Roundtable previews Alabama-Florida

The Crimson and White Roundtable previews this week’s Alabama game. You can read what other Alabama blogs are saying at the Roundtable website. You can read my responses below.

1. What is the biggest lesson we learned in the win over Arkansas last Saturday?
The biggest lesson Alabama learned was that it can be challenged, and even when that happens the team can come from behind to win a game against a quality opponent. This only serves to increase confidence. The change in attitude since Nick Saban’s arrival is breathtaking. Did anyone have confidence in Alabama’s fourth quarter play before Saban? The culture has changed. We knew that, but games like this highlight it.

2. What is the biggest concern going into the game with Florida next Saturday?
The biggest concern will be getting off the field on defense. That means forcing and then winning third down. It also means being fundamentally sound. The defensive players weren’t doing their jobs during much of the Arkansas game. The players appeared confused. This cannot happen against Florida since the Gators’ defense is much better than the one Alabama faced last week and that makes coming from behind a much more difficult prospect.

3. Will this contest be a preview of this year’s SECCG? Why or why not?
There is little doubt that Florida and Alabama are the best teams in the SEC. Florida has an easy path into the SEC Championship Game this year thanks to Mark Richt’s implosion, the total collapse of football on Rocky Top and South Carolina being, well, South Carolina. The SEC West is a much tougher division, but Alabama has already defeated the second best team in the division with the win at Arkansas. The scariest team has to be LSU since it possesses a very good defense and an electric playmaker in Patrick Peterson. Of course, it is hard to win the division without a quarterback. Alabama is in good shape to have a rematch in Atlanta.

4. What part of this week’s gameday experience are you most looking forward to?
I want to see how Urban Meyer reacts if Florida loses. Will the stress level skyrocket? Will he be able to focus the team on the remainder of the season? It is clear that Florida has pointed to this game and used it as a motivational tool since the loss in the 2009 SEC Championship Game. But what happens if Florida loses? I’m going to look forward to watching that—provided Alabama can win—it should be revealing about the future of the Florida program.


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  1. 1

    Yeah it really isn’t fair. We play Florida, Arkansas, LSU, Auburn and USCjr. 5 top ten quality teams that we have to go through to win the west, and then probably Florida again in Atlanta. And most without a weeks rest while most have one. Is this someones idea of a joke? If we go undefeated it will be the toughest schedule in the history of any national champion, and we should get two trophy’s. RTR!

  2. 2

    Geez EG, make up your freakin’ mind. You’ve been ranting all week about how AU is pathetic, backed into the top 10 by luck, and doesn’t deserve to be there. You spent the other half saying that AU’s win over USC was nothing b/c USC sucks. Now, when it benefits bama in the context of a schedule strength argument, you refer to AU and USC as a “top ten quality team”. Are you schizo?

  3. 4

    Well, Auburn is a top 10 team. Congratulations guys, it’s been awhile. But you are just one of many chasing Bama right now. I am sure Bama is going to lose at some point, but Auburn has been squeaking by each week also. I don’t see them going undefeated this year. How much mileage is Chizik going to get out of one good recruitng class? Next years class is looking like a big drop off. But you guys want Chiz Wiz to duplicate Saban’s success so bad, but sorry it aint going to happen. You might as well concede to the fact that even though you might get close, you will always be second to Sabans Bama teams. Haha good luck trying to catch up.

  4. 6

    My point is you are not keeping up with Bama. I doubt it will be top ten. Bama though, definitely top 5, 3 years in a row now.

  5. 9

    Find some other bullshit to bitch about while you’re at it. Regardless of where I’d put you and USCjr relative to Texas or Iowa or Penn St or Fla St, you are in the top 10 and if USCjr had won they would be in the top10. Everybody has to lose before it’s over – except us. Does that mean they were never worthy of a top 10 ranking, moron! I do believe that’s what my post was refering to. Don’t bother me with your BS. I didn’t post for your benefit. RTR!

  6. 13

    absolute domination.
    I am sure there will be people come on with but… but… but…ezcuses. but lets be serious. The Gators did not have a chance in that game.
    Yes. I know… Julio…. BPI….Idiotic Vile…..But florida was in the red zone all those times, and they had turnovers and…..and….and … and…..
    But Bama just took the fight out of the Gators. Beat them down like they were a child who has been behaving badly.And as the child became more compliant Saban de-escalated the punishment. Truley Nick Saban is the SEC’s daddy.
    If Bama had wanted, they could have scored 50 in this game. They just sort of… well….. toyed with Florida in the second half.
    yes… Bama IS THAT GOOD.
    I didnt realise it until today. They will beat you but they wont pile the points on. They dont have to to make the point.

  7. 15

    The problem with the second half was that everytime we got the ball it was inside our 10, and not needing points there was no way Saban was going to open it up and risk a turnover to put the turds back in the game. I’d like to have had a couple more td’s but I agree with his thinking. Kicking back like that kept us fresh and uninjured for USCjr. There for a while today I thought damn Ohio St was gonna be Boise St’s wet dream. This is one phucked up season. There’s Alabama, and then there’s the rest of the football world. And within that world it’s not possible from scores so far, to know who’s the best teams or conference. Florida’s execution was downright embarassing. And if Pouncy is the best center they can come up with, they are in a world of shite. Sad to say that the Barn may be the 2nd best team we play before Glendale. And yes, you guys can go ahead and make reservations for Arizona. I think it’s going to be Oregon or Boise St with a maybe for TCU, Nebraska or Oklahoma. Don’t think Ohio St’s gonna make it. RTR!

  8. 17

    Well o JW laid them there 10 points down and won him self a little bit of money.Matter of fact,bookie is pretty well pissed at me and Coach Saban,LMAO.Last night was a complete show of what is to come.Would the NCAA committee please go ahead and send BCS TROPHY to Tuscaloosa and save teams embarrassment.Because that was a total embarrassment last night for gators..LMFAO.Really not much to say about game but that it was nothing but great.Sorry but gotta go Money calling.Take Bama and lay points against S.C.easy win…RTR

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