Marcel Dareus speaks out

A video of an Arkansas offensive lineman has angered Alabama fans as the lineman appears to dive at the back of Marcel Dareus’ leg. (See video of the cheap shot here.) So, what did the Alabama player have to say about the cheap shot?

The Tuscaloosa News provides the answer: “When he did it, I looked at him like, ‘Man, are you trying to take me out of the game? You already see that I’m hurt,’ and he just looked at me crazy, like he didn’t care, like ‘Oh well.'” said Dareus. “That’s how some players play. … He did it earlier on in that game, the first or second drive in the red area. The ball was already through, and I was standing there and he dived at my leg and I happened to lift my leg before he got to me.”


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    This kind of stuff has no place in college football, period.

    This is 2010. We have the technology to breakdown these blocks, submit them to the SEC office, and get these players banned.

    Ryan Pugh should be the first to go.

  2. 3

    You guys are the biggest bunch of winebags I have ever seen. Why not truly adress the players well being in regards to your coach oversigning recruits ?

    Hear is the scary part, you don’t see it. You’re blinded by the Crimson sunshine radiating out of Saban’s as-….

  3. 4

    All bammers are pussies. No one complains about this stuff but you idiots. Your the kind of morons that would go tattle to your mommies if you were being picked on. lol Ever occured to you fools to fight back. You fucking idiots.

  4. 5

    God forbid my Tigers beats your asses in your own house this yr. You fools are sore losers. You all will be diry play this dirty play that. You never here us Aubies complain about it. We have players hurt all the time. Whoopie. If you cant play with the big boys go join dancing with the stars. This is hillarious.

  5. 6

    BP doesn’t care because his team takes dirty shots too. Nothing is going to come out of Saban and how he handles his players. I guess BP is the blind trying to lead the blind. But seriously, BP, talk about whining… thats all you and your sister do here.

    And Mandy, a foul-mouth girl like you just reeks of ignorance. Bama is getting all the glory and you just have to watch and bear it. Sucks to be you. Can’t wait for the Auburn wheels to fall off. Be sure to come back here, spit your tobacco juice and bash Bama to make you feel better. “Never hear us Aubies complain” hahaha, now that was funny. Every Auburn fan does nothing but complain about everything. The Auburn conspiracies are endless. No one cares about what you think, you little troll.

  6. 7

    Were talking about dirty play. Stop complaining about it and start playing dirty back. You whimps. It looks like someone is sore losers if you complain about stuff like that. You are all idiots.

  7. 8
    Denny Chimes

    You can keep bringing up the medical scholarships issue, but nothing illegal is being done. The NCAA is approving the scholarships. They don’t have to approve them, but they do. Just throwing something against the wall over and over again hoping it will stick won’t make it stick.

    Put up or shut up, but I won’t hold my breath either way.

  8. 9
    Homer Simpson

    I agree and Mike Slive needs to do something. That stuff can cause serious injury. It’s like a linebacker tripping a half-back at full speed running through the hole

  9. 10

    Butt Plugger – you are a fuc*king idiot. Arkansas played dirty as much as the refs would allow them too – kind of like chopblock U down there in that sh|Thole in Georgia.

  10. 11

    Mandy, you look like a dumbass troll coming to a Bama board complaining about Bama fans. Honestly, do you really think you are so important that we really give a crap about your delusional opinions here? Go back into the kitchen and bake a cake or something.

  11. 12

    “Stop complaining about it and start playing dirty back.” -mandy

    See lady, you just don’t get it. Bama’s not the kind of program that’s gonna drop down to the level of the barn and Arky to help win a game. We’ll take our lumps if we can’t beat you fair and square but Coach Saban has too much integrity to ask his guys to go and try to end the career of some college kid. If your thug of coach Chizik wants to play that way, fine, he’ll get his soon enough. It’s really shameful for him to be bringing God into speak when talking about a win yet he lets his players play like a bunch of thugs with all their chop blocking, clipping, spearing and the like going on. I’m glad Bama has a coach with class.

  12. 13

    “Coach Saban has too much integrity” ….The line of the day.

    Not “too much integrity to oversign and boot kids off the team for medical issues” though.

