Recap: Alabama 31 Florida 6

AP: The last time the Gators didn’t score a touchdown? In 2005, Meyer’s first season as coach in Gainesville, the Gators lost 31-3 — their worst loss under Meyer — in the exact same place to Mike Shula’s Tide.

Florida has come a long way since then, winning two national titles.

Of course, the Tide has too — passing the Gators in the process. (read the game recap below)


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    Impressive performance red elephants. You whipped us good. And the thing that pains me as a Gator is that I recognize that even if Florida played a perfect game, which they certainly didn’t, I still think Alabama wins. First class operation. I suggest you folks start watching some oregon football. oregon alabama will be a hell of a game, if it happens.

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    Alex Hamilton

    Watch Oregon? Why?
    Should we respect them because they put up 48 points on a team that doesn’t have great athletes on Defense? Not to be presumptuous but isn’t that what Alabama just did? I’m pretty sure we can handle teams like that.

    As Verne Lunquidst said in 2005 during the UF UA game when describing Alabama, “this ain’t. Kentucky”. Enjoy the Outback Bowl Gator Overlords.

  3. 4

    Seamless for the most part of the game. I’m proud to be an Alabama fan as always. We actually could of had that game by 14 but that’s for another day. Just a great performance. Roll Tide Roll!!!

    I can understand why that poster thinks we should start paying attention to Oregon — but in reality — i’m just paying attention to South Carolina right now.

    Bling. 🙂

  4. 6

    From the body of work so far this season I would tenatively put Oregon at #2. However their D sucks. Bama would eat it alive. Maybe, just maybe Boise has done the second best job so far. But their D is also suspect after giving up points to VT and Oregon St. Ohio St is destined to fall either to Iowa, Mich St, Michigan or Wisconsin. Nebraska has played nobody, and Oklahoma is Jeckle and Hyde. The main polls aren’t out yet, but Sagarin gives Bama a monster 5.5 point lead over 2nd place Oregon. What you want to bet we are unanumous #1 this week with all the 1st place votes. Don’t know though. That one guy that keeps voting Boise #1 is an idiot. He may be just too stupid to change his mind. Everybody pray for Urban. Hate for him to croak in a fit of appoplexy. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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    Alex Hamilton

    Loved seeing Prothro score on that 1st play of the 2005 game again with the word “Greatness” in the pre game video. Was electric just like it was to watch in 2005. I bet you that UF fans will always remember Croyle to Prothro.

  6. 8

    great win glad bama pulled it off but fact is the secondary is still playing out of position and leaving too many recievers open so much as the opposing qb could UPS the damn ball to em`! we should be fine but SABAN knows himself that we have a young secondary and the need MUCH improvement to finish out the year undefeated! ROLL TIDE !

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    Like i said in another post the BCS and NCAA just as well go ahead and send CRYSTAL BALL to TUSCALOOSA.Because that is where it is coming any how.Take Bama and lay the points.S.C. WELL you know is just that S.C…ole ball coach will not get it done with BAMA..RTR

  8. 10

    There is a rumor on the Gamecock board that Julio will have knee surgery and is out for several weeks. There is some mention of this rumor on BOL’s private board but I’m not a member and couldn’t read it. I never saw him get hurt. Does anyone know anything about this?

  9. 11

    OK BP and Julia, the Florida game is over. And you guys can thank Bama for the help in moving up, even though your schedule is soft. But it is kinda cool the state has two top ten teams, at least for a little while anyways hehe.

  10. 12

    It was a good win…Even though Florida shot themselves in the foot at least twice on the goal line. They need a center really bad…..

  11. 13

    It was a great win for bama. I don’t know if I was more surprised by how good bama looked, or how bad fla looked. Nothing against the way bama is playing right now, but vandy shouldn’t get beat 31-6. The truth is that bama could have made it even worse.

    bama is a machine right now, there’s no doubt about that. S.Carolina isn’t gonna beat ’em, and LSU can’t score enough points to have a chance. The only team with a chance is AU, and that’s only if AU’s defense keeps getting better every week (and Cam doesn’t get hurt). Enjoy it bammers. Runs like bama is having right now don’t come very often.

  12. 14

    Yeah, Bama never really had nothing to do with disrupting Florida at the goal line. Penn State either. Oh yeah, Arkansas took their foot off the gas too. And Duke just shoot their self in the foot repeatedly. Hmm… I wonder what the next team is gonna do to give Alabama the game, since they are just so bad this year.

  13. 15

    Wow Julia, that actually made since, coming from you. But I do agree, should be a helluva Iron Bowl this year.

  14. 17

    Got them barner’s sweating that Arky game. As much as a wreck LSU is – they’re sweating that too. They don’t want the “undefeated” status ruined for the Iron Bowl…

  15. 18

    Well I don’t think they have any choice in the matter. I don’t think their offense can smoke LSWho’s defense and I don’t think their defense can stop Mallett. Could be wrong, but since me and Fonzerelli are about the same, I’m practically never wr – wr – wr – wrong. And Florida didn’t shoot themselves in the foot. They got their heads, hands and feet cut completely off. There’s a big difference in making mistakes (which they also did) and being bashed, slammed, bammed and forced into them. Our D was a terror to behold once again. In fact our aggressivness is the only reason Florida was completing those downfield passes. It wasn’t poor coverage. It was always the odd man out catching the ball, because we were blitzing. USCjr is already talking about how McElroy is just average and if not for our O-line and Mark and Trent he wouldn’t be shite. They want to stuff the run game and force him to throw. They think they can cover Julio and the others. They don’t think to much of Julio either. I’m trying to figure how they plan to stuff the run game though, since last year we ran for 264 yards and Mark ran for 10.3 yards per carry. I swear, these guys sound a lot like the Barners. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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    crimson hammah

    don’t laugh – we will have a rookie qb on on the road to beaver stadium and the swamp early next yr

  17. 20
    crimson hammah

    mcelroy is a great qb and a great passer but there are very few qbs that can pass the ball these days ,…these running qb’s suck,,,like putting in a pitcher who can’t pitch but hits 300

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