Florida schemes to stop Alabama

Alabama has a powerful rushing attack. It was demonstrated last week against Arkansas and last season in the SEC Championship game and BCS Championship Game; you can ask Florida and Texas how good the Alabama rushing game is and how good Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson are. So, how will Florida stop Alabama? The AP has a few details.

According to the AP story that you can read below, “It started in spring practice, when new defensive coordinator Teryl Austin and defensive line coach Dan McCarney unveiled the “Heavy Package.” A more fitting name might have been the ‘Bama Bundle. After all, it was tailor made to stem the Tide. The scheme essentially moves 250-pound defensive end Duke Lemmens to strong-side linebacker and 295-pound defensive tackle to end. Lemmens then lines up as a fifth lineman, staying away from bigger tight ends and offensive linemen but remaining in position to help stop runs between the tackles.”

Of course there is a downside: “The downside is it takes one of Florida’s speedy linebackers off the field, leaving the Gators vulnerable to perimeter rushes and passes.”

And Urban Meyer went further. “How do you stop a great running back? You load the box, plus-one them and you don’t miss a tackle,” Meyer said. “Unfortunately, when you do that, you’re now leaving your corner on an island with probably the first receiver going to be picked in the NFL draft. That’s the issue.” Read more information on Florida’s work to stop Alabama in the AP in the story below.

Will the Heavy Package work? How can Alabama attack it? Does it mean Greg McElroy and the Crimson Tide receivers must play a major role in attacking the Gators?


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    “Unfortunately, when you do that, you’re now leaving your corner on an island with probably the first receiver going to be picked in the NFL draft.”

    which might be the best way to defend julio. get him drafted.

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    Meyer is a good coach, he knows he has to fundamentally change his defensive scheme for Bama. But the problem is, Strong isn’t there anymore, and Meyer is not known for his great defenses. Can the new guy measure up? This will be his first real test. Bama has a really good balanced offense, not so sure scheming against the run is going to get it done.

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    You want to really phuck up Florida’s game plan? Start the game lined up in the Wildcat and then shift to an empty backfield spread formation. Hit em with the long ball twice and then send in Mark, Trent and Lacy lined up in the Wishbone. Mr. DC would slash his wrists right there in front of God and everybody. RTR!

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    Alex Hamilton

    Oh darn. Teams stopped running the 5-2 in the 90’s because it’s too difficult to cover backs on passes and is too vulnerable to three receiver sets. This is the same garbage that The Roof is on Fire tried to run against Alabama and it worked for a half.

    I will laugh my ass off as we trap that extra D tackle and throw to Smelley, Williams and Maze all day long.

    The only real way to make a 5-2 work against Alabama is to be able to run a multiple 3-4 as Alabama runs. The ends are 3 techniques that are so athletic they can play the run without creating a mismatch.

    Hey Urb, I know you got 100 wins and a couple of NC’s, but you should know better than to think that Alabama isn’t prepared to play against that BS Roof defense. And if you don’t know better, be prepared for Bama to throw short all day while your linemen are rushing up the field with only 3 men able to stop Ingram and Richardson. Looks like Bama 41 Florida 13 to me.

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