Joe Namath has an opinion

Someone who knows football is about to share that information.

AP: “I see things at a pace that’s faster than 99.9 percent of football fans,” Namath said.

“The Broadway Blitz with Joe Namath,” a weekly talk show, debuts Friday afternoon on Sirius NFL Radio. Namath is unabashed about rooting for the Jets, but while he refers to the team as “we” in his Twitter posts, he’ll also describe a disappointing play in Monday night’s season-opening loss with “that’s disgusting.”

“I like to see the team that deserves to win the game to win the game,” Namath said in a phone interview Wednesday. “If the Jets or Alabama is not up to snuff, I’ll know why or try to figure out why.” (read more about it below)

Here is a sample of Joe Namath’s comments on the Alabama Crimson Tide and New York Jets:


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  1. 1

    I guess now that PFRN will sweat this new National Competition.
    I am tired of the new National PFRN. It sucks and the callers suck.
    Bring the Show back where it belongs.

  2. 3

    I would gladly listen to Joe talk about Alabama Football over PFRN anyday — hell, he has more in the know to start off with anyway.

    Think Joe could make a phone call to someone down there and find out a little more in-depth analysis of the upcoming game? I think so.

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