    Kepp dreaming bammers. There will soon be some sort of legislation handed down from the NCAA from all of this oversigning. And , when it does, the blame will lie squarely at the feet of your coach and program.

    But hey…Keep on whining about what happened under Tubberville’s watch if it makes you feel better.

  13. 14

    BP – you are being a big puss with the medical scholarships thing. You know it’s neither wrong or unethical. Players know that their scholarships depend on performance year in and year out. No one is losing their ability to continue to attend the university on scholarship – they are just disqualified from the football team by a medical team. Your Bama jealousy is showing – maybe one day the Barn will be able to sign enough quality players (after Bama decides they don’t need them) to be able to determine that some just don’t make the grade performance-wise, or don’t have to play with serious medical issues. Until then, go ahead and sign all the physical rejects you can get – every now and then you might get a decent player (only way I can explain Newton) – even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and then.

  14. 15

    Thanks BP. Now we know we have the right guy at Bama. If he pisses you off so much and you are nit picking at stuff like this says so much. He is not leaving anytime soon, and he will have to start paying property taxes in Lee County since he will own Auburns ass for awhile.

  15. 16

    Auburn Attrition under Chizik:

    Ken Adams — TE — Failed to qualify

    Da’Shaun Barnes — LB — Took a medical hardship Summer 2009 after battling a nagging hip injury

    Dax Dellenbach — DS — Left team Summer 2009

    DeRon Furr — ATH — Transferred to Memphis shortly after a practice fight that involved multiple players

    Raven Gray — DE — Practiced before 2008 season but never played a down and was not seen on sidelines. Did not return for 2009.

    Reggie Hunt — DB — Failed to qualify

    Marcus Jemison — LB — Removed from team Summer 2009 for unknown reasons

    Jomarcus Savage — DE — Removed from team Summer 2009 for unknown reasons

    Brandon Smith — ATH — Failed to qualify

    Freddie Smooth — OL — Failed to qualify

    Christian Thompson — LB — Removed from team Summer 2009 for unknown reasons

    Andre Wadley — DE — Took medical hardship Summer 2009

    Terrance Coleman — DE — Opted for junior college instead of waiting out Clearinghouse procedures

    Josh Jackson — DT — Failed to qualify

    Brandon Jacobs — RB — Drafted by Boston Red Sox

    LaVoyd James — WR — Failed to qualify

    Izauea Lanier — ATH — Failed to qualify

    Taikwon Paige — DB — Waiting from Clearinghouse

    Reggie Taylor — DB — Failed to qualify

    The amazing thing to me is not the number of guys from the 08-09 years that didn’t make it, (19), but the number of guys that LEFT THE TEAM FOR UNKNOWN REASONS (5 including Raven Gray). I mean, at least Saban is letting his guys continue their education and take a medical scholarship (2). Chizik’s guys are just off the team, no scholly, good riddance.

    BPI, please stop throwing rocks from your glass house.

  16. 17

    Boy I cant wait til we play you pussy goof balls. I hope Josh Bynes and Nick Fairley lays your asses out. Just wait that goofy looking gb of yours will be laying on his ass sacked 20 times praying he lives thru it. Whinning, moaning and groaning on the sideline just like Parker and Garcia was. You dont see those two complaining about cheap shots do ya? Thats cuz they are class acts and they know thats the price you pay when you put your ass on the football field. Id luv to see Chiz and Saban duke it out. Chiz would knock that mf out the first dam round.

  17. 18

    Can any of you explain the anomalie (sp) of Alabama being responsible for 12 of the 25 medical hardship transfers in the SEC in the last 3 years ? Even you kool-aide drinking tards would have to agree that out of 12 teams you are responsilbe for larger percentage than normal…..Why is that ? ANd how is it that they are always kids that you;ve never heard of ? I Rolo would have not been the player he was , I would be willing to bet that Sabear would have fired him because of his Chrone’s disease. But guess what ? He didn’t becasue he was awesome. And explain how Sabear always just so happens to have the next Bama “great” waiting in the wings to gobble up the scholarship the minute the kid gets axed ? It’s unethical. Period.

    Explain it to me people…..I’m listening.

  18. 20

    Frozen…..9 times out of ten failing to qualify is an acedemic issue…. YOU FAIL……As far as Raven goes, he quit….He didnt get a transfer. He friggin quit. Get your facts straight turd. We have 2 medical hardships, not 12……So, I will continue to chunk all the rocks I wish as you have ZERO arguement.

