ITK: Cam reality, thoughts on the first weekend

With the first college football weekend of 2010 now in the books, what do we know?

2009 was just the beginning. This notion was offered by Saban at a BCS championship party last January, but it really was true.  There’s a lot of football to play, and yes, a football can take some funny bounces, but this is what our football team will look like for the foreseeable future.  And when Dareus comes back, it just won’t be fair.

Watch other games and it will make you thankful for what we have. From technique, to tenacity, to talent, to see a better coached, deeper, thicker team you’d have to watch the NFL.  Saban continues to build the teams he promised us he would in his first presser.  We are a team you hate to play.

Cam Newton lives up to his hype. I can admit it when I am wrong.  This QB is for real and can dominate a football game, so long as the opponent is from the Sun Belt Conference.  If Auburn can sub a few existing foes in favor of Middle Tennessee State, South Alabama or Louisiana-Lafayette, the Tigers can easily run the table this season.

Folks, we have kickers. There are bound to be some bumps in the road, but Foster, Mandell and even Shelley left us all breathing a little easier heading into the weeks ahead.

Folks, we have running backs. We need Ingram back, period.  But dang it’s ridiculous what we have in our backfield.  Ingram, Richardson, Lacy.  All fast, all punishing, and all get bigger as you go down the depth chart.

Folks, we have a quarterback. McCarron will make you forget every QB before him one day, but is there a more cerebral quarterback in college football today than Greg McElroy?  There are some as good, but none more so.  He is a surgeon that can and will pick you apart.

Boise State belongs. Say what you want, but this is a team that deserves a spot in the BCS picture.  Do they play a soft schedule?  Yes.  Do they seem to have an inordinate amount of time to prepare for their “big games”?  Yes.  But their performance Monday night on that stage puts them on the map for 2010.  How good is Va.Tech? Can an average team get up for one game (see UT/AU 2009)?  Doesn’t matter.  I’d love to meet them in Glendale this January.

Les Miles is done. Say goodbye to Les this season.  His goose is cooked, or geographically more appropriate, deep fried.  After nearly blowing it against a team with more than a dozen difference makers suspended, bid the hat farewell when he comes to your town.

Tubby still looks goofy. New colors, same goofy stiff-necked, wingnut-eared look.  Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville almost let a team led by the most inept college QB I’ve seen in years come back and beat him on his debut.  Give him four years there, tops.

Auburn’s defense is atrocious. Ted Roof looks and sounds like Tony Franklin, post-game.  He doesn’t know why it’s not working, but it’s not working.  I didn’t think they could look worse than last season, but they do.  Heard a friend mutter to a fellow Aubie over the weekend “They’ll get it fixed.”  No they won’t.  You can’t get  a mule to run the Kentucky Derby, and Auburn’s mule doesn’t even have four legs.  They better hope Cam’s shoulder holds up to score five TD’s every game.

Mississippi State looks for real. I’ll say now, the Bulldogs will finish 2nd in the West.  They have the 3rd best coaching staff in the conference and look to be putting together something special in Starkville.

Bryant-Denny is amazing. I obviously haven’t seen them all, but I can’t imagine a better venue for college football in America.  It is absolutely stunning.

Jesse Williams is headed to Tuscaloosa. The #1 JUCO player in the land committed to Bama over the weekend.  The beat just keeps rolling in recruiting as Nick Saban is set to shelve his third #1 recruiting class.  Williams, an Australian who will play nose guard, is a beast.  A freak.  Think Terrence Cody, but with more lean body mass.  It’s not fair what we’re putting on the field at Alabama.  Williams will start from day one.

We’ve got to kill the circus elephants. The lone embarrassment from the weekend continues to be the circus looking elephants used in the pregame video.  With “Thunderstruck” blaring, it’s game time, and everybody’s blood is pumping.  Then here they come…the white and red circus elephants on the big screens.  Stop the madness, people.  Kill the elephants.  Find or create better footage please…

Ole Miss. What else is there to say? Dan Mullen is about to do to Houston Nutt what Nick Saban is in the process of doing to Frank Chiznik.

