ITK: A legend returns to Bryant-Denny

This Saturday, Bryant-Denny Stadium will host two legendary coaches, and one in the making.

Joe Paterno will likely make his final visit to Tuscaloosa, at least as a coach, as he brings his #14 Nittany Lions to the house that Bear built.  Fittingly, the contest will take place on Bryant’s birthday.

Also in attendance will be Bobby Bowden; both coaches will be honored in a special ceremony on Saturday evening.

It isn’t very often that college football royalty makes its way to T-town, though the coach strolling the home sidelines Saturday night will no doubt one day receive the same distinction.

But Saturday night will be special; almost holiday-like.  Enjoy the game, play gracious hosts to our guests, and be sure to bring a camera.  You’ll want to get a glimpse of a legend, and keep a copy for years to come.

Other notes this football Friday:

Capstone T-shirts
Plans are in the works to make the above artwork available to you in the form of a T-shirt with the game’s score.  Check back Monday for order information, or for pre-orders email, including quantity and size.  Each Friday this fall (when we’re not playing San Jose State) I’ll unveil the art that will make it on the shirt.  The cost will be $20, and the shirt will include the final score.

Cam Can’t
I continue to be wrong this fall, and we’re just two games into the season.  There’s no way Mississippi State is the 2nd best team in the West.  I would say MSU’s QB is the worst I’ve seen in years, but the other QB he split time with was just as bad.

Cam Newton on the other hand?  Here’s his stats from last night by quarter:
4-5 passing, 71 yds, 1 td, 1 int
2 rushes, 10 yds

3-7 passing, 12 yds, 1 td
7 rushes, 53 yds, 1 fumble

2-3 passing, 26 yds
4 rushes, 13 yds, 1 sack

2-4 passing, 27 yds
4 rushes, 4 yds, 1 sack
1 reception, 22 yds

Totals: 11-19 for 136 yards passing
17 rushes for 80 yards

Friends and neighbors, that doesn’t get you invited to New York or Atlanta.

Missy State performed exactly the way Missy State does…choking down the line.  That’s why we didn’t even give them their second “P”.  They don’t deserve it.  They have a Florida caliber coaching staff with Memphis caliber players.

More telling was that in the 2nd half, Cam’t went 7-14 for just for 65 yards, and Auburn’s high octane dipsy-doo, trickeroo offense was shut out and shut down.  The trend of not being able to produce once the trick-play flurry runs its course has carried over from last year’s Iron Bowl.

And here’s a stat for ya: Cam has complete just six passes down field this season.  Six.  Most of his yards (including abarn’s first score) come on bubble screens or laterals. And as one stone handed MSU defensive back learned last night, it’s not hard to figure out where they’re going.

Folks, abarn is in trouble, because as soon as they face a good (not even great, but good) SEC passing attack, their whiffleball-esque secondary will be eaten alive.

My Picks…
USCe over Georgia; Bama over PSU; Florida State over Oklahoma; Ohio State over Miami; Oregon over UcheaT; and in my shocker…South Florida over Florida.

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban says Ingram could go tomorrow if needed, but in my humble opinion, don’t expect to see #22 out there.  Richardson, Lacy and company will be just fine.  You will see Courtney Upshaw, however, and hell is coming with him.

Enjoy Saturday…and Roll Tide!

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  1. 1

    I thought Auburns defense had their moments, but I don’t think their offense is unstoppable at all. That was a sloppy game on both sides. And it very well could have went either way towards the end.

    Did anyone hear the radio broadcast of the game? I listened to the first half and the halftime report on the radio. I don’t think I have ever heard someone whine and cry about stuff as much as Stan White. And when they were listing the upcoming games, the announcer was like “#21 Georgia vs. #24 S. Carolina” (or whatever they are ranked) and so forth, and then at the end it was “#19 Penn St. vs. Alabama”. He couldn’t even say “#1 Alabama” though he said every ranked teams ranking. The Bama hate runs through that entire organization.

  2. 2

    Don’t sell yourself short, ITK. You’ve been wrong since way before this football season started.

    The worst qb you’ve ever seen? Gee, you thought they both looked like world beaters after they played Memphis last weekend. Wonder how they got so bad all of a sudden. You think having Nick Fairley in their face all night might have had something to do with it??

    Boy, your cherry picked stats about Cam Newton have really made me reconsider all these national media reports plastered everywhere about how incredible he is. Those guys are all idiots. It’s obvious that Newton sucks because he went only went 2-4 for 26 yards between the 13:21 mark and the 8:46 mark of the 3rd quarter.

