Spurriers and Urban Meyers of the SEC. Those hires have allowed the West to enjoy a period of coaching stability while the East is trying to break in new coaches at Kentucky, Vanderbilt and Tennessee. (READ MORE BELOW)


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    Tiger town is not very nice right now in Baton Rouge.Talk radio and fans are wanting to kick his ass out right now.For sure if he loses to gators.abarn.BAMA.Or ark.ole piss.In other words lose 3 and he might be out.Lose 4.Well for sure gone.Talk is they are already looking.Being a BAMA fan i can”t wait to tune in during the day and listen and laugh my ass off.Not a day goes by with out hearing Saban’s name some where.They really think they will beat the gators but not going to happen.Look for coach from Nebraska to go back to LSWHO.He should have gotten the job to begin with but they let him go.Any way ROLL TIDE MY CRIMSON BROTHERS.

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    Pellini will not go back to LSU. He’s at one of the elite football schools in the country, and he’s fixing to be coaching in the Big 10 against Michigan, Ohio St and Penn St. Nobody in their right mind would give up that situation for the swamp sucking arsehole fan base in Louisiana. RTR!

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    Yes he is at a elite school.But money talks and well you know the rest.LSWHO would be able to dish out a lot more than the cornhuskers.Also he would be coaching in the SEC the dam best conference in the nation at a big time college. RTR.

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    We’ll see. I don’t think money is an issue at Nebraska, and now the Bugeaters are in the Big 10 which was already the richest conference in the country before they got Nebraska and the ability to have a championship game. If you watched Nebraska last night, I don’t want to see Pellini at LSU! RTR!

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    Yeah there is no way Pellini is leaving Nebraska. Big Red loves him up there right now despite his “mouth” — LsWho will try to find their Saban after this season — LesThanMild will HAVE to be bought out for 13 million — think about Louisiana’s economy — and I don’t think their alumi and fan base want to “cough it up” right now. It will definitely be interesting to see if they keep him around .

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    The SEC WEST is by far the toughest division in CFB, period. Even Mississippi State has game (yeah, they got a defense, can run the ball, great head coach who KNOWS offense and they WILL “own” the STATE of Mississippi in the future). The only phuck-up’s in the WEST IMO is Ole Piss. And they are BARELY behind LsWHO IMO. I truly believe that the SEC WEST could take on ANY other conference as a WHOLE in a calendar year. And that’s not stretching it. RTR.

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