The Pistol

The Pistol formation has taken college football by storm. It is used by many top programs.

According to the AP, “Invented in Nevada, the short shotgun setup — hence pistol — that places the quarterback about 4 yards behind center and a running back 3 yards behind the QB is now being used in varying amounts at Alabama, Arkansas, Duke, Indiana, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and UCLA, just to name a few.”

So what makes the formation so difficult to defend? Simple. It looks “weird.” According to the story below, “Texas Tech linebacker Bront Bird played at Nevada in 2008 and the Red Raiders won 35-19. He said the pistol causes problems for linebackers who try to decipher which way a play is going by watching the running back’s first step.” And to make it clear: “It just looks weird and there’s just so many different things you can do” out of it, he said. Read more below.