  3. 4

    “They have a Florida caliber coaching staff with Memphis caliber players.”

    i don’t exactly know how to process that comment but i can say from my perch that was some of the crappiest coaching on the bulldog side of the ledger i’ve seen in some time.

    it’s a head coaches job to put his team in the best position to win. using the frshman at qb last nite didn’t do that.

    the play calling after the fake kick recovery didn’t do that.

    not taking the 10 yd. penalty on their own twelve was just plain stupid.

    after ziemba was hurt and the replacement was sent in state responded by rushing three.

    i could go on…….for a while.

    florida caliber coaching??? that wasn’t florida atlantic caliber coaching.

    they’ve been going downhill in starkville since they ran jackie sherrill out of town.

  4. 5

    Sorry Finebammer…left off “Atlantic”, maybe even “International”.

    I really think Dan Mullen is a good coach with a huge upside. But I agree with you; he tanked for most of that game, especially after the onside kick.

  5. 6

    Same barn team as last year.Really looks worse than last years team when Bulldogs hold you to 17.Really bad,Can not wait to smack that ass again.Really Aubarn is in for a long year i see it coming.ROLL TIDE AUBARN BOYS ROLL TIDE.Watch a real game when we take JOPA down,,,,,,,,

  6. 7

    Sorry guys just have to say it is X-mas for today UcheaT got
    the letter from the NCAA for the Basketball program but the
    football program is getting one to!! Bet Mike Hamilton gets
    fired real soon!! GREAT NEWS AND INDY VOL WHAT IS YOUR

  7. 8

    Actually ITK, I’d love to have a shirt. That’s actually very cool. As much as it pains me to admit it, you are obviously quite talented (strictly in the artistic sense. I still maintain you’re a clueless bammer on all football matters.)

  8. 10

    I’m totally taking that Ohio State pick over Miami. It will be close but I’m not buying the national pick that Miami is going to roll into the Shoe and take care if business.

    For the Aubarn / Mississippi State fiasco which I did watch but had the Saints game on the second one – I saw two pathetic teams that were an embarrassment to the SEC IMO. I keep ranting and raving about how the SEC is the best conference in college football and the nation has to watch ‘that’! Both teams are extremely beatable at this point in time.

    What’s really funny is my contact who went to the game last night (State Alum) told me the barner’s were talking about Cam’t Newton and how their team is perfected now (reminder: this is a Starkville win) and how they were going to take it all the way to Arizona this year and how they couldn’t wait to hand it to Clemson by 30 and that they were making hotel reservations in Atlanta already to get a cheaper rate. Seriously this is the mindset among the delusional Aubarn faithful right now.

    Funny … Real funny.

    Going to be great historic football at Bryant-Denny Saturday. We make history in Tuscaloosa unlike other “beta” programs that infect the state of Alabama.

    RTR guys – see ya at 2-0 Saturday night.

  9. 11

    Get over it Julia! My dumbass brother is one of the most hardassed Barners there is, and even he is scared sh-tless by what he saw Thursday night. You got whipped on both sides of the ball in the second half, and almost lost to the worst SEC team on your schedule. But tke heart. After ragging us for playing a hyphenated team – Loiusiana-Monroe and a glorified high school – Chattanooga, ya’ll get to play em both in the same year. Good luck! Bwaa H
    aww Haww! RTR!

  10. 12

    EG, I never ragged bama for playing La-Mo. I ragged Bama for LOSING to La-Mo. You do remember that the mighty nicktator lost to a Sunbelt team, don’t you? I’ll give bama credit for UT-Chatt. Bammers pathetically tried to use them as an excuse as to why Saban couldn’t get prepared for AU, but at least bama beat UTC.

  11. 13

    Julio, are you really going back to ’07? Have you just given up anyone here taking you seriously? How long till you bring up the FSU game that year?

    When he came, Saban inherited a team of…wait, you already know all this. Guess it’s just fun to fantasize about a time when Bama didn’t dominate college football. Carry on. Just clean yourself up before anyone sees you.

  12. 14

    When Chizik came to AU he inherited a team of…wait, I forgot that only Saban is allowed to use the previous coach as an excuse for his problems (or unmitigated disasters such as losing to a Sunbelt team.) Yeah, Shula didn’t leave Saban anything at all to work with. Gee, it’s gonna be interesting next year when Saban in his 5th year finally starts a qb that he actually recruited.

