‘Classy’ Florida fans preview 2010 Alabama game

I’ve always liked Florida fans, but…

What do Florida fans think will happen in the 2010 game against the Alabama Crimson Tide? These fans hope to see Alabama star football player Mark Ingram suffer the same type of injury as Tyrone Prothro. Congrats on taking SEC football trash talking to a new low. This is just what the two best SEC programs needed. (Warning the language is not safe for work.)


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  1. 1

    notice the ho didn’t say much. that’s the way these rocket scientists like their hoes.
    (kinda like the taliban)

    what was the score of that game??? i forget.

    or the score the last time??? (when we bitchslapped tebow)

    i really don’t care where you or your skank’s gonna be bud.

    black belt my ass.

  2. 3


    How classy can you get? She will be the hottest girl in BAMA Saturday when she’s at the game?? My daughter’s ASS would make her a Sunday face. Bring it big boy…..your team can’t even hike the ball, your coach will be in the hospital again when this game is over and we’ll have Brantley on the big jumbotrons crying big ole GAY-TOR tears just like we had your boy Tebow doing last December. And we don’t have any problem finding you…..QUEERS always stand out at our stadium. See ya Saturday.

  3. 4

    Hey Gay-Turd Fan,
    Will be lookin you up at the tail gate, and in the stands, better bring that black belt and your pajamas too, Tyrone is my cousin and you crossed the family line. My turn with you on Saturday. When I’m done with you, Im gonna stretch out that ho. Bama is gonna crush the Gay-turds, and Im gonna make you remember Tuscaloosa. You wont be coming back again.

  4. 5

    He looks like he’s wearing his dad’s suit. And the left hand on his hip gives indication that a female in orange and blue isn’t reeaallly what he’s after.

    Another thing, if he’s a black belt I’m Florence Henderson. And I’m calling bull crap on the details he gave about his tailgating and seat locations. He doesn’t want to be found, which is why he’s on cam in sunglasses and a suit…garb I’m sure every Florida fan wears to games. Now, show him in jorts and a cut-off tee and he’d be easier to spot.

    And I loved his “re-take”, where he turned the camera off then thought of another “goodie” and flipped it back on to say it. What a dweeb.

    Just another Florida prick talking big while out of reach. Unless you drive to his house you won’t encounter him during the game.

  5. 6

    You know, I was at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Jackson, Tn. watching the game Saturday. There were tables of fans in all three shades of shite orange there – Barnies, UcheaT and Gayturds. There were also lots of Bama fans. All day long the Bama fans were mostly quiet except for an occasional cheer for Bama UltraLite against UcheaT, or a rant against the refs when they made one of the many bad calls in the Arky game. Now during all three of the orange shite games there was virtually no sound coming from any of their fans. But during the Bama game I swear to God you couldn’t hear yourself think for all the screaming and cursing and ranting against Alabama by all three orange shite groups. And they didn’t just root for Arky to win – they rooted for McElroy,
    Ingram, Richardson or Julio to get hurt, knocked out or even killed. I’m still not sure if Bama’s success and arrogance breeds this kind of behavior universally, or if all orange shite clad fans are just born again arseholes. I’m thinking the latter. RTR!

  6. 7

    Crimsonite, the jealousy when Bama gets on a roll is felt all through the SEC, especially Auburn fans. They are the most hateful and vile of them all. I could care less about the fortunes or misfortunes of Auburn, Tennessee, or any other SEC school for that matter. But they celebrate everything little negative thing that happens at Bama. And it gets worse as Bamas success grows. I think it is great that Bama can have such an effect on so many fanbases. It is a sign of fear and jealousy.

  7. 8
    Indiana Vol

    Crimsonite Says:

    You are too FUC#ING stupid to live in Tennessee, so I must deduct you were just visiting.

    As far as UAB, when does Bammer play UAB, or have them scheduled?? The truth is, Bammer has steered clear of UAB because Bammer is afraid UAB might upset the TURD. So before you let your mouth overload your ass, STFU!

    BTW, UcheaT?? When was the last time Tennessee was was on NCAA probation for buying players???? Just look in the mirror if you want to see who is a fan of the DIRTYIST CHEATERS in college football

  8. 9
    Alex Hamilton

    All I know is that 20 mins pre kick last year in the mezzanine restaurant / bar area of the GA Dome a UF fan was boasting about the 2008 SEC game and finished up his rant to me and others by screaming, “We kicked your ass last year and made you like it.”

    I saw him leaving the Dome and screamed “Hey Assholle, need a Kleenex?”

    He just put his head down and walked quickly as fast as he could towards MARTA.