South Carolina is a contender, and the Gators aren’t. Florida can get better, but it appears Steve Spurrier finally has the tools in place to make a run for Atlanta.  Looking forward to October 9th in Columbia.

Don’t let Mario Fannin hold your baby. Unless you want the child dropped with possible brain damage.  Fumblin’ Fannin is back for another year,  fumbling (again) in the 3rd quarter; he didn’t carry it again.

Finally, defense (again) will win championships. Keep your ECU-Tulsa shootouts (though the hail marry to win it was amazing).  You can have your 49-48 double overtime game.  Give me a D that hits you in the mouth from opening kick-off until the final play of your final possession, punishing you, breaking your will one play at a time.  Few have that.  Alabama does, and that’s the reason we will contend again this season.

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  1. 1

    After one game you have the entire season figured out, eh ?

    Cant say that I do not agree with some of what you said , even about Auburn….but it is a little premature to rush to judgement on some of what you said.

    If you meant what you said, and truly believe that Miss. St. will be #2 in the west, what are you gonna say when Auburn beats them ?

  2. 2
    Denny Chimes

    As for Ted Roof, I wonder when people will start assigning blame to his boss, Gene Chizik. Isn’t Chizik supposed to be some sort of defensive genius? You can’t tell me he hands the keys to Roof and sits back and has no input into the game plan. I don’t buy it. We’ll see alot of points scored against that Auburn defense, just like last year.

  3. 5

    What are you gonna say if Miss. St. beats Auburn? Auburns defense could still improve, but it looked at lot like last years, maybe worse. Ark. St. QB had a career day against them. Don’t know how well that will hold up in the SEC.

  4. 7

    BP, when your starting QB has to play the whole game to put away a Sun Belt team with a Sun Belt defense, stats will follow.

    Wonder what Greg McElroy’s stats would have been had he played past the 2nd quarter?

  5. 8

    “If you meant what you said, and truly believe that Miss. St. will be #2 in the west, what are you gonna say when Auburn beats them ?”

    FTA: “Can an average team get up for one game (see UT/AU 2009)”

    Anyone can get up for one game. My example would be Auburn last year against Alabama, even though they couldn’t quite seal the deal. If Auburn beats MSU, but still finishes with an average record, then they’re just average. If MSU loses to Auburn in a fluke, and finishes with only one other conference loss, then they’re still better than Auburn. It’s just numbers.

  6. 9

    Eddie Lacy runs for 113 yds against a WAC team: “Folks, we have running backs.”

    Cam Newton rushes for 175 yds, has 186 yds passing, accounts for 5 tds, and is named SEC Player of the Week: “This QB is for real and can dominate a football game, so long as the opponent is from the Sun Belt Conference.”

    Wow it’s amazing that you can tell someone is great when they simply have a solid game against a WAC Team, but absolutely nothing when someone has record setting performance against a Sun Belt team.

  7. 10

    I can guarantee you that McElroy wouldn’t put up 175 yds rushing if he played for 20 qtrs.

    If that was the first game McElroy ever played at Bama, he would have played just as much as Newton did.

  8. 11

    Hey Julia, Arky St. QB had a career day also. You get your feelings hurt too easily. Maybe you should just hit up the Auburn boards where you all can pat each other on the back. I would be worried about your defense if I were you. Go State!

  9. 12

    First off , I agree that giving up 26 to Arky St. is not good. I know that there is much room for improvement with our defense. But, as thin as we still are at linebacker, losing Craig Stevens hurt. Also, I dont look for that same defense to show up at Starkville.

    Arky St. has a pretty good quarterback, and is a well coached team. I dont believe for one second that Alabama would have beat them 43-6.

    We beat the crap out of the dogs last year, and will do the same this year.

