Picks: Alabama wins; Tubs upsets Texas

The AP’s Ralph D. Russo picks this week’s games. Alabama should roll, and former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville may upset Texas.

AP: The Tide expects to have Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram back for its trip to Duke. The Blue Devils (1-1) have been competitive under second-year coach David Cutcliffe and quarterback Sean Renfree has thrown for 708 yards in two games this season.

“This is a very dangerous team because of their ability to throw the ball and score points,” Tide coach Nick Saban said. “They scored 48 points last week on a team that has been ranked in the top 20 most of the last five years in Wake Forest.”

True, but Wallace Wade Stadium is not exactly Cameron Indoor. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if about a third of the 34,000 or so fans in the sellout crowd are rooting for the Tide. Anything less than a lopsided victory by ‘Bama will be a surprise. …

No. 1 Alabama (minus 24 1/2) at Duke
Coach K has been on a roll lately. Maybe he can come up with something? … ALABAMA 41-14. …

No. 6 Texas (minus 3) at Texas Tech
Red Raiders QB Taylor Potts tests Longhorns’ stellar secondary … TEXAS TECH 28-21. (read all the picks below)


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    I don’t see Tubbs upsetting Texas. He had enough trouble with SMU. While Texas hasn’t looked sharp, they didn’t last year either except in the big games minus 1. I’d kind of like to give them a rematch. Shut ’em up once and for all. Here’s my choices for a Glendale opponent in order of preference: (1) Little 12 champion OU or Texas in that order. (2)Big 10 champion Ohio St, Iowa or Wisconsin in that order but if it’s, Iowa or Wisconsin they drop to the bottom of this list. (3) WAC champion only if it’s Boise St. (4) Pac 10 champion only if it’s Oregon (USC is ineligible). (5) MWC champion TCU or Utah in that order. (Damn revenge would be sweet if it’s Utah). So I guess you could refine it to Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio State, Boise St, Oregon, TCU, Utah, Iowa and Wisconsin. With VT, Miami, N. Carolina, FSU and Ga Tech losing already the ACC is F__cked. With their coach now at Notre Dame Cincinnati and therefore the Big East is f__ked. That about takes care of everybody relevant. RTR!

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