Does Nick Saban push the limit on scholarships?

Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban has a reputation for oversigning. Does he go too far?

According to the Wall Street Journal: “I’m still kind of bitter,” said former Alabama linebacker Chuck Kirschman, who took a medical scholarship last year. Mr. Kirschman said Mr. Saban encouraged him to accept the scholarship because of a back problem that he believes he could have played through. “It’s a business,” Mr. Kirschman said. “College football is all about politics. And this is a loophole in the system.”

The report provides players who feel they were pushed to take a medical scholarship, and also quotes a player who said he was not pressured.


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  1. 1
    crimson hammah

    i’m ashamed of kirschman – he was beaten out and had a back injury vert=y difficult injury to overcome – if u thought u could play transfer to north alabama and make the most of it – to whine about it later is wuss at best

  2. 3

    Everybody knows of Saban’s antics as a coach. he offers 190 kids signs 45 and then throws the ones he dont want in the garbage bin or throws them in front of oncomming traffic.
    There was prolly nothing wrong with Kirshman. Except he was jewish and every body knows about Saban’s Nazi leanings. It has been clearly documented on Track’em Tigers and other prominant news sites…..

  3. 5

    It is a Business. That is your bottom line. This is not about Charity or doing the right thing anymore. It is about running a Business and a Franchise. You produce – or your ass is gone.
    It insults me that a F*cking Aubie thinks that Cheesit runs things any different. Hell. Ain’t Auburn in the Business too ? Give me a break on the Sermons.
    All of this Sucks – but it is Dog eat Dog and another Dog is biting my Ass……

  4. 8

    To a point Pluto. But when a 1-18 year old kid signs a scholarship, it’s a crap shoot. He may be the next Joe Namath. He may not ever even see the field. It’s a chance that the coaches should know they are taking. If a kid is a disciplin problem, that is a different animal all together. I am not talking about that. I am talking about dumping a kids 4 year education based on football talent.

  5. 9
    Alex Hamilton

    Saban a Nazi? Are you f@cking kidding me??? That’s the absolute lowest thing that any Auburn idiot could ever say. It’s clear that AU Tigger Fan does not understand 20th century history.

    This is why I hate all Auburn fans that spew off at the mouth during their online attacks of Alabama and Coach Saban.

    What makes this AU fan even more rediculous is that Saban is of eastern European descent. I got news for you Aubies. More of those folks were in the concentration camps than in the Nazi government. I mean, the stated goal of the Nazi regime was to eliminate or subjegate Eastern Europeans to Nazi Germany. But we can’t let the facts get in the way of a smear statement that gives a good Aubie a Hard-On while they type it out.

    Repeat after me slowly, AU Tiger Fan:

    You Are,

    Sofa King,

    Wee Todd Ed.

    Phuck Auburn.

  6. 10

    If fans and boosters of other programs aren’t screaming about my coach cheating, I want him gone.

    Pushing the envelope is part of getting better. There’s a difference between blatant rules breaking and working to get an edge.

    At Alabama, pushing the envelope to get an edge is part of the job. If you’re not doing it, you’re Mike Shula.

    As a player, if you can’t handle this, forget the NFL.

  7. 11

    A minority of the team sees an NFL roster. The rest need an education.

    It really does not suprise me that you bammers could not care any less about the actual players. Just win, right ?

  8. 12

    Alex, are you seriously so dim witted that you haven’t realized that “auburntigerfan” is not real and is simply a parody of an auburn poster? (and not a very funny one at that.) You just got your panties in a wad and gave a history lesson to a bad joke.

  9. 13

    Alex got punked.

    Oh yeah ITK and Cap…..Anything you want to say about Scarbynskie and the B’ham news ? They have written several negative Auburn stories in the last couple of weeks……Care to comment ?