  10. 13
    Alex Hamilton

    Obviously you didn’t see Lacy running away from the San Jose St. players, Julia. Lacy looked more explosive than Carnell Williams with his straight line speed. Also, he is bigger than any of your Barner backs.

    BSU is not that great. They are well coached and Va Tech looked pathetic at times on offense by running right into the run blitzes every running situation. Their line can’t pass protect. If you paid attention, you’d see that Va Tech dominated once the constant blitzing wore out the BSU defense. If Va Tech made one more first down, they would have won the game. It was the worst coaching job I’d seen in awhile. Beamer doesn’t deserve a National Championship with stupid moves like that. Total idiocy.

  11. 14

    Alex, I agree …VT looked undisciplined. This is the worst Beamer team I have seen in a while. Boise is a very well coached, and highly disciplined team. In my opinion, the better team won.

  12. 15

    Julia, neither would any of your running backs.

    So you WANT to have to lean on your QB for ground yards in the SEC? Interesting. Somewhere Jordan Jefferson is shedding a tear for Camputer. Hope the shoulder holds up.

  13. 16

    Julia says:

    “Wow it’s amazing that you can tell someone is great when they simply have a solid game against a WAC Team, but absolutely nothing when someone has record setting performance against a Sun Belt team.”

    Lacy is third-team. Camputer is your starter (for now). I know, let’s get an intramural team on the field against Cam this afternoon. I bet his stats would be even BETTER!

  14. 17

    You’re right, ITK. Having a qb who is both a running and passing threat is a bad thing. I hate those linebackers who are good at both tackling and pass coverage, too. Too much risk of injury.

  15. 19

    Lacy got more carries than any of Bama’s other RB’s against SJSU, just as Newton got more snaps than any other qb against ASU. Not sure what point you were pathetically trying to make with that whole “3rd string skewed the stats” argument.

  16. 23

    Because I have at least an average or above IQ, I don’t need to ask myself a question with such an obvious answer. This was the first game Newton ever played for Auburn. Of course you want to get the guy more experience than you would with a starter who’s already played in several games.

  17. 24

    Your splitting hairs ITK. You cant have your cake and eat it too.. What you say applies to AU should apply yo UA as well.

  18. 26

    So now Cam is the next Tebow. HA! Julia, you are so disillusioned with your Auburn team. We will see how much punishment he can take, since we know the Auburn defense he practices against tackles like a bunch of girls. I doubt he will be running through SEC defenses each week. I notice not one of you Auburn goons have expressed any concerns with that terrible defense. If Cam can’t get on the field, how is he gonna win the big game for ya?

  19. 27

    Julia, by the way:

    “When the qb is 6’6″ and weighs 250 lbs he’ll be the one doling out the punishment.”

    Looking forward to taking that one down and dusting it off later.

  20. 28

    AU couldn’t “put them away”? Yeah, that game was a real nail biter when AU was only up by 4 tds at the beginning of the 4th qtr.

  21. 29

    So…when Auburn destroys MSU you will then give them some credit? If you think MSU is 2nd best in the west, I want to hear some props for Auburn after they destroy the bulldogs. (Not that I really expect you to give Auburn any credit)

    Funny position Auburn is in, they could be Alabama six years in a row and still not get any props from Alabama fans….

  22. 31

    Jack, that streak has been over for three years now. Where have you been? You realize Bama is number 1 and just won the NC, right? What did Auburn do in those 6 years again? You want Bama fans to say ‘way to go Auburn for beating us 6 years’ or something? How about you showing some respect for what Bama has just done. I know it is hard for you to swallow.

  23. 32

    Define not putting a team away…….The score was 52-26…Bot of their t.d.s came in the first half……..Are you huffing paint ?

  24. 33

    It was a tight game until Auburn broke it open around half-time. Auburn should have beat that team badly. Bama shut them out last year. But Auburn gave up around 350 yards of offense to this team, and should have trounced on them from the beginning. Auburn can’t afford a slow start against SEC teams if their defense is not markedly improved from last year.