  19. 21

    You’re an idiot BPI, have you ever taken reading comprehension?

    I didn’t make any comment about the guys failing to qualify. Failing to qualify is always and academic issue you moron. I couldn’t give 2 flips as to why Raven quit (was asked to leave). I took issue with the FIVE guys that left the team for unknown reasons. TRANSLATION, Chizik kicked them off the team because they weren’t playing well enough. That is the difference between Saban and Chizik. Saban will give the guy a medical scholly or if he wants to keep playing, help him transfer to a smaller school that may decide to let him play after a second opinion. Chizik just kicks the guy off. If you have a problem with facts of that article, take it up with your media lap dog at OANOW, Andrew Gribble.

    He wrote the article last summer during Chiziks first year.

    Please continue to show your lack of basic reading comprehension skills.

    As for “mandy”. Seriously Tammy, “mandy” is the best pseudo-name (it means fake name Tammy)that you could come up with. You write the same way you sound on Finebaum’s show, like an inbred skank from rural Alabama that has never passed an English class, pass the 4th grade. Freakin’ barn morons, please go away.

  20. 22

    Fozen…….What are you trying to say ? Are you blaming Chizik for Tubbs crappy recruting ? We always had the non-qulify problem with him… Then , you rebutt and say that you didn’t blame Chizik ? Those guys obviously were Tubbs kids. Furr got the hell beat out of him for being a smartass and quit. Grey had a terrible knee that didn’t heal according to schedule and quit. You are smoking crack if you are trying to compare Tubbs kids attrition with Sabans. And your smking crack and meth if you are trying to compare Chiziks record with Sabans.

    Dream on.

  21. 23

    frozen, are you on crack??? There is not a single reference in that article to Chizik kicking anyone off the team. All that article talks about is what a lousy job Tuberville did his last couple of years of recruiting because the guys either left or didn’t qualify.

    You’re completeing missing the point, genius. Saban unethically uses the medical scolly rout to make room for a player he thinks is better. As you can tell from reading Gribble’s article, Chizik didn’t need to make room for anybody as they only had 75 players on scolly at the time, which is 10 short of the limit. If Chizik kicked somebody off the team for being a thug under those circumstances, all that shows is character on his part because he couldn’t afford to lose anybody. Funny that you don’t comprehend the difference.

  22. 24

    Oh how Sabans actions are haunting the Auburn faithful today. There is nothing wrong with the medical scholarships. The NCAA clears them. End of story. Stop crying foul about a non-issue girls. Enjoy your high ranking, pat each other on the back, and continue dreaming about how Auburn is unstoppable. We will take Saban, his methods, his National Championship trophies, his Heisman winners over anything thats going on at The Farm. All of you disgruntled whiney ass AU fans are showing up in droves, now that ya’ll are on a 4 game win streak.

    And Mandy, I thought I done told you to get back in the kitchen with your sisters BP and Julia. Now the dumbass trifecta is complete.

  23. 25

    julio….You will never hear from brainfreeze again. Facts are a bitch aren’t they Brainfreeze ? Go back under the rock you crawled out from under.

  24. 26

    Yeah Im paying attention to your old dumbass. BPs crazy as hell for arguring with your dumbasses on that attrition subject. All you bammer nuts know weve hit a gold mine in Coach Chiz. You hope and pray we lose from wk to wk. You morons. You know I wished I could have been a fly that day Furr got his ass beat by his teammates. I bet that was a sight. Good enough for the little whimpy shitass. Thats what happens when you dont pull your own weight at practice.

  25. 27

    I thought he had a valid point about Auburns history of players that didn’t cut it. Of course since there is no comparison between the two programs, it is all a moot point anyways.

    Weren’t we talking about players taking cheap shots? You should know a lot about that type of play, since it is a well known Auburn tradition. Like, if we can’t beat ’em, lets try and take ’em out of the game? Thats Mandy’s mentality, and she is a great spokeswomen for Auburn football. Very classy lady, that Mandy is. Ya’ll (Julia and BP) could learn a lot from her.

