Boise St. and UAB football

Why is Boise State able to run a football program, but UAB is a complete joke? Here is something interesting to consider about Boise State.

According to the AP, “Founded as a junior college in 1932 by the Episcopal Church, Boise State only received full university status in 1974 and has long been overshadowed in these parts by the more established University of Idaho. While enrollment is climbing and Boise State is making a name for itself in research, most of its 20,000 students commute and more than 40 percent are 25 or older.

“Its campus is as scenic as it is compact, with the Boise Foothills in the background, the Boise River running along the northern edge of campus and the city’s rose garden and zoo just across the Friendship Bridge. Those who don’t ride skateboards or bikes to class can hop on an old-fashioned red-and-green trolley car, part of the campus shuttle service.

“Despite a student body that is largely nontraditional ā€” or maybe because of it ā€” the school is full of passionate Broncos fans. Hats, T-shirts, shorts, sweat pants ā€” name an article of clothing that could be emblazoned with the Boise State logo, and it’ll be seen on campus. …It is not a typical football factory. Its budget for the entire athletic department is $32 million, with Petersen making $1.2 million. Alabama’s athletic department budget was $82 million in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Tide coach Nick Saban makes $4.7 million alone. Bronco Stadium may as well be the Not So Big House, seating less than 34,000.” (see the entire profile story on Boise State below)

There are some similarities between Boise State and UAB as both have a large core of nontraditional students and both are urban universities. What is the difference?


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    I really am a closet Boise fan. I do believe their schedule is soft, but pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, one has to admire their where they’ve gotten to.

    However, one of the hurdles they have to recognize is that in order to be taken seriously, they have to replace the blue field. It’s nauseating, and an unfair advantage.

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    The wife and I were at the Hoover dam in the week before the championship in Pasadena. The day we were there the Boise contingent was coming thru, mascot in tow, headed home from their bowl victory in Phoenix. They basically took over the dam.

    That’s the difference between Boise and uab. Boise has fans that care. Boise has competent leadership.

    Boise is the positive pole on the battery.

    Not so with the blazers. Uab athletics represent hate, spite, incompetence. Their greatest leader, gene bartow, wrote the now infamous letter to the NCAA accusing Coach Bryant of cheating. Coach Bryant’s responce???

    We all know there wasn’t one. He’d been a resident of elmwood cemetary for two years at that point.

    And we wonder why blazer athletics perpetually wallows in the mire.

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    The Problem is Neil Callaway. The Problems at UAB are fixable.
    Whether you like it or not – the Program is here to stay. You can wish or desire all the hell you want – it will not go away.
    You know why.

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    A lot of you will dismiss this comment right off but part of the problem is that the UA BOT has no interest in seeing their football team do well. In my opinion, if they don’t want to do what it takes to give the football team a chance to succeed then they should just cancel the program entirely.

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    Regardless of what Boise State is doing, it does not merit being downed by journalists. In comparing the colleges you would have to equate everything. And I can guarantee that you would not get the education you get at UAB at Boise State. UAB has been chosen as a top 5 institution in the country and one of the top 20 places to work in America. Not everything revolves around Football. I believe it proves something when UAB generates 500 million in finances per year, while the larger universities in the state (Alabama & Auburn) pull in a little over 200 million with double the students. UAB is not a joke. We just happen to be under a Board of Trustees in Tuscaloosa who only care about their Crimson Tide and refuse to let UAB succeed.

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