  25. 34

    The difference being that Newton, just like Mallet played practically the whole game and Lacy came in as the third back after Goode. with Ingram hurt you don’t think Lacy and McCarron both needed shite loads of time on the field just in case? Now what’s gonna happen if Newton goes down next week trying to imitate Tebow against an SEC defense? Who has game experience to replace him? I guarantee if he tries to carry the team with his legs against Bama, he’ll die just like Jefferson. McCoy and Tebow. And Julia as for the WAC – Sunbelt thing get real.. The WAC competes for National Championships. the Sunbelt doesn’t even compete. Hell, Louisiana Tech could win the Sunbelt every year. Both VT and Boise alternated between making some really great plays and looking like shite. VT isn’t half the team they were last year when Alabama’s young offense ran up 500 yards on them. Boise is a pretty good team, but they don’t belong in the top 5. By the way Julia the score was 48-3 and yes Bama would have beat ASU by (cont)

  26. 35

    (CONT) that much or more, especially if McElroy. Richardson. Julio. Maze and others had played as much as Auburn’s first stringer’s did. Do you realize that Bama had 250 yards in the first quarter? That is a 1000 yards in a game fool! RTR!

  27. 36

    Bama’s backup team looked better than Auburns starters, that is for sure. But Cam is the SEC player of the week! Against Arky St. no less. Bama had over 700 yards against a cupcake and only allowed around 150 yards of total offense. Bama’s win was more impressive, but Auburn people haven’t had much to cheer about lately. Cam wasn’t as consitent as you would want, yet, and I don’t think he will be winning the Heisman anytime soon either. But Julia thinks this is the answer. Auburns offense wasn’t the problem last year, julia.

  28. 37

    Crimsonite, did you seriously just try to paint SJSU as a national title contender just because they play in the same conference as Boise Freakin’ State??? Can you at least attempt to be rational and objective??? SJSU got beat by Nevada last year 60-7. Other WAC conference stalwarts include Idaho, New Mexico State, Utah State, and La Tech.

    BTW, you and ITK act like AU had nothing but starters in the whole time. Do you realize AU gave 10 different freshmen significant playing time against ASU?

  29. 38

    San Jose would lose by at least three towuchdowns to Arky St. Our level of competition was low, but much higher than yours.

  30. 39

    Auburn has 9 seniors on defense and against a cupcake they gave up way to much yardage and points. You would think with that many veteran players you would improve, but Auburn lost their best defensive players last year. And BP, a cupcake is a cupcake. There you go if’n, woulda, and coulda, like a true Auburn fan. We will get a better idea about both teams this week.

  31. 40

    brandii, you know what Craig Sanders, Corey Lemonier, Jessel Curry, Jeff Whitaker, Kenneth Carter, Demetreuce McNeal, and Chris Davis all have in common?? They’re all true freshmen and they all got significant playing time against ASU on defense.

    I agree AU gave up too many yards and points against ASU. (See, there’s a difference. You wouldn’t have admitted Bama did anything wrong when they lost to La-Mo.) That’s gonna happen soemtimes when you throw that many freshmen in the mix. The reality is they finally shut ASU down in the 2nd half when their heads stopped spinning. You are right that we’ll get a better picture of both teams after this week.

  32. 41

    Ummm, Craig Sanders got significant playing time against ASU? Wanna check that?

    And I didn’t know outscoring a Sun Belt team 17-10 in the second half is “finally shutting ASU down”.

    Geeze, I have GOT to get my terminology right.

  33. 42

    ITK…Had we left the 1st string “O” in for the entirety of the fourth quarter, you know they could have scored at least once if not twice more. Your splittin hairs. Bottom line is that A State is not a good indicator of how our season will progress.

  34. 43

    And lets not pretend this team is anywhere as bad as San Jose Stete. this team beat Texas A&M in 2008. Nearly beat Texas in 07. And, in general does not suck. I would say they compare favorably to Troy. And for those that think I am full of crap on that , they play Troy on the 25th. So, we will see.

