Arkansas has confidence as it faces Alabama

It is a different Arkansas Razorbacks team getting ready to face the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Why? confidence and maturity.

“I think every player out there did believe when we got the ball, we would go score,” Petrino said of the Georgia win, according to the AP. And Petrino had this to say about last year’s loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide, “We felt like it was a big learning experience for us,” Petrino said. “We didn’t execute the way we normally do, and I felt like it was because when we stepped on the field, we didn’t truly believe that we could beat them.”

And star quarterback Ryan Mallet had this to say, “Just to get a win in the SEC on the road is big-time, especially going into Alabama at home,” Mallett said. “We wanted to carry that momentum into this game, and that’s what we did. Last year was a whole different story, and that was a different team. This year, it’s a more mature team and we’re excited about it.”

One other quote from Arkansas: “It’s a real good opportunity,” Arkansas junior cornerback Isaac Madison said of facing Alabama. “It gives the world the chance to see the type of football team we have, how we’ve matured, how we can keep our composure and play with those guys.” (read the entire AP preview story below)