SEC: Mallett needs to improve on the road

AP: Mallett’s lone flaw last season was his performance in SEC road games, something he’ll have to improve on this season if the team wants to challenge for a conference championship or a BCS bowl berth. In four conference road games last season, Mallett completed just 53 of 135 passes (39 percent) β€” throwing for an average of 216 yards per game with 4 touchdowns and 2 interceptions.

“I wouldn’t say (the pressure) got to me, personally,” Mallett said. “Obviously, I didn’t play very well. Like I said, last year I was more of an up-and-down player and I would get too excited and then get frustrated.

“This year, I’ve done a pretty good job of staying even keel and that’s what I’ve really worked on since last year.”

In Mallett’s defense, three of the Razorbacks’ road opponents last season β€” Florida, LSU and Alabama β€” were ranked and he was sacked 13 times in the four losses.

“It all plays together,” Petrino said. “Your protection, how many drops did we have on the road. To be real honest with you, you take last year and you put that all behind you and you move on.” (read more about the Arkansas QB and the game against Georgia)


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    Mallet’s Waterloo is coming in 8 days. If you want hits on this board, do an artical on Cam (Fig) Newton. Remember we have a huge bug err Barner infestation problem here. RTR!

  2. 2

    Mallett will be a DANGEROUS quarterback in the NFL and he is DANGEROUS right now in college. This dude has a cannon, he’s tall and accurate. Plus he can take a hit — kind of reminds me of Culpepper — if that O-Line at Arkansas can protect him at all cost — watch out for that passing game —

    As far as the “road test” at Georgia — I think he will fare well in the “test”. Georgia sucks you know what this year.

    BTW — I hope the Georgia folks keep Richt at the helm — because they will never go anywhere with him! πŸ™‚ RTR!!

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