    UF fans are the most obnoxious on the planet. That is why last year was so sweet.

    We all need to wear that shirt, “So good we make you cry.” Saturday.

    I love wearing that shirt in Florida.

    I’ll be in section HH if any UF Fans want to “talk”.

  9. 11
    Alex Hamilton

    Wow, FaggotVol decided to show his face?

    Tee Martin was bought by a Mobile couple that are UT fans. TennStud boasts of the players he bought and gave head to at UT (a whole other bizzare situation). And Linda Benzel-Myers was ready to discuss academic cheating until Fat Phil put her in fear of her life.

    Nothing like that has gone on at Alabama since 1999/2000. And our boosters are straight.

    But good news FaggotVol, you might be able to give a half and half to TennStud and get some cheap tickets.

    But why would you want them? UT will be lucky to win another game. Then again, taking it in the asss from a 60 yo queer is probably a good weekend for you.

  10. 12

    Seriously this guy is gross…. Does he speak for the majority of Florida fans? If so no wonder they are so hated.

  11. 13
    Indiana Vol

    “UF fans are the most obnoxious on the planet.”


  12. 15
    Indiana Vol

    Alex Hamilton (aka BAMMER TURD),

    Please show where the NCAA put TN on probation for these allegations, as opposed to the reaming Bammer got from the NCAA for blatent CHEATING!!

    Some on DUMBASS, GET A CLUE!

  13. 16

    Indiana Vol, are you aware you’re under investigation AT THIS VERY MOMENT?

    You’ve proven you’re stupid in the past, but now you’ve just stepped into a whole new realm of being an imbecile.

  14. 17

    Hey Retard Vol,
    You know Alex speaks the truth. You know who TennStud is, I am sure he is your hero. You know where to find him, too. But all of that is ancient history. Bama owns your ass right now, and will for years to come. So much for Krispy Kreme and all he did. Right now your program is on the skids, and Bama is kicking ass. UT is just another cream puff, all the life kicked out of it. You know Vandy is gonna kick that ass this year too. Couldn’t happen to a more low class bunch of hillbillies. So quit talkin about the past and explain how UT has fallen so far after being so high and mighty helping the NCAA. Who is laughing at your program now? What a joke it has become.

  15. 20

    I’ll tell you about Florida fans. The ones at BWW in Jackson were the loudest, rudest and crudest. I take pride in pissing off posters on other team boards who flame Bama or the people of Alabama. When I get blacklisted it’s for frying their asses and it’s like a gold medal to me. Of all the SEC boards, Auburn and Tennessee have the stupidest morons and Florida has the biggest know-it-alls with a bushell basket full of Phucking statistics to prove why they have been the Gods of football for 350 years. To them nobody, especially Bama has ever done anything of real value because it was all done by cheating. Florida is the sickest puppies of them all. For two years running including this morning, I have been blacklisted at Florida’s Rivals site faster than at any other team site anywhere. This time it only took 4 hours. And that was without cursing, defamation of another poster or anything other than telling the
    gawd awful truth about Florida’s football history. They can’t take it. I think what did me in this year was refering to their first ever National Championship game which came over 50 years after ours and 11 National championships later, and how I was ashamed to show my face to anyone from another conference for a year after mighty Florida got ass pounded 70-7 by Nebraska, and that Bama’s never been beat that bad even during Ears Whitworth’s winless season. Bwaa Haww Haww! If anybody is interested we can look for this guy Saturday and if we find him I have some rather unsavory friends who would love to make a jigsaw puzzle out of the bastard. Then we can lookup Indiana Vol and let him Phuck the guys ‘ho so she will get AIDS, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, Scabies and Crabs. Anybody have GMAC’s or Mark’s email address to send them links to this shite? Hey IV Queer what-sa-matter crotch-rot? You all upset cause Bama UltraLite beat the shit out of the Volunqueers for 70 minutes? One lucky pass, that’s all ya’ll did the whole damn game. UAB is so damn bad that most Bama fans want them to drop football. Bwaa Haww Haww!!!! RTR!

  16. 21

    Crimson Hammah what kind of stupid SOB are you? Referencing Tommy Prothro’s career ending injury, threatening Mark with even worse, and showing that sick replay over and over again for vengence is not PHUCKING COMIC!!!! Apparently you wern’t watching live when that play happened. I was and it made me sick to my stomach. If I find the guy he will live only depending on how fast EMS responds. Idiot!!!

