Is Boise State held to a different standard?

Is Boise State held to a different standard than the Alabama Crimson Tide? Some think so.

From the AP: Respect, it seems, is still hard to come by.

Some contend Boise State, with now the second-longest winning streak in the country after Alabama at 15 games, is held to a different standard in the polls.

Again, Petersen isn’t saying what he really thinks, if he thinks about it at all.

“Good try,” he told a reporter who asked. “So much of this is just noise that can go away so fast. It’s so much conversation for no reason. Now, if you’re talking about us at the end of the year, then things are probably earned and deserved.” (read the entire story below)


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    In a word, absolutely. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed anything so glaringly obvious in all my days of watching college football.

    It’s the very same thing as if Samford would have beaten FSU their first game then won all their 1-AA games this year, and people saying they deserve a spot in the BCS. Boise plays nobody, and as we saw after VaTech went down to James Madison, BSU REALLY plays nobody this year.

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    The only thing I agree about Boise is the chatter coach Peterson is talking about here entering week 3 – it really is too early to be talking about National Championships – we all know they will be undefeated at the end of the year because Oregon State blows – they will have to blow out opponents by 50 every game for “style” points for the BCS computer – and we are going to need to some two loss power teams to do any type of leap frogging.

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    HOoahh…..ITK. They also play the mighty Oregon State Beavers. Did you not know that ? That one game right there should solidify them as a legit BCS chamionship game winner. (insert sarcsm here)

    If Boise replaced Vandy in the SEC , they would have a losing record.

    I sincerely hope that any team that plays NO ONE is always held to a different standard.

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    Boise State seems to get more respect than Auburn. Boy, I bet every Auburn fans face would be mad if Boise St. went undefeated and got in the title game. Go Clemson!

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