  35. 44

    Ummmm, Craig Sanders rotated at DE the entire 2nd half, and played the entire game on special teams. Feel free to “check that” if you’d like to.

    Ahhhh, the ITK word twisting spin machine. I said the D finally shut ASU down in the 2nd half when their head stopped spinning. After ASU scored a quick td on the fumbled kickoff within the first couple of minutes of the 2nd half, they only managed one field goal and 110 yds for the rest of the game. Not sure what AU’s offensive production has to do with that stat, other than to try and make your spin sound more credible.

  36. 45

    Okay, thanks Julio. I’m sorry, got my Sanders and my Stevens mixed up. Like most of the world, I don’t pay that close attention to the details of your storied program.

    And BP, I’m sure you and Uncle Rico believe “had you left your 1st stringers in” you could have scored 200 (and Cam “coulda thrown it a quarter mile”), but we’ll save that fantasy for another day.

    Bragging about what you “coulda done” to Arkansas State is like bragging about kicking a puppy. And that puppy still had you running for far too long in the game! LOL!

  37. 49

    You don’t pay that close attention to what happens at AU???? That is without question the biggest mound of bullshi+ you have ever laid in here.

  38. 51

    Which of you spews articles about their “irrelevent” rival , and I mean “daily” ??

    You act like Saturdays Auburn game was as close as last years Iron Bowl or something.

  39. 53

    I never claimed that I don’t pay attention to what happens with my team’s rival. Unlike you who denies it all the while spending countless hours writing articles and drawing fun little cartoons about AU, I freely admit that I pay attention to what happens at Bama. Were you under the mistaken impression that you made some type of point there?

  40. 54

    It’s the “why”, Julio. Why do you come here? Why do you pay so close attention? Why are you an expert on our personnel and history?

    Those are the questions I’ve been challenging you to come to grips with for years now.

  41. 55

    And BP, you act like a close loss in the Iron Bowl was and is reason for continued celebration.

    Do you know how pathetic you sound?

  42. 56

    Nah….the 6 straight was a cause for celebration. The loss was a loss. But that “sive” of a defense did pretty good against you guys, just not quite good enough.

  43. 57

    Good. All you moronic Auburn fans are foaming at the mouth, and coming out swinging. But don’t worry the fight will leave these guys once the season starts rolling. Georgia will spank that ass again, Bama will have 3 in a row, and Auburn will be questioning the coach at the end of the season. So Julia, and you too BP, ya’ll save this post so you know I told ya so.

  44. 58

    Cam Newton is going to have to perform a successful open heart surgery on the grass of Jordan-Hare Stadium before any of you people will say one good thing about him. And if that surgery were on Pat Dye you’d still be b****ing. Auburn didn’t have to leave Cam Newton in the game to win. If you paid attention Dyer you would know that the running game could have kept us going. And Trotter and Caudle know how to play also. He stayed in because it was his first start and game experience is good if you don’t have any.

  45. 59

    Julia and BPI, you can’t be for real. What the hell has ’07 and ’08 got to do with ASU in 2010? SJS has had some decent teams in the past too. La Tech damn near whipped LSU’s arse last year. Nevada had the nations #1 offense and 3 1000 yard RB’s in the same backfield. Look what Fresno St, Utah St and Boise St have already done this week. Don’t even try to compare the freaking Sunbelt to the WAC moron. Maybe ASU could beat SJS by 3 td’s though I seriously doubt it.. But Bama could have named their score against SJS and they could against ASU too. Hell, we played 70 men and the 22 starters played together as a group only 10 or 12 minutes. Over the years I’ve thought of killing my Barner brother because of his stupidity. But hell, you idiots make him seem rational. RTR!

  46. 61

    Hammah…………never ming.

    Crimsonite (though I prefer egg), Whatever you would like to imagine, then fine. I believe that ASU would have scored at least 14 on Bama. but, that is my opinion.