  17. 22

    BAMA and UF are the two best teams in the nation; both teams and fan bases are very comfortable in their own skin. That’s why I am confident this is not the work of a Gator. Looking at the way his 14 1/2 inch neck is swallowed by the Perry Ellis knock-off button down and ash-stained suit, I assess he is attending mortuary school near a SuperFund site 3 blocks from the strip joint where he hired his sidekick, and power blows the bleachers after SEC games for tuition and table-dances.

  18. 23

    OK, I just watched the video for the 1st time. That’s freakin’ hilarious. That’s a college kid who’s just tryin to get you bammers riled up. You’re wrong ITK…I guarantee you the kid will be at the game and tailgating before. But he will be about 200 yds away from where he said he would be wearing a bama t-shirt and with a pair of binoculars laughing his a$$ off watching a bunch of drunken mullets threatening every UF fan in the area that has brown hair and is under the age of 40. He’ll be doing the same thing in the stadium. If, by mere coincidence, there is a UF fan in those seats that even remotely fits that guy’s description the poor guy is going to be spending the night in the hospital.

  19. 24

    Sorryche…. That guy is an internet troll. He posts videos like that just to piss off fanbases. He has an EXTREME hatred for Alabama though.

  20. 26

    Julio IF ANYONE dared to trash talk Cameron the Great like that, the Auburn Family (Cult) would find out who he is, take him out of his house in the middle of the night like KGB or Gestapo agents, and that poor bastard would never be seen again. You Auburn fans really are THAT f*cking pathetic.

  21. 27

    I’m julio, I’m a gay, butt fucking, faggot that masturbates to pictures of Cameron Newton and Gene Chizik. WARRRRR EAGLE HEY!

  22. 30
    Alex Hamilton

    I’ve always hated Florida. Whoever this guy is doesn’t spend much time in Milton or Lake City, now those are some die hard Gator towns. I spend about a month per year in Florida on vacation at Disney or Sandestin.
    This is really how the majority of 40 and under UF fans and alums think of Alabama. While all the world thinks that Alabama fans are the worst, this sect of UF fans are clearly the worst. Don’t believe me? Go to Orlando in a lot of Bama apparel and see how they treat you. They hate us worse than UT or LSU fans hate us. I got dozens of FU looks while at Disney for Labor Day weekend wearing Bama hats.

    The sad thing is that the real people in Florida (whites & blacks) and not the douchebags with bed head and the Cubans (who are usually just rude)
    are normal fans like any typical country Bama fan. I even had one in October 2008 (40 to 45 yo white male) country fella in a UF hat offer me his tools in a parking lot when I was trying to fix where the skid plate over the oil drain plug had worked its way loose on I-10. Now he did say Go Gators, but only cause her car had UA tags.

    The fact is that people of Florida think we are hicks and inbred. And this is why we need to find this guy and curb stomp him.

  23. 31
    Alex Hamilton

    Let me be clear. The cocky, white punks under 40 have this low opinion of Alabama fans. Not the other normal people. It’s all the young types that have the “God Complex”. The regular people are typically good folk. Unfortunately, they don’t make up for trash like this douchebag.

    I have about a dozen encounters with these asses. They really are insufferable.

    I wasn’t going to say anything earlier. But from what Ive already heard his black belt is nothing compared to what is waiting on this guy if he shows up with his eight friends. If this guy is dumb enough to show up, he needs to be worried not only about the rabble, but Ive heard that three Fraternities will be looking for him and his friends. He will get his ass kicked and likely will need reconstructive surgery on his face. As one guy put it to one of my friends, they are going to give him the American History X treatment. I really hope that he is stupid enough to show up. They’ve said they will either bum rush him on The Quad or as he’s coming down the ramps and exiting the stadium.

  24. 32

    Ok, because it would never in a million years be referenced on this site, this is the text of an article run by the Daily Gamecock, which is the Univ. S.Carolina Newspaper:

    “Welcome to Auburn.

    Seriously. Welcome to Auburn.

    Everyone said it – while giving directions, offering food, serving free drinks and speaking to all.

    They shook hands. They thanked you for visiting.

    And some even apologized just in case someone else was mean to you. It almost felt like there was a planned hospitality committee in this gorgeous, quaint town on the Plains. We all were in awe- the only rude fans we saw were wearing garnet and black.

    Jordan-Hare Stadium was an incredible experience due to a raucous crowd, a fantastic gameday environment and a gorgeous eagle that swooped over the stadium and sat on the sideline. The crowd chanted the entire game, but there were no rude catcalls toward USC or untoward motions to the fans, at least from our vantage points.