  10. 14

    Agree that when you are talking about just the 17 and 18-year old kids, you are not talking about a lot of experience in the business of football. But their coaches are involved, their school counselors and administrators are involved, their parents are involved, not to mention multiple family members who all come out of the woodwork. So, no, no high school kid is getting taken advantage of when they are offered a ONE-year scholarship to a major university for a sports team. (No one is offered a 4 year deal with any university – all scholarships are renewed based on performance, behavior, injuries, etc. – no guarantees). I still say that a major college sports team is taking much more of a chance with an athlete than the athlete is taking with them. No one’s 4-year education is put on the line – if you can’t hack the athletic program, then drop it like an organic chemistry class and either find a way to fund your education, change schools to someone who will pay for you, or go to the local truck driving school. I didn’t come from a wealthy family, and I paid my way through 8 years of undergrad and grad school. You just have to want it – and if you don’t want it enough to work for it – either in a job or on a team – then you don’t deserve it. Football isn’t charity.

  11. 15

    “A minority of the team sees an NFL roster. The rest need an education.”

    a vast majority go to the elite programs with dreams of playing in the pros. The elite coaches like Coach Saban recruit kids promoting their ability to further their careers in the pros.

    And because they lose their scholly at Alabama doesn’t mean they’re not going to get an education.

    Blow some more smoke. Just direct it at someone else’s azz.

  12. 16

    Really? I haven’t read the Bham News since they named the AU fan a publisher. I won’t either. I sometimes go to when there is no other source for information, but thankfully, that isn’t usually a problem.

  13. 17

    BPI – You don’t seem to understand that a medical scholly allows the injured player to continue his education. He is just not on the football team any longer.

  14. 18

    And again, if this is really an issue
    for some here, the criticism would be more appropriately directed at the NCAA scholarship limits.

    As I have said many times before, scholly limits were brought into being to level they playing field for other programs. But they do anything but. Money levels the playing field. Money from alum, boosters, fans. People that care.

    Without those that care, you have UAB. I don’t care who you have access to recruit.

    But that’s not what those who attack Coach Saban and Alabama relative to oversigning are concerned about.

    So be honest about it or STFU.

  15. 19

    Keep drinking the Saban wizz bammers. read the Wall Streer journal story. Particularly the part that tells you that the ENTIRE SEC has granted 25 medical scholarship exemptions. Out of those 25, Nick Saban accounts for 12 of them. 12 ……..Nearly half. Out of 12 teams.

    Yall need to wake up. That a-hole talks about agents being pinps , when he is the pimp macdaddy of all time. He is even pimping all of your gullable arses. You are blinded by the crystal ball and cant see it.

  16. 20

    BP acting like he has a genuine concern for these kids is a joke. It is an attempt at a backhanded remark about how Saban runs things. We all know that if you don’t buy in his program, he will not have room for you, and replace you with someone who does. These kids understand that when they sign up. No one knows the individual circumstances for each player. For someone to speculate like BP, well you know what they say about opinions.

    But let me speculate and say if a school, lets say Auburn, recruits a lot of kids that don’t live up to the potential. When that shows up on the scoreboard, BP will be the first to moan about it and blame the coach. The way I see it, Saban is setting a standard, and if you can’t live up to it because of being slowed by injury, he would rather give that scholarship to a player who can play. At least the player can still earn a degree, or they can transfer if they want playing time. And Saban is letting them make that choice from what it sounds like. At least he is being straight with them instead of giving false hope and they ride the bench their whole career.

  17. 21

    And BP, what Saban is doing has been working to Bama’s advantage, if you haven’t noticed yet. So be critical all you want, the end result is Bama dominating people like your team never has. Most sane people, if they compared Auburns method, with a barely proven coach, against Saban’s method, who is a seasoned coach, would prefer the way that produces championship teams. Chiz may end up being a good coach, but we don’t know yet because he hasn’t done much yet. But he is not a great coach like Saban is now. So I would take Saban’s side on this over your ignorant observations any day. If your reputation and job was on the line because of the people you surround yourself with, could you make the hard choices? Can Chizik? We don’t know yet. But with Saban, you don’t have to answer that question.

  18. 22

    You know the Aubitchers love to hate when all they can scream is cheater cheater.

    But hey — look at the bright side, the “roof” is on fire now — no way you would want to fire him, NOW.

  19. 23

    To me ‘cheating’ includes deliberately performing secondary violations on a regular basis. But no Aubie here seems to have any problems with that. And when they do get in trouble, it will be a bunch of whining and pointing at Bama. But right now it is just ‘creative recruiting tactics’.