  26. 28

    A Gold Mine! Haha that is great! Keep them posts coming Mandy, you are a hoot! Yes, we bammers are just ready to fire Saban already cuz we all know he is no match for the Chiz Wiz. Plus he doesn’t cuss in front of kids, and he doesn’t compare a loss to pearl harbor. He is just super nice, unlike that meanie Saban. Never mind Navid Nousel compared the bammers to nazis, that is just completely different. Why are ya’ll here again? Are ya’ll outta toilet paper or something?

  27. 30

    Here are some highlights of his “state of Auburn speech”

    “You Alabama fans listening in, how bout giving us a moment alone, just us Auburn people so we can talk among ourselves. Would you do us that favor? We’d appreciate it. Take a break, go to the bathroom, get another beer. Do whatever you want to do I dont care. Just give us Auburn people a moment alone. Well, now that we are alone, what do you think. Ah I know they’re still there listening in on what we are saying.”

    “Think about the Vietnam war in the context of the Alabama/Auburn rivalry. Time and time again we Americans claimed victory, and what did it get us. In the little things, in the hearts and mines of the people, that’s where wars are won. And we are winning the war. I know it, and they know it. And that’s what will keep them awake at night.”

    “Winston Churchill, he of the Auburn heart, said it best. Never, never, never give up. We will fight on the land. We will fight on the sea. We will fight in the air. We will fight until Hitler and his Nazis are driven from the face of the earth.”

    “You Alabama fans out there, still listening in, eave dropping voyeurs that you are, lurking there in the deep dark shadows of radio land. You can bank on it; we going to win the war.”

    “Remember Dunkirk. The gallant Brittish army was virtually driven into the sea. That was one battle, but it was a long long war, as this is and will continue to be a long long war.”

    “Remember Goliath, remember the Roman Empire. Remember Ozymandias. Learn from the them my Alabama friends, and prepare to join them. And no, Ozymandias was not Ozzie Nelson’s cousin.”

  28. 33

    You mean Navid. His name is Navid Nousel. A proud Auburn man who took a stab in the gut to save face for a man who is really running the show.

  29. 34

    You’re right Brando, we were talking about the dirty hits that are so prevalent in Auburn’s game plan, but BPI insists on bringing up this stupid medical scholly’s crap.

    You’re wrong BPI, facts don’t scare me, let me know when you start presenting us with some facts btw. I agree, Tubbs was a crappy recruiter, one of the crappiest, but that doesn’t change the fact that Chizik has gotten rid of some guys that he just didn’t like regardless of scholarship numbers. Since we don’t know the reason they were kicked off, how much of a jackhole do you sound like assuming the guys deserved to be kicked off.

    Oh and mandy, I hope Chiz stays at the barn for 2 decades. He’s a worthless piece of trash as a head coach without Malzahn, Troopah & Loopah and of course $Cam Newton$

  30. 35

    Oh, I see brandii. Because Housel compared the AU-UA rivalry to World War II, (which I agree was stupid and wrong), and quoted Winston Churchill in the process, you translate that into Housel calling bammers Nazis. Interesting.

    BTW, I also agree with you that Housel is a proud AU man who got stabbed covering for others. See, unlike you I will freely admit it when AU does something wrong. You’ll defend Saban for blaming fans for losing to Utah and cussing like a drunken sailor at press conferences.

  31. 37

    Malzahn and the rest wouldnt have a job at Auburn if not for my man Chiz. Oh an Chiz will be at Auburn forever as long as he hires and fires assts as needed unlike lazy Tubbs. We will get better way better ocs than Malzahn when he leaves and I dont care if he stays or not. See Coach Chiz works his ass off around the clock. We need a coach like that to compete, not one that goes duck hunting..etc when he should be recruiting etc. Sabans getting old and can only stand so much of that turd crap, no matter how much money you pay him. Chiz is still a youngun and has yrs to coach. If we keep winning its Chiz that will be getting the hc offers and if Jacobs is smart, he will pay him whatever it takes to keep him.I wouldnt be surprised if somewhere down the line Florida came after him. He has ties there. So you all saying you hope we keep Chiz is bs and Im wise to it..So go to your nearest church and pray like hell that we start losing soon. Good luck with that. lol

  32. 38

    Don’t worry about it Butt Plug! It’s none of your business. It’s legal and not you nor any other cocksuckers knows what goes on in those negotiations for Med Scolly’s. Get a phucking life and find something original to have diahrrea of the mouth about. Mandy, I’d stick my dick in your mouth to shut it up, but I’d end up dying of Siphylis if I did. Talk about a universe sized case of trenchmouth. Stupid Biotch. RTR!