    This small town was the best of the best. Before the game, friends told us all the campus was like Clemson. Not true. This place was pristine with class. It had character. And the people had character. They even recycled…

    Thank you, Auburn. You set the standard for what SEC football should be. If we have to lose, we’ll lose there every time. From what we saw, you gave us the best of the South and the best college football has to offer. Let’s do the same for Alabama in two weeks.”

    Gee, did they run an article like that when they played in Tuscaloosa last year?

  25. 33

    Julia, your Auburn justifications here just makes you look like a big crybaby. Be proud of your team. Nobody is denying you that. But this is a Bama site. Do you really think you are going to convince any Bama fans here that Auburn is somehow relevant when compared to Alabama? Really? Just how much time do you think you have wasted there, Don Quixote?

  26. 34
    Indiana Vol

    “The fact is that people of Florida think we are hicks and inbred.”

    It’s not just the people of Florida who think that; IT IS EVERYONE OTHER THAN THE BAMMER MORONS!

  27. 35

    And what does everyone think of the Tennessee inbreds like you? A bunch of fat-ass hillbillies with hound dogs, and singing the most backwoods goofy song as a fight song. Your proud tradition reminds us all of Hee-Haw. Any fight song that features banjo-pickin oughtta be banned. Plus your program is known for ratting, and now cheating. How much more backwards can you go? I don’t know, but it is going to be so much fun watching the implosion slowly take place. Good luck with your national recruiting, since we already know the best players in your state would rather play for Bama. UT is an embarrassment to the SEC.

  28. 36
    Indiana Vol

    Hey Bammer Brando (aka THE MORON),

    Take that rammer-jammer-hammer and stick it where the sun don’t shine. Bammers are the toothless, in-bred wonders of the SEC!

  29. 37
    Indiana Vol


    You must be the king of the Turd Morons because your rants are so FUC#ING stupid, it gives me a headache just trying to make sense of that drivel.

    Do you have a 4th grade education, or did you graduate from one of those “good” Bammer school systems?


  30. 38

    Glad to slap you around Vol. Just be sure to come on back each week to entertain us all some more. I beat you upside the head with the truth, and thats all you have got?

  31. 40

    Hey Infantile Volunqueer. It ought to give you a headache trying to read it with that Day Care Center education you have! Besides Syphilis of the brain tends to have that effect! Hey Julietta – Romeo’s Ho’. I wouldn’t know. I don’t troll other teams local newspapers, moron. Get a life! Besides I think when it comes to hated rivals, the fans should be just as obnoxious as the football team so that nobody wants none of our ass either! And in that sense Bama’s football team is very, very obnoxious. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!!!!

  32. 41
    Alex Hamilton

    Way to tell it Brando. I told Indiana Queer to settle this like gentlemen in fist fight last year and all he had to say is “Bammer Turd” and “cheater”. He will keep spewing that same tired BS again this year and Alabama will gut the Viles for the fourth consecutive season.

    Hey Indiana Queer,

    I’d be glad to challenge you to a fight this year. I’m coming to Knoxville for the game. Or are you a black belt with three other douche bags. Phuck you you queer.

  33. 42
    Alex Hamilton

    Am I the only one that sees that the chick is maybe 5′ 3 to 5′ 5″. That would make her 5′ 8″ in three inch heels. I’ve stared at and screwed enough women to know that chick is not any taller than 5′ 5″.

    For him to be 6′ 5″, she would need to be 5″ 10″ or 6′ 1″ to come up to his ear with him in wing tips. That chick has normal length arms and fingers. Tall skinny chicks have long, gangly fingers.

    Looks like he will need a blackbelt and three friends. He’s no where near Tebows size. He’s just a lying punk that pretends to have an MBA and a finance degree.

  34. 44

    See, alex is exactly the kind of bammer idiot the kid was gunning for and alex took the bait hook line and sinker. The whole reason the kid said anything about being 6’5″ is that he knew bammers would torture themselves watching the video over and over trying to figure out the physical characteristics of a straw man they want to kill but in reality will never freakin’ see. And what does alex do?? He’s poring over the length of the girl’s freakin fingers. That kid is reading replies like these on bammer web sites everywhere and laughing his a$$ off.

  35. 45

    Thanks Julia. What would we ever do without your insight on all things Bama related. Just only if you were as half as smart as you think you are, you wouldn’t be trolling around on Bama boards either.

  36. 47

    After reading Alexis’ lesson on bammer etiquite and how bammers are falsely stereotyped as rednecks in post 30 and 31…..We scroll down to post 40 where he is “gonna whoop ole IndyVols raaarend up in Knoxville if he is man enuff to show”………DOes anyone else see the hypocracy in that ?