  20. 24

    Butt Plug — you mean to tell me that if you had 4/5 star recruits (yeah I know that’s rare at Aubarn) — and they were injured for a LEGIT reason, that Cheezd|ck wouldn’t put them on a medical redshirt?

    I could understand WHY Aubarn doesn’t have as high as a number of medical redshirts because they don’t have anyone worth a damn to redshirt and “fill up the void” of bodies. Maybe they’re HOPING to have a good recruiting class this coming up year and don’t want to waste scholly space on 1 star chippers. No worries, though, the ‘roof’ is on fire again for you guys.

  21. 25

    Saban’s an a’hole, eh???

    Glad we were able to, at the very least, get to bpi’s real motivation, hate.

    Like I said, he doesn’t give a rip about an athlete’s well-being, he’s just making out like he does to take shots at Coach Saban.

    Mission accomplished.

  22. 26

    Yeah, Saban said he hated a Auburn, and made the entire Awbun Fambly cry. Same reaction when Bryant called them a cow college. They sure are a sensitive bunch aren’t they?

  23. 27
    Alex Hamilton

    BPI and Julia, I hate to break up your sewing circle, but what the guy said, parody or not, is indicative of the bile and venom spewed by both of you bitches.

    I’ve had it with you two. Go phuck yourselves, I phucking hate you people.

  24. 28
    Alex Hamilton

    And that whole argument of poor Charlie Kirschman is bullshit. Charlie is a Brookie and he knows full well that he doesn’t need the scholarship. The boy was on crutches every time he was on a recruiting visit anyway, I know I saw him at BDS three times.

    He’s no bigger than me, slow and made the team on heart alone. The problem was that he would have stayed but he was constantly getting hurt. The University GAVE him a free ride to play ball. Then, when it was apparent that he couldn’t stay healthy, he was given a fully guaranteed full ride and graduate school, FOR PHUCKING FREE!!!!!!

    For Charlie to sit back and bitch is nothing more than sour grapes. In fact, it’s about as rediculous as saying your favorite team won the first 58 minutes of a football game, even though they got their ass kicked in the final two minutes and lost the overall game.

    There’s nothing that BPI and Julia couldn’t learn from a good asskicking.

    I hate you both, Motherphuckers.

  25. 29

    I can’t believe I’m saying this to alex……..

    Alex, we HATE Tennessee.

    We look down our noses at Auburn.

    It’s the only way Coach Bryant would have it.

  26. 30

    “There’s nothing that BPI and Julia couldn’t learn from a good asskicking.”

    alex, you whiney little bi+ch, you couldn’t kick your way out of brandii’s wet diaper. Spare us the internet bada$$ routine.

  27. 31

    BP and Julia are used to the abuse, they live for it. Both have a bad case of the battered bitch syndrome. They enjoy the verbal beat downs, that is why they come here in the first place.

    Finebammer nailed it. That is what drives them nuts more than anything. But if you are going to be an Auburn fan, you have to accept the fact that you will almost always be outshined by Alabama. BP and Julia made the mistake of thinking winning 6 in a row somehow changed that. But you see how much 6 means right now.

    And Julia calling someone a whiney bitch, now that is funny right there.

  28. 32

    Alexis,too bad you will never be man enough to give me that asskicking. But, no need in getting my blood pressure up over an ambulance chasing P.O.S. like you.

    Next subject: Its not a medical redshirt…They are sent packing. At Alabama they are sent packing if they have a headcold…..A headcold , and not the talent the coaches anticipated them to have.

    You say that Auburn would do the same ?

    What about Shon Coleman …You know, the AU 5 star recruit that has Leukemia ? He will not transfer. Period. Coach Chizik said he will be at Auburn as long as he wants to be.

    I guess Saban tells these kids when he is recruiting them that they could lose their jobs becasue of performance not their hustle or effort.

    What about the bullcrap Saban spewed last week when he said ” people around here dont lose their jobs just becasue they get hurt”……That is bull sh-t.

    He forgot to add ” and they have won the heisman”…..

    Yall are pathetic.

    And alex, your double pathetic.

  29. 33

    BP, sheesh girl, give it a rest. Is that really what has you mad about Saban? Or the fact that he has created a monster of a football program that will over shadow Auburn for years to come? Come on, admit the real truth, and stop with your bull sh!t excuses.

