ITK: Cam reality, thoughts on the first weekend

With the first college football weekend of 2010 now in the books, what do we know?

2009 was just the beginning. This notion was offered by Saban at a BCS championship party last January, but it really was true.  There’s a lot of football to play, and yes, a football can take some funny bounces, but this is what our football team will look like for the foreseeable future.  And when Dareus comes back, it just won’t be fair.

Watch other games and it will make you thankful for what we have. From technique, to tenacity, to talent, to see a better coached, deeper, thicker team you’d have to watch the NFL.  Saban continues to build the teams he promised us he would in his first presser.  We are a team you hate to play.

Cam Newton lives up to his hype. I can admit it when I am wrong.  This QB is for real and can dominate a football game, so long as the opponent is from the Sun Belt Conference.  If Auburn can sub a few existing foes in favor of Middle Tennessee State, South Alabama or Louisiana-Lafayette, the Tigers can easily run the table this season.

Folks, we have kickers. There are bound to be some bumps in the road, but Foster, Mandell and even Shelley left us all breathing a little easier heading into the weeks ahead.

Folks, we have running backs. We need Ingram back, period.  But dang it’s ridiculous what we have in our backfield.  Ingram, Richardson, Lacy.  All fast, all punishing, and all get bigger as you go down the depth chart.

Folks, we have a quarterback. McCarron will make you forget every QB before him one day, but is there a more cerebral quarterback in college football today than Greg McElroy?  There are some as good, but none more so.  He is a surgeon that can and will pick you apart.

Boise State belongs. Say what you want, but this is a team that deserves a spot in the BCS picture.  Do they play a soft schedule?  Yes.  Do they seem to have an inordinate amount of time to prepare for their “big games”?  Yes.  But their performance Monday night on that stage puts them on the map for 2010.  How good is Va.Tech? Can an average team get up for one game (see UT/AU 2009)?  Doesn’t matter.  I’d love to meet them in Glendale this January.

Les Miles is done. Say goodbye to Les this season.  His goose is cooked, or geographically more appropriate, deep fried.  After nearly blowing it against a team with more than a dozen difference makers suspended, bid the hat farewell when he comes to your town.

Tubby still looks goofy. New colors, same goofy stiff-necked, wingnut-eared look.  Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville almost let a team led by the most inept college QB I’ve seen in years come back and beat him on his debut.  Give him four years there, tops.

Auburn’s defense is atrocious. Ted Roof looks and sounds like Tony Franklin, post-game.  He doesn’t know why it’s not working, but it’s not working.  I didn’t think they could look worse than last season, but they do.  Heard a friend mutter to a fellow Aubie over the weekend “They’ll get it fixed.”  No they won’t.  You can’t get  a mule to run the Kentucky Derby, and Auburn’s mule doesn’t even have four legs.  They better hope Cam’s shoulder holds up to score five TD’s every game.

Mississippi State looks for real. I’ll say now, the Bulldogs will finish 2nd in the West.  They have the 3rd best coaching staff in the conference and look to be putting together something special in Starkville.

Bryant-Denny is amazing. I obviously haven’t seen them all, but I can’t imagine a better venue for college football in America.  It is absolutely stunning.

Jesse Williams is headed to Tuscaloosa. The #1 JUCO player in the land committed to Bama over the weekend.  The beat just keeps rolling in recruiting as Nick Saban is set to shelve his third #1 recruiting class.  Williams, an Australian who will play nose guard, is a beast.  A freak.  Think Terrence Cody, but with more lean body mass.  It’s not fair what we’re putting on the field at Alabama.  Williams will start from day one.

We’ve got to kill the circus elephants. The lone embarrassment from the weekend continues to be the circus looking elephants used in the pregame video.  With “Thunderstruck” blaring, it’s game time, and everybody’s blood is pumping.  Then here they come…the white and red circus elephants on the big screens.  Stop the madness, people.  Kill the elephants.  Find or create better footage please…

Ole Miss. What else is there to say? Dan Mullen is about to do to Houston Nutt what Nick Saban is in the process of doing to Frank Chiznik.

South Carolina is a contender, and the Gators aren’t. Florida can get better, but it appears Steve Spurrier finally has the tools in place to make a run for Atlanta.  Looking forward to October 9th in Columbia.

Don’t let Mario Fannin hold your baby. Unless you want the child dropped with possible brain damage.  Fumblin’ Fannin is back for another year,  fumbling (again) in the 3rd quarter; he didn’t carry it again.

Finally, defense (again) will win championships. Keep your ECU-Tulsa shootouts (though the hail marry to win it was amazing).  You can have your 49-48 double overtime game.  Give me a D that hits you in the mouth from opening kick-off until the final play of your final possession, punishing you, breaking your will one play at a time.  Few have that.  Alabama does, and that’s the reason we will contend again this season.

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