  13. 16

    La Monroe was Sabans first year. 2007. Look at what has happened since, Julia. I guess it is okay to judge Auburn by that 36-0 ass-whipping from two years ago, too. There is not one player on Auburns team that I would trade for off of Bamas team. I think Bamas second team could take Auburn this year. Nobody is blaming Shulas recruits for Sabans first year. We knew he was rebuilding, and couldn’t wait for him to get his recruits in. Is Tubervilles recruiting those last two years going to be the excuse for Chizik?

  14. 17

    “Nobody is blaming Shulas recruits for Sabans first year. We knew he was rebuilding, and couldn’t wait for him to get his recruits in.” Errr, saying that he was rebuilding his first year and that you couldn’t wait for him to get his own recruits is the same thing as blaming Shula for that year, genius.

    I agree with you on one point, brandii. I can’t wait to finally see Saban’s recruits either, especially at qb when Saban begins his 5th season next year.

  15. 18

    Lets not act like Saban inherited a bunch of scrubs..He got a decent share of talented players when he arrived in T-town. Not on the 2 deep , but several starters that had talent to spare. Andre, A. Caldwell, Javier was a Shula recruit wasnt he ? Those are off the top of my head. That is the reason you guys went undefeated in the regular season in 08. Yes, Saban is a great coach. But that team had Senior talent.

  16. 19

    Julia, it is not the same thing. EVERYONE that is a knowledgeable Bama fan was saying 2-3 years Saban would be playing for a NC. No one was blaming any losses that first year on Shula. This was a team depleted by probation. You are such a fool.

    What is funny is you two acting like Shula was the reason for Bama’s success the past few years. Ya’ll wish he was still there. But you two continue to be blatant Auburn homers, explain things to us Bama fans how things really are. How right have you been so far, dumbasses?

    Bama is a dominating team, not much different than last year. Like I said, Auburn doesn’t have a player on the two-deep roster that I would trade a Bama player for. Chizik is no answer for Saban, that much is becoming apparent. I hope Clemson beats ya’lls ass this week. If they do, will you go away? Roll Tide!

  17. 20

    brandii, did you seriously just blame the woes of the 2007 season on the probation that bama got handed at the end of the freakin’ 2001 season???????????????? Do you even attempt to think before you type something down???? I guess the Sugar Bowl loss to Utah was due to something that happended during Ray Perkins’ tenure, huh???

  18. 21

    Julia, Shula had to deal with the effects of the probation the whole time he was there. But you are the one bringing up the past d!ickhead. I would rather talk about the present, and the future ass-whooping coming your way. You keep bringing up LA Monroe, then the next year the team that got beat by LA Monroe whipped your teams ass 36-0. Did you forget already? You have that Auburn memory. But since you know so much about Bama you should have known that. You whine about stuff almost as much as your sister BP. But I didn’t ‘blame’ any woes on anything or anyone. I said Saban rebuilt the Bama program into what it is today, a program that you are jealous of. You just wish that Auburn could, for once in your life, be in the position Bama is in RIGHT NOW. Just like the generation of Auburn fans before you, and before them, etc. You get it.

  19. 24

    ummmm, no I’m not the one who brought up the past. If you’ll actually examine this thread (you know, facts and all) you’ll see that the only comment I made was to compliment ITK on his artistic talent. EG jumped in out of nowhere and accused me of ragging bama for playing LaMo and UTC. I then simply responded by pointing out that I had never ragged bama for playing LaMo, only for losing to LaMo. Then, of course, you felt the need to weigh in and embarass yourself. And the wheels of the bus go round and round….

  20. 25

    And you are still a delusional Auburn fan. On a Bama board. Obsessed with Bama and your cherry picking of Bamas history. You know an awful lot about. I think you are a closet Bama fan. Probably not the only thing in your closet, either. Don’t you wish Auburn could be in the shape Bama is in? Come on, be honest with yourself.

  21. 26

    Yeah, that has got to be it…..That is why you stalk julio and me….WE are the ones obsessed…..(rolling eyes and laughing). Look at your last three posts. All mention Auburn, when the topic was not about Auburn. Further proof of your serial stlakerness.

    You are hopeless. Go get some therapy. You only see things through Orange and Blue. Go on ahead and switch sides. You know you want to. And, you will be set free from your closet Auburn obsession.

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