  30. 34

    Brandi….I am going to go against my better judgement and respong to your dumbass.

    O.k. Here goes. Your coach is renowned for this crap. Hence the story in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL !!!!!!

    It’s bad to pimp out kids. And make no mistake, that is what he does. Then, he bitches about agents. That is hypocritical….
    12 medical hardships….12….with only 24 in the entirity of the SEC in the past three years. 12 teams in the SEC and your coach counts for half.

    Something is not right.

  31. 36

    Auburn doesn’t have enough good players to kick one off for a better one. But start losing and see how your bunch acts towards players.

  32. 37

    Nothing came of the Chette fiasco as there was no proof. Nothing came from sociologygate either. But , you turds beat these two stories into the friggin ground and beat them like a rented muule at the Kentucky Derby.

    Now, looking at the facts and figures from the NCAA about the medical releases from Alabama, your coach lets people go for a sprained pinky if they dont measure up on the feild. That is wrong, and what is sad is the way you mulletts defend it like it is right.

  33. 38
    Indy Vol is gay

    Hell Auburn has no need to put kids on med scholly, the dont have a full roster cause the dumb phucks are too stupid to pass college when they get there.

  34. 39
    Indy Vol is gay

    The barn has to take kids that are kicked out of other programs for felonies to get their roster half way to par with the rest of the SEC…

  35. 40
    Indy Vol is gay

    I guess the better way to treat players that are not living up to expectations would be to do them like the Furr kid. Get the starters to all jump him and beat his ass so he will transfer. You dumb phuck inbred barners all should be lined up and shot..

  36. 42
    Denny Chimes

    The NCAA has to clear the medical scholarships. The schollys were cleared. End of story. Nothing to see here. No rules were broken. If you don’t like the rules, petition the NCAA for a change. There’s no reason for us to be defensive because there’s nothing to defend. If a rule was broken, why don’t you barners put up and tell us what rules were broken or simply shut up.

  37. 44

    You show your Auburn class here daily BP. Bama owns your sorry ass and it bothers you so much you cry about it with your sister julia on here all the time, but at the end of the day Bama is still Bama, and Auburn is still Bamas bitch. Doesn’t even come close. Oh yeah, and nothing will come out of Saban letting players go either. SO quit acting like Auburn is the bastion of good in the world and Bama is the evil empire. Auburn is one the dirtiest programs in the history of the NCAA.

  38. 45

    In the last 15 years who has a worse record of NCAA infractions ? Not even close , is it ?

    I wouldn’t be so sure about nothing coming of it. If it continues, there will be some rule changes.

  39. 46

    Do you know how stupid that sounded BP? “Dumping a kids 4 year education because of football”. Just why the hell do you think they are there in the first place – football. And where the hell would they be without football – paying 40,000 a year for an education that’s where. They are given a scholly for free education because they are expected to come there and produce. If they don’t then they are gone. They can consider themselves very, very lucky to get a medical scholly and continue that education free – even if they “feel forced”. Boo Hoo Hoo!!!! What’s more you bleeding hearts seem to forget that a scholly is for just one year renewed annually if you deserve it! 4 years education lost because of football my ass!!!!

  40. 47

    You POS whiners are getting worse by the day. But I know why. It’s because your team is still undefeated and you know that if you win tomorrow you will probably go into the iron bowl undefeated and you are so disappointed and scared shitless knowing that your team is good enough to win 11 straight games and it’s all for nothing because you know without a shadow of a doubt that Bama is going to beat the ever loving shit out of you. You’re just manically depressed and absurdly defensive and jealous. Too Phucking bad! Bwaa Haww Haww!!!! RTR!

