SEC: Fulmer blasts Lane Kiffin

Former Tennessee Volunteer coach Phil Fulmer blasted former Volunteer coach and now USC coach Lane Kiffin. According to ESPN’s Chris Low, “Fulmer, in studio as one of CBS’ analysts, said Kiffin’s ‘arrogant attitude’ turned people off. ‘The bigger question, in my opinion, is how does a guy like this end up with two jobs with historic football teams like Tennessee and USC?’ Fulmer said.”

How does an idiot like Kiffin land two such important jobs? Easy.

Mike Hamilton is a dumbass.

And isn’t that what Phil Fulmer wanted us to think when he asked that question?


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    I don’t know why this is a big deal – for once, fat Phil actually said something worth a damn that’s true – it’s only a big deal because he is a part of the media. I would love to get Brando’s take on this though as a colleague.

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    Morgan Lovvorn

    I agree with Coach Fulmer 100% that Kiffin is an arrogant young, thinks he is something and an poor excuse for a coach to be hired to lead Tenn and USC.
    Someone had their head in the sand when they hired that guy. The main reason he jumped ship at Tenn is because he knew that he would never be able to compete in the SEC against coaches as Nick Saban, Myers and Miles.

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    Good. We have dissent in the ranks at Tennessee. Let them stab each other in the back and blame each other while we show them how it is when you get your act together.

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    Indiana Vol

    BammerBrando said: “Good. We have dissent in the ranks at Tennessee. Let them stab each other in the back and blame each other while we show them how it is when you get your act together.”

    Bammer is still the dirtiest Cheaters in college football with HABITUAL OFFENDER STATUS!!

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    Indiana Vol

    What do you have to say now BAMMER MORONS???

    “On Monday, Wilson told the Kiwanis Club that his book contains details that show Fulmer and Tennessee were not conspiring to bring down Alabama, as alleged by attorneys for the plaintiffs.

    Wilson said shoddy reporting by the state and national media led to a frenzy of anger that resulted in the $30 million judgment against Culpepper.

    “The retired judge said his book contains details that show it was part of lead Cottrell attorney Thomas Gallion’s legal strategy to use the media to mislead the public into believing that there was a University of Tennessee-led conspiracy to bring down Alabama football and that was what led to the defamation of Cottrell and Williams. He also said the book would show that lawyers withheld certain documents from the press to help deliver that message.

    For example, the much-

    discussed memos from Fulmer to the SEC home office that raised questions surrounding Means’ recruitment made no mention of Alabama’s involvement, Wilson said.

    The SEC’s investigation of those memos resulted in the allegations being declared an “unsubstantiated rumor,” which in turn meant that none of its member institutions were warned that violations, specifically by UA booster Logan Young, were occurring in the recruitment of Means.

    “(Another) thing that was not told to (the press) is that the Albert Means violation was not reported by the University of Tennessee,” Wilson said, “but by the University of Arkansas. …

    “All of these facts totally refuted the UT conspiracy in the case.”

    Read it an weep BAMMER BASTARDS; I said all along that Tommy Gallion was an ambulance chaser looking for a story and Phil Fulmer did not get Bammer in trouble; Bammer did that all on its own!

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    He was still quoted as a ‘secret witness’ saying Shaun Alexander was being paid, and that Bear laundered money through Mississipi, and all sorts of conspiracies going back 40 years. That’s enough for me to say he has Bama hate issues, much like yourself. But if you noticed, the NCAA didn’t listen to him much, but the fact that he was going behind the scenes trying to get people to help him hurt Bama, telling recruits ‘Bama is about to be out of business’ and such, makes him look like a fool, much like you do now. Roll Tide little bitch!

  7. 11

    Kind of like all the cheating going on on Rocky Top right now.

    Suck it Indiana Vol. Your program is a program of CHEATERS.

  8. 12

    He actually can’t help it Cap. He’s deathly sick from multiple STD’s and his brain has rotted from Syphylis. Does it hurt IV? GOOD!!! RTR!

  9. 13

    And WHINERS too. What do yall think UTs record will be this year? No bowl game, that is for sure. I think Vandy beats them this year, by a turkey inseminator.

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    Indiana Vol

    Hey Crapstonereport;


    “Kind of like all the cheating going on on Rocky Top right now.

    Suck it Indiana Vol. Your program is a program of CHEATERS.”

    Nothing like the RAMPANT CHEATING that has made Bammer a HABITUAL OFFENDER with the NCAA!!

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    Hey Vols, na na naaaa nah, Hey Vols, we’re gonna beat the hell outta you!

    Hahaha you look like a dumbass for some reason, IndyVol. You are a credit to your inbreeding ancestors.


    3-8 is gonna be great! Go Vandy!

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