    Brandi. What you fail to realize is that I am not sitting here defending Chizik as if he is the next Bahr. You know that I have several posts that say this year is his litmus test. I am taliking about how the Bammers try to discecst the entire Auburn season form a 52-26 win.

  47. 62


    I think Alabama has a great team and Saban has done a great job turning that team around. I have no problem acknowledging Alabama’s success. I think it is awesome for the UA and their fans. Saban has won the right way, with hard work.

    However, I also realized that Auburn could win the next three national championships in a row and most Bama fans would say Auburn is still a second tier program…Even though Auburn has won 6 of the last 8 games.

    I think it’s pretty childish to not give credit where credit is due. This site in particular does it’s very best to downplay any Auburn success. Some people need to ridicule others in order to build their own self worth.

  48. 63

    No, you are wrong. If Auburn wins the next three championships, I would acknowledge it as an awesome achievement. But if you want to brag on that streak, realize that your team was not the only one with streaks on Bama. LSU, TN, GA alot of SEC schools were beating us during that period, so just make sure you keep it in perspective. Was it really that great of an accomplishment? Get there first and win a championship. Don’t expect that kind of respect until you have actually been there. Florida earned it the right way, and so has Bama. But a majority of Auburn fans will not give Bama due respect. You have to give it to get it.

  49. 64

    And since a lot of you Auburn people like comparing, when Bama played Arky St, they shut them out 38-0 and held them to 158 total yards. Go State!

  50. 65

    If Auburn could win ONE national championship they’d earn our respect. Or have more than just ONE good season (’04) win the SEC then slip down back into obscurity, where they have always been.

    That’s the thing Auburn folks don’t get. We’ll offer the same admiration we do Florida, Oklahoma, even Penn State…and others…traditional powers who have been to the apex and contributed to college football.

    But Auburn’s only tradition has been to be a flash-in-the-pan opportunist that does cheesy things to try and gain attention for themselves without ever really accomplishing anything.

    And no, that is not deserving of any kind of respect.

  51. 66

    I agree ITK. Alabama wins the National Championship and Auburn fans think since they beat Bama 6 years in a row that they somehow can feel like that they won part of it too. Even though that is the greatest accomplishment in Auburn history, it still does not equal a National Championship. But that 6 in row ended a few years ago, right? How long are Auburn fans going to live off of that? And we live in the past? It’s 2010, Bama is ranked number 1, right now. Where is Auburn? It is a long way to the top from where they are at right now. But yet we are to accept that Auburn is equal. Yeah right.

  52. 67

    And as for Cam Newton, let him play in a few more games before you desperate Auburn fans hail him as the next Tebow. Hell, I hope he is like Tebow. It will be fun to watch him cry too.

  53. 68

    If you will check you will see that I rarely if ever degrade Auburns accomplishments on the gridiron. I only promote and defend Alabama against all comers. That being said, I freely admit that I take great pleasure in degrading all of you brain dead. inbread, pig humping, bast–ds who root for Auburn. Bwaa Haww Haww. RTR!

  54. 69

    If Auburn had a lot of accomplishments, I would acknowledge them. They haven’t done 1 tenth of what Bama has done, and they still think that they have somehow narrowed the gap with a 6 game win streak. Now that the streak is done and they are in danger of getting one put on them, all they want to brag about is 6 in a row. And Bama has moved on and won the SEC Championship and the National Championship, and is looking to repeat. If Auburn was so awesome, how come they haven’t won any championships? Are they really content just knocking off a top team here and there, being the perennial underdog, while standing around watching Bama get all the glory? It must suck to be an Auburn fan, but I would never know.

  55. 70

    BamaBrando, allow me to answer your question:

    “Are they (Auburn)really content just knocking off a top team here and there, being the perennial underdog, while standing around watching Bama get all the glory?”

    Yes and no. They are perfectly content winning a big game here and there, because it’s all they can do.

    But they don’t like watching Bama get any glory. That’s why they convince themselves that their achievements match Bama’s. It’s called compensating for their shortcomings. To them, a win streak over us when we were at our lowest point in our 117 year history equals anything we have accomplished.

