REPORT: Arkansas declares Red Out

Warning: The Arkansas Razorbacks have declared a Red Out for the game against Alabama.

According to a tweet from Cecil Hurt, “Apparently Arkansas has officially proclaimed a ‘Red Out’ for Saturday’s game. All bets are off now.”

Let us hope that works out like Georgia’s Black Out. Anyone remember that game?


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    Really??? I would have guessed the stadium would have been 98% Red anyway with a little white sprinkled in. Did that come from the Department of the Redundant? Now a Pork-Out would have sent a message..Everyone dressed as their favorite Pork product.

  2. 4

    Oh the humanity!!! How will we ever win now?? Georgia, Mississippi State, Florida’s white helmets in the SECCG last year…just isn’t fair.

  3. 5

    I’ll take the “red-out” – and I really think we are going to go up there and beat the sh|t out of Arky – everyone is SO scared of Ryan Mallett – I think his helmet will have grass to be picked out. More than once too.

  4. 6
    Denny Chimes

    Isn’t the purpose of blackouts, blueouts, etc to distinguish your teams’ fans from the other team’s fans? If so, epic failure.

  5. 9

    That’s their ass now! We’ve delt with Georgia’s Blackout, Ole Miss’ Blue Out (Smurf City), Miss St’s Maroon Out, those Gawd awful helments of Floridas’, two years ago Tennessee’s Orangeout, and Auburn’s outhouse. How did that workout for ’em. God knows we’ll have Tennessee, USCe and LSWho doing the same damn thing later. Bring it MF’s. RTR!

  6. 10
    I want my Oilers back

    Hmm, its funny how teams do this to boost morale but in reality it doesn’t help them. Go ahead, Arkansas and roll out that red carpet because Champions are coming to town, and its going to take more than a red out to stop the Crimson Tide. You fold every year like Ole Miss and Georgia.
    Roll Tide!!!!

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