Undisciplined: Rex Ryan’s New York Jets

The NFL season is underway and the New York Jets haven’t disappointed in providing news. Here is a little reading from the AP.

AP: For weeks now, Ryan and his merry band of pranksters had the NFL’s big stage all to themselves. They talked trash, acted big, and dared anyone in their way to do anything about it.

When it came time to actually perform, though, they were undisciplined, unprepared, and unable to do even the simplest things on the offensive side of the ball. …

The Jets also had to deal with a distraction worthy of a “Hard Knocks” episode all by itself. Ines Sainz, of Mexico’s TV Azteca, said on her Twitter account that she felt “very uncomfortable!” on Saturday when she went to the team’s locker room to interview quarterback Mark Sanchez and was greeted by catcalls from players.

By game day, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had gotten involved, and Jets owner Woody Johnson called Sainz to assure her it wouldn’t happen again. There were plans to sit the team down and teach them how to act properly when others were in the locker room, and Ryan had to answer questions about it after the game. (read more about it below)