Will Arkansas recover from the Alabama loss?

Will the Arkansas Razorbacks recover from the loss to Alabama? The Crimson Tide won 24-20 in a close game decided in the fourth quarter, but mistakes were a big part of that reason. How will star QB Ryan Mallett respond? What about the rest of the team?

“Senior tight end D.J. Williams, who had five catches for 63 yards against Alabama, said Arkansas still had ‘a lot of mental wounds to heal’ following the loss. However, Williams did notice Mallett’s upbeat attitude before and during practice this week, something he said carried over to the entire team. ‘I think everybody on this team put their whole heart into that football game, so when we lost it was very tough for everybody,’ Williams said. ‘Siting around those two days was very hard, and I think it was good to get out (to practice).'” Read more below


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    Every team Bama plays this year will place this kind of importance on their game with Bama. And most of the SEC teams will get two weeks to prepare. If Bama runs the table this year, it will be a more impressive run than last years was.

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    Anybody hear Leach’s comments on Alabama? He said that with our schedule with bye weeks included on teams – if we win out, we should get a trophy and a half. Agreed here. I’m trying to do some research on what other teams have a horrific schedule like ours – whether it’s equal or greater than ours.

    We grew up big time during the Arkansas game. So did Kirkpatrick.

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    Saturday was an SEC Heavyweight bout,Hog dojo style, and Arky came out throwing haymakers.When the 12th round rolled around Bama was getting stronger while Arky began to falter.RTR!

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    What the little negative Barners and the ner-do-wells don’t want to realize is that Bama was always in the game everywhere but on the scoreboard. Never once the entire game did Arky even come close to slowing down our offense. GMAC’s was not under intense pressure on his int’s. They were his fault for forcing them and would have been td’s. His fumble was a questionable call. And after Richardson’s run, we would have scored something if the half hadn’t ended. In fact he should have run out of bounds 15 yards sooner and we might have gotten off a field goal. Sure all of that was part of the game and you can’t use ‘IF’ as an excuse. I’m not making an excuse. I’m saying that Bama’s Offense shot itself in the foot and was never in any danger of being limited by Arky. They were constantly ever so close and you just knew it was only a matter of time. I can seriously tell you that I was less worried than in the Iron Bowl last year. I told myself with our offense I was not going to worry until there was to little time left to physically be able to score enough to win. You can say what you want about Florida’s talent. But I will feel a lot worse if we lose to them than if we had lost to Arky. At least Arky had Mallett and was averaging 500 yards offense. Florida’s got a new QB who couldn’t even handle the snap for two weeks and they are averaging a mediocre 380 yards offense to our 530. We need to win the toss and slam ’em quick with something they aren’t expecting, then beat’em down with defense and Ingram and Richardson. Damn, it’s almost here! RTR!

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    Are we through posturing yet.Shit,are every one of you named Legend ? Get a grip.Bama needs to improve in every facet and do what ‘We’ do and dictate what they have to do.Fl.can put up a number quick on anybody and we’ll need a great performance by all.
    One day we will lose.I’m hoping it won’t be this year because I think we’re putting together one of the all time great runs – but it will happen.And when it does,please don’t point fingers.In sports,the best team doesn’t always win.
    Now Roll f-ing Tide Roll !

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    Oh yeah. That first loss is going to sting. I know it is coming. But I do believe that under Saban, they will be few and far between. That being said, they haven’t lost yet, and I won’t be betting against them anytime soon. They do need to get better as the season goes on, and nothing Saban has done so far makes me think that it isn’t going to happen.

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    Yes of course we will lose and it will hurt but HOLD ON,,,,We will win another BCS and it will be this year.Also i will go out on a limb and say QB AJ can bring us one next year but that is far fetched.But this year is destiny and we will beat Florida by 13 and cover spread and win me some more money.Tough games ahead but only the strong survive and we have always been very strong in the fourth quarter.So my crimson brothers lay the points and sit back and laugh your ass off””’relax and damit lets pull for the queers to up set the corn dogs…. RT

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    I’m lookin’ for AJ and Phillip to keep it going until the federal government steps in and breaks us up because we’re a monopoly! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

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    Alex Hamilton

    All the more reason to vote GOP, less threat from the Justice Dept on Antitrust litigation.

    What’s the problem with posturing? Of course this team is not perfect. The defense this year doesn’t have Cody, Deadrick, Washington,McClain, Jackson or Arenas. Oh yeah, five of them were Shula recruits, he wasn’t completely oblivious.

    I say instead of wondering when Bama will lose or how we should act if we lose, that we just enjoy the here and now. This season has a chance to be 14-0 again. Basically, we are getting to experience what our parents and grandparents had in the late 1970’s.

    And in keeping with that analogy, The Barn is having its one decent season under Barfield, er, Chiznik.

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