  33. 39

    I doubt that would happen cuz you start that nasty shit around me Id hit your ass in the head with a two by four. Only bammer trash talks that way. Im mean bitch I dont allow none of that nasty talk around me. Take it for whats it worth.

  34. 40

    Man, Mandy is sold, hook, line and sinker! Chiz is tha MAN! Girl, you got me worried now that maybe Bama is overpaying Saban. In just 4 short years, with a 17-24 head coaching record, has got this coaching thing down. Maybe by next season he will be a .500 coach, and we will be in trouble then! Thanks Mandy for the heads up, so we can all stay awake a night trembling with the fear.

  35. 43

    Oh and by the phucking way. Just so you inbred cocksuckers don’t get any stupid ideas. Like I said already. You don’t deserve to be in the the top 10. You snuck by three middle of the road teams who lost only because of one or two badly timed errors, and you gave up what – 3.5 or 4 tds to an FCS school? You are there only because 6 or 7 teams who no doubt could beat you, lost. And what’s more rediculous is that there is a huge possibility that since this weekend is loaded with top 10 and top 25 schools playing each other and 4 or 5 schools ahead of you could lose, that you dumbasses could be backing into a #5 or #6 ranking on Monday seeing as how you only play ULM. Now if that’s not a crock of shite I’ve never seen one. You phuckers with your chickencrap defense and your dipsey-doo offense that falls behind by 2 td’s in the first half of every game, couldn’t beat one single team in the top 10. There’s a possibility that Oregon and Oklahoma will lose and certainly Florida, which would jump you over those teams. Bullshite! Bullshite! Bullshite! No way in hell you could beat any of them. You will be backing into your ranking. What a damn laugh! RTR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 45

    Well that crimson using that kinda dirty language musta had some serious shit going on in his childhood. I can tell your parents, if you had any didnt beat your ass on a regular basis. BTW we aka my Tigers have Floridas number. Tebow never beat us while he was there. So ahm I think we might could beat them. You think? As far as the top ten. Dont know that quiet yet. I wanna see how you nit wits play against Fla this wkend and if its close. BTW I hope they beat you to a pulp.

  37. 46

    Mandy, you are pretty foul-mouthed yourself there. I mean, you kinda expect us dudes to do it, but it is downright ugly when a woman does it. I bet you have a billfold with a chain on it.

  38. 47
    Indy Vol is gay

    I thought i smelled Tuna when i came to this page, then when i saw Handy Mandy i knew what it was. Wash it out with a hose sometimes slut..

  39. 49

    This board wreaks of class and integraty.

    You’re right egg…Aftrer the Kentucky game, we may be in the top five. Heck, we may even be ranked ahead of you guys…This board would explode.

  40. 50

    Listen to the stupid street ho’ yappin’. Talkin’ about somebody else cursing. What gall. Reread any of your own posts lately Biotch? And the only way you’d ever hit me with a 2×4 would be if you brought one to my wake! You ever even get close to me talkin’ your shite about Bama and I’ll guarantee somebody will be goin’ to your wake! Probably that two toothed fag Indiana Vile. Might be a double wake! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!!!! One more thing Biotch, you only played Florida once when Tebow was the starting QB and that was in ’07 which was Urban’s worst year there. So I’d just forget talkin’ that shite if I were you. Makes you look even stupider, if that’s possible. RTR!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. 51

    BTW If the Gators lose. Its becuz Demps wont be effective cuz of his injury and Rainsy is out plus refs on the bammer pay roll Big obstacles for the Gators to over come.