  41. 48

    Cap, do you have anyones ear in the Bama recruiting department? Let me tell you about something that happened yesterday and see what you think. I was having lunch in a restaurant west of Lafayette, La dressed in some Bama gear and a guy at another table started to talk to me. He said he scouts high school football players for LSU. We talked about 3 hours and he sounded extremely up on recruits. He said he scouted McElroy in high school and he knew he’d be a fine one. He seemed more interested in the athletes getting an opportunity, than in just enticing them to LSU. Especially the ones he got to know personally. That’s when he said something that nearly knocked me out of my chair. He said that I did not hear this from him. He said he was just recently having a heart to heart with Kenny Hilliard. You know, as in family of LSU QB idol Dalton Hilliard. Kenny is a 4* RB commited naturally to LSU. He said Kenny told him he isn’t going to LSU, he wants to go to Alabama. At this time he isn’t saying anything because it would create the mother of all s__t storms over the next 4 months. Now this can all be taken with a grain of salt, or it can be checked into. If this is a personal change of heart, then the Bama coaches may not know anything about it. If by chance it is true, then his decision needs to be nurtured. I’d like to know how to drop this buzz into the ears of the Bama recruiting staff and see how it bounces. What do you think? RTR!

  42. 49
    Alex Hamilton

    Nah, I hate Auburn. And Julia, I’d take you up on the offer but Im sure you’d come back with a detailed explanation of how your wife overruled you. Lest we all forget why I started calling you Julia. You’re a bitch that let’s his wife tell him what to do.

    And Butt Plug Inserter, you can mock lawyers all you want. I’d be pissed too if like you I chose to chase girls at Taco Bell on the weekend and work my way through night school and was an AU sidewalk fan. You think all lawyers chase ambulances? Got news for you, Lawyers make money cause people like you are naieve and stupid. You’re a BPI alright, a Big Phucking Idiot.

    Why don’t you take your ball and go home. Or better yet, go beat off to that 2004 Peoples Championship. Just another example of jealousy of someone that is better than you and how much you really suck. Phuck you.

  43. 50

    Alabama, Auburn, Troy and the other Universities in Alabama are at a disadvantage since they can’t give out “Hope Scholarships” and other Lottery Based or funded scholarships. Coach Saban mentioned it when he first came to Bama referencing the fact that at LSU and MICH State he was able to give out additional Scholarships. Obviously the ncaa doesn’t regulate how Schools might get other walk on players who in most all cases can’t otherwise afford tuition. There are 42 states with a Lottery, I think its time we jump on that billion dollar band wagon.

  44. 51

    Dang Alex just but the beatdowm on poor old BP. That was good. Better watch out Alex, BP will be falling in love with you. She loves being slapped around.

  45. 53

    By the way……I’ve noticed a dramatic reduction of the articles on Auburn…..Why is that ?

    Perhaps someone does not wish to eat crow ?

    Just wondering.

  46. 54

    Nah, thats just wishful thinking. We will be ready to eat some chicken fried eagle though. Your Auburn luck will run its course before the season is over. Auburn is kinda getting used to taking them to the wire. You could easily have two losses right now. Clemson double clutched on the field goal, SC missed an extra point, fumbled at the perfect time. Miss. St. was a dropped pass from beating ya’ll. I see where Troy waxed ASU, when you said otherwise. Keep feeling good about that soft schedule. Maybe ya’ll will still be a top 10 team when Bama gets you at home.

  47. 55

    Miss. St. Clemson and SCar…Yeah , soft schedule……..

    I can see your point since you havve played Penn St. and Arky…..Wow..What a difference. One could say the same about you loseing to Arky…But I;m not brain dead like yourself.

  48. 56

    Bama didn’t lose to Arky, but Auburn will, dumbass. LSU will beat Aubie, too. And yes, Aubie has a soft schedule, compared to Bamas. Look it up. Can’t wait to see Cam crying like a bitch like the rest of you Aubies at the end, after getting your hopes up.

  49. 57

    “You could easily have two losses right now. Clemson double clutched on the field goal, SC missed an extra point, fumbled at the perfect time. Miss. St. was a dropped pass from beating ya’ll.”

    You’re an idiot brandii. You think there aren’t just as many glitches that went against AU in those games that kept the margin of victory from being even larger?? How about Brandon Mosely getting a false start call on 4th and goal when Newton goes in the end zone and takes 7 off the board?? How about Byrum then missing a 22 yd field goal?? In the Clemson game, how about calling AU for pass interference on the drive where Clemson tied the game when the d-back didn’t even touch the receiver, much less interfere?? See, all those things are part of the game. Idiots like you only see the ones that go against Bama or whoever is playing AU. You never even acknowledge the ones that go in your favor.

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