What the Little 12 has to fear

What does the Big 12 have to fear? Getting left out of the national championship race. But that won’t happen unless Alabama and Ohio State go undefeated. Probably.

According to the AP, “When Big 12 football fans take a quick glimpse at the top of the rankings, there’s something missing. Three weeks into the season and with seven teams still undefeated, the conference doesn’t have a team in the top 5 of The Associated Press poll. No. 6 Nebraska, No. 7 Texas and No. 8 Oklahoma are there waiting in the wings, but each has some work to do to get into the mix for the national championship.

“BCS analyst Jerry Palm says Big 12 teams shouldn’t worry about being behind undefeated Boise State and TCU. Palm says what any Big 12 team has to fear is going undefeated and still being shut out of the championship game if top-ranked Alabama or No. 2 Ohio State are also unbeaten.”


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    Auburn may not win every game but we can still win the SEC with a 7-5 record. They would have to let us play for the National Championship then.
    I know what some of yall are thinking. Dont teams go to crap bowls when they have a 7-5 record. Well sure they do. But I dont care if Auburn loses the Meneike Muffler Bowl as long as the win the Iron Bowl.

  2. 3

    But I degress Bammer illiterrates.
    Auburn has Cam, They have Dyer and they have The gus bus, tha Chiz and the Trooper Luper Super Poope….(never mind that last one.)Victory is gauranteed.
    3-0 is just a precursor to years of world domination by Tha Chiz and staff.
    And Remember this one Bammers.
    That Roof, Tha Roof, Ted Roof is on fire!!!!

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