ITK: A legend returns to Bryant-Denny

This Saturday, Bryant-Denny Stadium will host two legendary coaches, and one in the making.

Joe Paterno will likely make his final visit to Tuscaloosa, at least as a coach, as he brings his #14 Nittany Lions to the house that Bear built.  Fittingly, the contest will take place on Bryant’s birthday.

Also in attendance will be Bobby Bowden; both coaches will be honored in a special ceremony on Saturday evening.

It isn’t very often that college football royalty makes its way to T-town, though the coach strolling the home sidelines Saturday night will no doubt one day receive the same distinction.

But Saturday night will be special; almost holiday-like.  Enjoy the game, play gracious hosts to our guests, and be sure to bring a camera.  You’ll want to get a glimpse of a legend, and keep a copy for years to come.

Other notes this football Friday:

Capstone T-shirts
Plans are in the works to make the above artwork available to you in the form of a T-shirt with the game’s score.  Check back Monday for order information, or for pre-orders email, including quantity and size.  Each Friday this fall (when we’re not playing San Jose State) I’ll unveil the art that will make it on the shirt.  The cost will be $20, and the shirt will include the final score.

Cam Can’t
I continue to be wrong this fall, and we’re just two games into the season.  There’s no way Mississippi State is the 2nd best team in the West.  I would say MSU’s QB is the worst I’ve seen in years, but the other QB he split time with was just as bad.

Cam Newton on the other hand?  Here’s his stats from last night by quarter:
4-5 passing, 71 yds, 1 td, 1 int
2 rushes, 10 yds

3-7 passing, 12 yds, 1 td
7 rushes, 53 yds, 1 fumble

2-3 passing, 26 yds
4 rushes, 13 yds, 1 sack

2-4 passing, 27 yds
4 rushes, 4 yds, 1 sack
1 reception, 22 yds

Totals: 11-19 for 136 yards passing
17 rushes for 80 yards

Friends and neighbors, that doesn’t get you invited to New York or Atlanta.

Missy State performed exactly the way Missy State does…choking down the line.  That’s why we didn’t even give them their second “P”.  They don’t deserve it.  They have a Florida caliber coaching staff with Memphis caliber players.

More telling was that in the 2nd half, Cam’t went 7-14 for just for 65 yards, and Auburn’s high octane dipsy-doo, trickeroo offense was shut out and shut down.  The trend of not being able to produce once the trick-play flurry runs its course has carried over from last year’s Iron Bowl.

And here’s a stat for ya: Cam has complete just six passes down field this season.  Six.  Most of his yards (including abarn’s first score) come on bubble screens or laterals. And as one stone handed MSU defensive back learned last night, it’s not hard to figure out where they’re going.

Folks, abarn is in trouble, because as soon as they face a good (not even great, but good) SEC passing attack, their whiffleball-esque secondary will be eaten alive.

My Picks…
USCe over Georgia; Bama over PSU; Florida State over Oklahoma; Ohio State over Miami; Oregon over UcheaT; and in my shocker…South Florida over Florida.

Alabama head football coach Nick Saban says Ingram could go tomorrow if needed, but in my humble opinion, don’t expect to see #22 out there.  Richardson, Lacy and company will be just fine.  You will see Courtney Upshaw, however, and hell is coming with him.

Enjoy Saturday…and Roll Tide!

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