    It’s sad, but like someone convincing himself “he’d rather” sleep in a tent on the beach instead of enjoying the sprawling penthouse in the nearby condo overlooking the water…he knows he can’t afford it and will never have it, so he trains his mind to lower his expectations and settle for lesser rewards.

    In some ways I envy them. Not shooting for excellence means hitting your target more often, and they seem to hit theirs almost every year.

  56. 71

    I think you two just do not get it. I am an Auburn fan because that is who I loved to watch on Saturdays when I was a kid. Joe Cribbs, Bo Jackson, Lionel James. Who knows why one picks the team they love ? I picked Auburn because , well, I just did ! My father was not a big college football fan, though I seem to remember him being a Bama fan….He was old school and worked about 100 hours a week , so he did not have the influence on me like I have on my kids. Guys, I am about to tell you something that will blow you away…..My wife is a Bammer….Yes…….A Bammer. But my kids are Tigers ( no its not child abuse) . And I can say that I didnt influence there decision all that much. All I had to do was take them to Jordan Hare and it sealed the deal. I am sure a trip to Bryant Denny has sealed many a deal as well. They clearly see I am more passionate about football than my wife (she is actually level headed) and it rubs off.

    I guess what I am saying is this . When your 8 years old, you dont think about shooting for excellence , and winning championships. You like your team because you just do. And you always will. If your a true fan, nothing will ever change your mind. You stick with your team through good and bad (like you all did throughout the Shula years). No, Auburn does not have the tradition of championships that Alabama does, but we have held our own throughout the years. And honostly , that did not have one single thing to do with me being an Auburn fan. I give the credit to Joe Cribbs, and Bo Jackson, and Lionel “little train” James….

  57. 72

    Wipe that tear out of your eye, BP. That does not explain the pure hatred that comes from Auburn fans toward Bama. It does not explain why it is so important to Auburn fans to revel in Bama’s misfortunes. To some Auburn people, it is more important for Bama to fail, than for Auburn to be successful. Some Auburn people take Bama’s failures as a win for Auburn. To be a great Auburn fan, you have to show your utmost hatred for Bama.

    On the other hand, Auburn does not have a thing to do with why I am a Bama fan. I am proud of where I am from, and Alabama is the state school. I grew up watching Bear, on the tail end of his long career at Bama. I have watched them as the underdog, I have watched them as the frontrunner. I have seen them win championships, and that feeling you get, that pride you have when you see your team succeed at the highest level, is indescribable. Auburn fans would not know that feeling, and they resent Bama fans for it. That is why you are here BP. So to all of you Auburn fans that are here to ‘set us straight’, F-YOU and ROLL TIDE, and I really hope Mississippi State tears ya’ll up tonight because it couldn’t happen to a more deserving fanbase, whose desperation is reaching to pathetic new levels.

  58. 73

    Brandi…..sheeesh dude….The very thing you accuse me of is what your post wreaks of the the power of 10…..I dont live to hate Alabama…I loathe their fanbase because of people like yourself. What you fail to understand is this , you have not contributed on single point , in any game, that Alabama has ever played. You seem to act like you have some sort of ownership with the team, when truthfully if you kicked the bucket today, it really would not make one iota of difference. You are, as I am , only a fan. Nothing more.

    A dooshbag like you does not , nor ever will, understand the heart of my previous post. The majority of Auburn fans are loyal, and love their team no matter what. The majority of Bama fans are toothless inbred smartasses just like you. ITK has an obseesion, but keeps it civil.

    I , unlike you , do not define my lifes succes from the win/lose record of a college football team. If Auburnn goes 1-11, I will still sleep at night. You , on the other hand would probably commit suicide. I define my lifes succes by things that actually matter, and believe it or not, I come here for fun. I , unlike you, do not hate anyone.

    And you SERIOUSLY are a stalker. No kidding. Its like it is your mission in life to post immediately afer me with some sort of smartass counterpunsh, that frankly has no game whatsoever.

