BREAKING: Saban on Michigan game in 2012

The Alabama Crimson Tide will likely play Michigan in Dallas, according to media reports tonight.

Chase Goodbread tweeted tonight, “Saban on radio: We’re going to play Michigan in Dallas probably for sure (in 2012).”

According to a tweet from Cecil Hurt, “”Probably playing Michigan in Dallas in 2012 for sure, hasn’t been announced yet.”

Hurt reports, “Then try to go back to neutral Atlanta 2013/2014.”


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    What about Auburn? Who is Auburn supposed to be playing that day. I will bet it will be a bigger game against a more sotried program. I am thinking a renewel in the Arkansas State rivalry with Auburn.

  2. 2

    Unless something Dramatic happens at Michigan – Coaching Change – or whatever the Hell – this Game just does nothing for me.
    Michigan is so far down in the Shithouse – this Program is Dead. Yup. Notre Dame and Michigan. 5 and a half feet in the Grave.

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