  42. 53

    BP, hate to jump your ass like a duck on a Junebug, but you’ve been acting real damn fiesty lately. Haven’t seen you like this since the winter of ’08 before the season of the 36-0 thingy. Guess it only take 2 excuseme wins for the Aubies to lose what little is left of their minds. You see what you poor young phuckers are learning the hard way? Ya’ll grew up during Bama’s 15 year beatdown by the Nazi’s. Didn’t really know anything about the down years. But we did. After the most unparalleled 25 years in college football history, we had to put up with your inbred asses dissing BAMA for 15 years. It was hell because we remembered. Now you pitiful phuckers who grew up during the good times, never ever thought you’d see it come to an end, much less have to suck Bama’s shite through a straw. Sucks – the shoe on the other foot doesn’t it boyos? Get use to it. This is the way it’s supposed to be! RTR!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. 54

    Yeah Biotch I guess McElroy’s deep bone bruise to his thigh and Darius’ sprained ankle also in a boot don’t count huh? Stupid arse! RTR!

  44. 56

    “[B]ut that doesn’t change the fact that Chizik has gotten rid of some guys that he just didn’t like regardless of scholarship numbers. Since we don’t know the reason they were kicked off, how much of a jackhole do you sound like assuming the guys deserved to be kicked off.”

    freeze, are you so stupid that you don’t realize you just directly contradicted yourself in the span of two sentences? First you proclaim that the reason Chizik kicked players off the team was that he just didn’t like them. In the very next sentence you say that we don’t know the reason why they were kicked off, and accuse BPI of being a jackass for saying they deserved it. What an idiot.

  45. 57

    Mandy got an early start on her excuses. BP the subject changer does what she does best. Julia is still holier than thou, bless her heart. When Auburn hits 5-0, watch how brave these fools get next week. Oughta be fun slappin em around with a little fight left in them.

  46. 58

    He’s new…..Well, that and he’s a bama fan…

    Crimson…Ive been feisty since the day I was born. And , beleive it or not, I don’t think that Auburn is where Bama is right now. But, I believe we are getting there. And, I think that in CFB anybody can beat anybody. Ask Ole Miss….The thing that pisses you and the other tards off on this board is this : We didnt lay down and take it like you guys did for ten freekin years. We are back in the top tem with “Mr. 5-19”, and it kiiiilllllsssss you guys.

  47. 59

    No, the idiots are the one’s that changed the body of this thread which was about dirty hits which is something important to bitching about Med Scolly’s which is irrelevant and none of your damn business! By the phucking way. Like you said Cheeze Butt only had 75 on scholly and didn’t need to get rid of anybody. So how about you pussy farts waiting until you get your asses handed to you again in the Iron bowl, have 85 on scholly and need 10 more to try and compete. We’ll see just how fast you change your phucking attitude on this shite! RTR!

  48. 60

    Hey I said that cuz you all whinning about oooooh State, clemson, sc gave there games away…ooooh what if ….ooooh chop block, spearing, Well I can turn that around and say oooooh if we hadnt fumbled or had any penaties. We would have beat these fools by 5 touchdowns….oooooooh f…that.

  49. 61

    Wrong! It doesn’t bother me except that you don’t deserve it by your current body of work. You backed into it because a lot of very good teams ahead of you fucked up, and like you just said it can happen to anybody any time. Now if you had held Arky St scoreless and had won your last 3 games by a total of 150-9, then you would have jumped some of those teams even if they hadn’t lost. And that my friend is the difference. This season aint over yet dude. And at this point I’m saying you don’t get by Alabama, Arkansas or LSU. And if you get down on yourselves after losing to any one of those, you could find yourself on the short end of another loss. And that would be 8-4, 4-4 SEC. And budro’ that aint top 10! RTR!

  50. 62

    All I did was suggest that you examine the ethical behavior of your coach when you tards where questioning the ethics of an Arkansas lineman.

    And you still have not done it. If Saban told the bammer nation to jump off a cliff , you boobs would do it.

  51. 63

    I sure wish Chizik would tell BP and Julia to jump off a cliff.

    Seriously, BP. Since you are not a Bama fan, you are looking for something not to like about Saban. If you think he is unethical, thats your opinion. The Arkansas lineman did clip at Dareus’ ankle, that is a fact. But the thing is, Saban has already proven that he can coach, recruit, win championships, coach Heisman worthy players, etc. The man knows how to get it done. Deny that and you are going to look like a fool. And we sure are glad to have him on our side. And you would too, if he were coaching your team. But he is not, and every Auburn fan hates him. I wonder why? It is not because of what you are saying.

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