Alabama football: Ingram unlikely against Penn St.

AP: Alabama coach Nick Saban says tailback Mark Ingram is unlikely to play against Penn State.

He said Wednesday the top-ranked Crimson Tide’s Heisman Trophy winner is “probably not going to be ready to play this week.” Saban said that Ingram was able to run Tuesday and hasn’t had swelling or problems with his left knee.

Saban says he might be recovered enough to play in Saturday night’s game with the 19th-ranked Nittany Lions but likely won’t be able to get enough time in practice to be ready.

Ingram sat out the opener after having an arthroscopic procedure to repair an injury sustained in practice early on opening week. Saban says the star back is “improving every day.” (AP story below)


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    Why the hell would 2 days of practice make a difference in whether he plays or not. It’s not like he’s a QB or LB needing to recognize formations. Hell, he’s a power RB. Just wind him up, hand him the ball, and watch go. RTR!

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    It would be nice to have him, but I think Richardson and Lacy will fill in nicely. It is that offensive line that we need to have a big game this week. Can’t afford any injuries there.

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