Alabama encouraged after win

AP: “It’s what we make of it,” coach Nick Saban said following Saturday’s 62-13 rout. “It’s how we look at it. It’s how we take the things we need to improve on and use them as stepping stones to improve, learn more with some of our younger players, what it takes to compete for 60 minutes in a game.” (read it all below)


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    I truly believe this game might have neared 100 to something if it were not for the horrible officiating and mistakes on defense and our passing attack. Just my two cents – at least we “handled” our middle of the ACC pack team with convincing stats – you know, unlike that other team down the road.

    P.S. – It would of been embarrassing to Crimson Tide fans if we had to take it to overtime 😉

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    Damage, I think you know better. Duke is no “middle-of-the-pack” acc team. Unless they improve drastically, they’ll struggle to win 3 conference games.

    Swinney has got to teach his team to stop beating thmselves. It was a tough road game for them. I would not be surprised to see them in the acc championship again.

    I would remind everyone all the pundits were picking auburn to win going away.

    As predicted, our defense has issues. Hightower is thinking too much. Darius needs p/t. Our secondary is gonna get shredded by Mallett if they don’t tighten up drastically.

    We’re gonna have to score last to win sat. Fayette-nam is a tough road trip.

    Work the D this week, Coach!

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    hightower is thinking too much damage? where i come from we call it half assing! im sick of him being compared to rolando.he has nowhere near as much heart and desire as ro did.he better step it up or sit his ass down one of the two……RTR!

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    Yep… Bammer is in trouble.. Did yall see the 3 point blowout that Cam and Co. handed the tiggers of Clemson. Yall can expect the same… Total Domination. it wont be like last year with 58 minutes of absolute beat down… no sir… This season it will be the full 60 minutes.
    Cam Newton is cryptonite. How do ya like them Apples?

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    This offense could be one of the most explosive in the SEC this year. If the defense can just improve week to week, this team could be a very scary team to have to play against. This weeks game will be a real test though. If Bama makes Arkansas look as bad as the first three teams, I think Bama has the odds on going undefeated again. Florida is beatable, and they are probably the best SEC team left on the schedule.

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    My point concerning Hightower:

    last season mcclain ran the defense and Donta could just run wild. (and he did)

    this season Donta has greater responsibilities and I think it’s showing in his play.

    Donta doesn’t need think but react to perform at full speed. It will come.

    And our pass rush needs work too.

    For this week it’s the secondary that’s critical.

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    I think you’re right about Hightower. He want’s to emulate Ro, but his lack of experience makes it impossible at this point. Having to read the O call the D and reposition the players if they don’t get it right has taken his edge, which was speed, away. I’m wondering what the hell is going on with Nico? He bailed us out when Hightower got hurt and now he’s only getting spot playing time on what seemed to be the 3rd rotation. How the hell could he start on the National Championship team and be 3rd string on this struggling D? And how can a 5* athlete with the abilities of BJ Scott only get time with the 3rd rotation? It ‘aint like he was overrated. Urban Meyer fought tooth and nail for him too. There’s someting crazy going on. Also we saw no falloff what-so-ever last year when Cody was replaced by Chapman. So far this year Chapman and company not only can’t put up a decent pass rush, but our D is giving up 120 ypg against teams with no running game. And that includes Penn St. Do you know that Royster only had 38 yards on 11 carries and PSU only 162 rushing yards against Kent! Against us Royster had 32 on 9 carries and PSU 127. Pathetic comparison. Sure would like some questions answered. RTR!

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    I think the defense is lacking the type of leadership that they had last year. Hopefully it develops as the season goes on. It helps that the offense is very strong this year. But the talent is there, no question. I hope they get it together soon, because every Bama fan knows defense is what wins the championships.

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