    ANd to enlighten you on the “looks” yoiu’ve recieved in Post 30 paragraph 1….That is because you are a dooshbag. Don’t overexamine their behavior….This is normal.

  37. 48

    I do believe this guy was “attempting” to be humorous, but it is an epic fail. He came off as an incredibly insensitive jerk and has made Bama, Florida, and all other types of fans angry. What kind of a person makes fun of someone getting injured? And, while I am waffling about whether he really is sitting in those seats or will be in attendance at the game, I am highly concerned that he or some other innocent fan attending the game will get seriously injured as a result of his behavior. Also, I respect both the Alabama and Florida football programs so please don’t attack me for saying this, but I sent this video to some die hard Gator fans that I know and they were all equally as horrified by the distasteful message as you all are.

  38. 49
    Alex Hamilton

    Butt Plug why don’t you put you money where your mouth is. I hate you and would relish the opportunity to kick you ass. Name the Tim and place.

  39. 50
    Alex Hamilton

    Butt Plug why don’t you put you money where your mouth is. I hate you and would relish the opportunity to kick you ass. Name the time and place.

  40. 51
    Alex Hamilton

    You know, I finally have Julia and the faggot BPI figured out.

    Both of them remind me of insecure punks from junior high. You know boys, you might enjoy coming to this board to goad me and other Alabama fans and you might enjoy being able to poke fun of Alabama and boast about Auburn despite the enormous gulf between the two programs, but deep down your actions belie a vast inferiority complex that can only be described as an obsession.

    You and all the other passive aggressive snide Auburn fans are all alike. You attempt to come across as cultured and well heeled when in reality you wouldn’t know class if it slapped you in the face. Why else all the personal attacks? Why else all the lawyer jokes? Why?

    Because the both of you are fuckin losers. I’m the one that lives in the big house on 30 acres. You live in an apartment. No wait. Julia lives in a subdivision with other Barner neighbors in a house he an Mr. Julia have refied six times in ten years to go to Auburn’s bowl games.

    The fact of the matter is this. My anger and vitriol is reactive. Your hatred of Alabama and those that call bull shite on lil bastards like you punks is proactive. In other words, you go looking for a fight and I am more than happy to take you up on one. The only problem is that the two of you are too busy with your circle jerk to man up and actually take your medicine.

    Your both nothing more than a couple of losers that are in love with a loser school. And I doubt BPI has ever set foot inside an academic building on the plains. You strike me as the “night school” type. Maybe a heating and air man, eh?

    Yeah, you keep talking that big smack ladies. I may only be respected by one or two in here. But God knows that no one likes or respects either one of you. And I personally wish you were both Man enough to contribute something to society more than coming to a site of a school that you presumably hate to draw attention to yourselves.

    I think you both should be a new case study in the DSM 6. You’d both be a great study of obsession, compusion, pessimism and anger. If only we could name individuals with that affliction. Wait, how about “loser”??? Or better yet, “Auburn Fan”.

  41. 53

    Seriously Brandi….Do you think anyone will invest that much time to read something posted by you ? You lost me after the first paragraph.

    You need to take a lesson from your Padwon brainfreeze. If you don’t know what the heck you’ra talking about (and you don’t) then disappear.

    Ole Brainfreeze was like a good fart…..he raised a stink, then disappeared when he realized there was nothing behind it.

  42. 54

    What? BP, I am sorry, but if two sentences are too long for your reading comprehension skills, I can sum it up in two words, but you already know what they are.

  43. 55

    ACTUALLY nerd, I’m from Illinois but I’ve lived in Alabama for a while. I live in a two story house, and I’m not inbred.

    He says Alabama fans don’t understand football.

    Obviously, that’s not true. I’m a girl and I understand it.

    He evidently doesn’t understand football AT ALL if he thinks Florida’s going to beat Bama today. We beat the crap out of them last year and made their quarterback cry.

    Way to be classy, hoping that our players will get injured. What are you, three?

  44. 56

    Hey IndidanaVol and the queer with the black suit on namely the Classless Florida Fan with the ho standing next to him:

    31 – 6 Bahhhaaaaaaa!!!!! Urban is Saban’s BITCH!!! And IndianaVol….STFU YOU INBRED BUCKET OF PISS – GO HOME GAY-TURDS!! STOMP THE CHOMP!!!

  45. 57
    Capstone Report » I miss losing

    […] you have the Bama offense, which was creative and productive enough to lay 24 on the Gators before the goofy dude that made that completely embarrassing video last week could get his tail whipped. If there is a criticism to Saturday it’s that we […]

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