    Get a life dude.

  59. 74

    Nope, you are so wrong. I have been a Bama fan through thick and thin. I enjoy the game and the spoils that come with being a Bama fan. I am very successful and enjoy my life completely. And right now it is great to be a Bama fan, after the years of being down.

    But you, on the other hand, coming to a Bama board, to straighten us out, no less, speaks a lot about you. I give you grief, bait you into an argument, and generally give you hell, because I think that you personify the nature of most Auburn fans. And you do hate Bama. You can lie about that if you want, but you do. Why? Because it is the nature of being a ‘good’ Auburn fan. I come from a family full of ’em. You wouldn’t be here ‘having fun’ if you didn’t like coming to a Bama board beating your chest over Auburn. I am not stalking you, since that seems to be your defense here. But you haven’t ‘straightened me out’ yet. I am still waiting on that day. It’s Auburn fans like you that make it easy to root against Auburn. And you spend more time here than I do, so you need to get a life yourself. And quit whining so much.

  60. 76

    Yep, I see. The first to post as usual. And you think I need to get a life. Why should you even care what is being said on a Bama site? Do you think that I go to Auburn sites looking to debate? That is really a stupid idea. I could care less what Auburn people say. I expect them to talk up Auburn and take jabs at Bama. But you are here. That sums you up.

  61. 77

    And another thing, when I first started visiting here, I just read the commentary and articles, but I didn’t post. Then I seen you slamming and hating on the Bama fans that were here, and I threw it back at you. I debated the facts with you and Julia, and proved you both wrong. You know you won’t win any argument with me on this subject. The facts speak for themselves. But if you say that you haven’t engaged in trash talking here, you are full of crap. If you can’t take it, then don’t dish it out, cuz.

  62. 78

    The very top of the page. The story ITK wrote, along with the cartoon. Your zeal and hate for me has reached new levels man. Re-read your posts….. You were lurking and following what I had been posting, until you could not take it any more. That is a classic definition of a stalker. As far as you EVER winning an arguement, dream on. All you have ever been able to do is hurl insults not facts. And I can always count on you to bring up the “Auburn is a worthless” arguement. But here is the thing dude. I dont give a sh-t what you think. 9 times out of ten , I post replies to ITK’s articles that are anti-Auburn. I actually like comminicating with him, because he does most of his articles out of pure fun, and to keep traffic up on this board, ala Finebaum. I like that part of the debate. But, then you ALWAYS come in with your pure hatred for anything that I or julio have to say. In short, your a dick.

    I on the other hand have often times told you and others that I thought I really angered that I am just messin’ around and having fun. Then you always bring your spite to an unhealthy level. I can most definately take ANYTHING you can dish out young man. But you , on the other hand can not. And anyone on this board (including your own) can clearly see that. Do I need to get a restraining order on you ? For real. Do I?

    And the “FACTS” that were originally brought up , were about Auburns defense (of which I have often times said need improvement) and Cam Newton. I stayed on topic in post #1 and #4….I avoided your posts until post #61….In wich I still remained civil. and again in #71….Then you do your thing in #72…..You can not “debate” anyone. Your a joke. A semi-civil discusion is not possible with you . And from now on , I am not even going to try it . It is an excersize in futility.

    Goodbye dickhead.

  63. 79

    You are such a cry baby. No you can’t take it. No you haven’t been civil. Can you get a restraining order on the internet? Go get one. I’m just messing with you, seeing how mad I can make you. And obviously I am getting good at making you cry. The more angry you get the more I am laughing at you. If you want I can bring up some of your hateful posts. But you saying I can’t take anything from you? I do believe I have held my own against you and your gal Julia. You have fun picking on Bama fans, I have fun picking on you. What’s the difference? You are mad and I am laughing at you.

  64. 80

    You two need to get a fu-kin’ room for christs sake. I’m so damn boored I think I’ll slit my wrists in a hot bath!

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