Football: Preview of Alabama vs. Duke

The Alabama Crimson Tide faces the Duke Blue Devils Saturday. Here are a few quotes about the game.

“We have to take them seriously, because you can’t take any days off,” Alabama running back Trent Richardson said. “Every team is for real, and you don’t want any teams to sneak up and mess up whatever opportunity we have. We have to go conquer another giant. They’re a giant test and we have to go out and play ball.”

“I hope they take us as serious as any game they’ve ever played,” Duke tight end Brett Huffman said. “It wouldn’t feel good to play an Alabama team that was looking down on you or was taking you lightly. You want to play a team at their best. You want to play them with their best players. Because when the clock runs out, then you can see, ‘This is how good we are. This is what we can do,’ and if a team’s taking you lightly, they don’t have their players, you don’t really know, and it’s not a sense of accomplishment.”

“We’re hopeful that (Dareus and Ingram) will be able to contribute in a very positive way and make us better,” coach Nick Saban said. “That’s our expectation, and there is no reason for us to think any differently based on their attitude, how they’ve worked or what they’ve done to this point to be ready to be able to play.”

“I have great respect for Alabama … but I have concerns about Duke right now that I want to see,” Cutcliffe said. “I hope that can produce a major upset win, but whether it does or doesn’t, I’m looking to play a really good football game, not because of what it does to the program, long-term, but what this team in 2010 needs to do.”

Check out the entire preview below:

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    For you guys who want to play devils advocate and question our secondary because they’ve only been tested by a 1st year QB and a freshman QB. Well brighten up and quit worrying. Hard as it is to believe, Bama plays 9 out of 12 teams who have a 1st year QB, a freshman QB, or a new to the school and system QB. And if by chance Florida makes it to the SECCG and Texas makes it back to the BCSNCG, then we will play 11 out of 14 games against teams with 1st year QB’s. That has to be some kind of record, and a bit of good fortune. Seems Like a good equalizer for all the back to back without a break SEC games to me. Of those possible 11 games only Mazola (Ole Piss)and Fig Newton (Owburn) have some experience from another school. The 3 returning QB’s are at Duke, Arkansas and USCe. So take heart everybody; this schedule was custom made for a national championship. RTR!

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